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[NEWS:] Another Chance at the Bank Renovation Contest!

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by Vallend, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. Vallend

    Vallend Sage
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 16, 2005
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    For those of you who wanted to submit an entry for the Bank Renovation Contest and did not get it done in time for the original deadline. You now have an second chance.

    Due to an issue that prevented us from receiving some contest e-mails last week, we’ve decided to re-open the Bank Renovation contest! We need you to resubmit your entries or if you did not get a chance to finish in time for the deadline, to submit them by Sunday, February 1st at midnight EST. We’re sorry for the inconvenience but we feel this is needed so that we can be fair to all interested participants.

    Please also note that we’ve added some extra information in the rules section of the contest based on some of the entries we had already received. Please make sure to modify your entries as needed. Thank you and good luck!

    All details about the contest can be found below here.

    Bank Renovation: Designers Wanted!
    Joanne Laroche

    With the new year, Sosaria’s main bank is in high need of a serious makeover. We are looking for talented designers and decorators to submit their original ideas on a great new look for the West Britain Bank. This is a permanent new look so do not focus on just a winter theme!

    Contest Rules:

    You must take a screenshot of Britain Bank and decorate it with existing UO art.
    You can copy/paste existing art from elsewhere in the game on top of the bank area. You may optionally use InsideUO to grab tileart directly from UO.
    Your submission screenshot must be a JPG and for e-mail submissions must be no larger than 800x600. (For screenshots larger than 800x600 please upload it online - we suggest using a free image hosting site and send us the link to your image.)
    There will be one winner per shard, you may only win once.
    To qualify, entries must include your name and shard.
    You must have an active Ultima Online account to participate.
    Enter as often as you wish, but only one submission per e-mail.
    Submission for banks other than West Britain Bank will be dismissed.
    All entries become the property of Mythic Entertainment.

    Added 01/27/09: Please make sure to keep your bank designs to one story/level and to respect the current layout of the bank (do not move walls!). While we appreciate the designs with multiple stories/levels and different layouts we're not accepting them at this time.

    One winner per shard. Added 01/27/09: If we do not receive any acceptable winning entries for a shard, our team will provide the renovations for that shard.

    The winners will have the bank on their respective shard redecorated on both facets according to their design. A plaque will also be placed by the bank identifying the winning designer.

    All winning entries will be posted here on the UOHerald once the judging has been finalized.

    How to Enter:
    When you are ready to submit your entry, you must include the following:

    Your Character Name:
    E-mail address:
    Description of your renovation (optional)
    Your screenshot (or the link to where your screenshot is hosted):

    Send all the above information to: [email protected]

    This is open to all active Ultima Online subscribers. Entries must be received by midnight Eastern Time on Sunday, February 1st, 2009 to qualify.

    Good luck and happy bank renovating!

    Joanne added the following information for those confused about what they could do with thier designs:

    Hey gang, I just wanted to help clarify a few things!

    Rooftops - Feel free to decorate them as you want to, but please do not add another story to it. (This would mean adding something that has another roof on it!)
    Moongates - Sure, you can use moongates in your renovations! Don't forget sparklies, glowing runes, pentagrams, arcane circles, are all fine too.
    Stalls on the roof - If you so desire.
    What can I put on the roof? - You can put any decoration item you want to there, including benches and tables.
    Do steps leading to the roof count as a second story? No, just make sure you do not have a 2nd roof!
    Are we allowed to create buildings that attach to the bank as long as they are single story? - No.
    Do the walls need to remain exactly the same, or can we alter the material from which they are made? - The walls need to stay the same, you cannot change the material to sandstone for example but you can add new material to it!

    I hope this helps, happy decorating everyone.