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[NEWS] Another Man's Trash, A Thief's Treasure?

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by Ceno of MT, Jul 11, 2009.

  1. Ceno of MT

    Ceno of MT Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    Jul 3, 2008
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    Another Man's Trash, A Thief's Treasure?
    Reported by: Shae [S*RE] [TB]

    Today I will share with you all some pages that I just so happened to stumble upon, quite by accident mind you! It is very interesting on what one may find in certain areas while innocently stealthing around the streets of Britain. Below are pages that were written by Brackus [a town guard] regarding a speech he prepared for a Town Guard meeting.

    (Scribbled on these pages seems to be a prepared speech Corporal Brackus of Britain’s Town Guards had written in anticipation for Friday night’s meeting of the guards. Many pages have been burnt to a crisp in what looks to be an attempt to set the entire book aflame. The legible bits and pieces of this transcript were found while digging through the trash barrels near the Castle barracks after the Corporal was sound asleep)

    I am hoping tonight’s meeting will shed some light on an otherwise
    darkened week. I imagine the reason for us meeting in private is
    obvious enough to those who are in attendance. Consider it an order,
    that any discussion heard this evening is to be kept strictly confidential
    and secure. Do not let your tongues become loosened, adding to the
    rumors already being whispered throughout the streets of Britain of
    outright rebellion against the Crown.

    Before I comment any further with what I have planned... I feel it wise
    to remind all guards of the objective of any town guard, and what the
    objective of this garrison is.
    Our purpose...
    The reason we are here.
    The reason we wear the uniform.
    The reason we serve as town guards, is simple.
    It is our sworn duty to uphold the writ laws of the town and
    to act as protectorate to the good citizens of Britain - helping to
    preserve peace throughout the streets and maintain order. That is our
    duty. And, in accordance to that, that is how I base my decisions as
    an officer of this garrison. Furthermore, let me remind you all of the
    wisdom of Captain Nystad when she once said, “There will come a time
    when certain parties will try to bend us one way or the other. We must
    not forget why we are here, and remain true to who we are, and what we
    do.” My fellow guards... That time is now upon us when certain parties
    would seek to bend us to their own way, in one direction, or the other.

    The events that transpired Wednesday evening have left us all shaken
    and seemingly on unsteady ground. Our Captain has resigned her post,
    publically, and has been imprisoned in an unknown location at the
    behest of King Casca. I understand that all gathered here tonight
    may feel a strong allegiance, and bond, to our Captain, as do I. I also
    understand that, some of you, may seek vengeance upon the King for his
    actions, and seek to disrupt his rule over the Kingdom. I understand
    that, some of you, perhaps even considered joining the rebellion
    rumored throughout the streets. To those of you of that mindset, I
    say to you here and now, as your superior, and as the current ranking
    officer of this garrison... I am commanding that each and every guard
    set aside any misguided thoughts of vengeance or speaking openly
    against the King. Need I remind you of the garrison’s purpose once
    more? It is our sworn duty to uphold the writ laws of the town and to
    act as protectorate to the good citizens of Britain - helping to
    preserve peace throughout the streets and maintain order. That, fellow
    guards, is our duty. Our duty does NOT encompass us to support any
    rebellion against the Crown. Yet, our duty also does NOT encompass us
    to take up arms against any such rebellion. That is the duty of the
    Royal Guards who serve directly under the King and his Court. We act
    only within the confines of laws relating to the town, NOT the Kingdom.

    (the pages here are now becoming charred and burnt and often difficult to read)
    The King views the town guards as a neutral force as it relates to the
    affairs of the Kingdom and he has no reason to currently think otherwise.
    Hence, we have been left alone to perform our duties with little interference
    from the Crown. If however, this garrison is looked upon as openly hostile
    towards the King and his Court, and word reaches the King of any attempt
    to assist the rebellion, or rescue the Lady Nystad from his grasp, have no
    doubt... Have no doubt fellow guards... that the same mercenary attacks
    directed towards the independent Kingdoms will likely be directed
    towards the innocent citizens in the streets of Britain in a desperate attempt
    to crush us, and those we are sworn to protect. If that happens, we will
    have failed utterly In our solemn duties as guards.
    We cannot let this happen.
    We must not let this happen.
    We will not.... Let this happen.

    With that being said. Damned if I am goin (unreadable text for the next 8-10 pages as a result of fire damage to the transcript)

    (the only remaining legible parts of the transcript reads as follows)

    …Know that a house divided against itself, will not stand.
    Know that tonight, the guards will not falter.
    Know that tonight, the guards will stand strong.
    Know that tonight, the guards will stand united.
    Know that tonight, a course of acti (unreadable text follows due to more burnt pages)