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[News] Army of Shadows Invades

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by Norrar, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. Norrar

    Norrar Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 25, 2008
    Likes Received:
    The Army of Shadows Invades

    Recently travelling into the city of Yew; perhaps one of the most tranquil cities available, I was met with a most terrible sight. Demons of all sorts, burning trees and various homes! I could not stand for such a thing, and by the number of defenders around, nor could they.
    I walked to a strange fellow clad in black armor, tapping him on the shoulder lightly.
    “Pardon me sir, but what seems to be going on here?” I asked between dodging a demons energy blast.
    The man turned, looked me up and down before threatening me with a kryss! I have endured many trials, but that was just plain rude of him.
    “Uhh….easy there buddy…” I stammered, “Just wanted to kno-…” Was all I got out before an arrow took him in the eye.
    Cursing my luck, and losing perhaps a valuable interview, I walked on, avoiding the carnage and demons. Noting with interest groups of humans fighting each other. I watched one group fight another, noting once again the strange armor. Eventually as the last one fell, I walked up to a mage in bright orange robes, shielding my eyes as I spoke to him.
    “Say there, can you tell me what’s happening?”
    The mage looked me over before snorting with disgust, “These damn rebels are trying to retake our lands!”
    “Rebels?” I said puzzled.
    The mage nodded briskly, “Aye rebels, allied themselves with demons and the like it seems also.” He grinned shakily, “Though I bet ye can tell that on your own!”
    “Oh aye I can, terrible thing to…”
    The mage pulled me over to a safe location before continuing. “Your not aware of whats been happening?”
    Flustered I answered crisply, “Well no, I just got back you see…my kitsun-…” The mage cut me off.
    “well than lad, you’ve got a lot to learn then! This damn rebel army is invading our cities! Each one is different, some have dragons or Ophidians or even slime! As each city is invaded, a rush of brave adventurers rushes in to turn back the tide. Bodies fall and pile up, the once pristine streets run awash in blood, and the sounds of battle ring out across the air. It’s a terrible yet wonderful thing.”
    I coughed lightly as I wrote furiously, “Terrible yet wonderful?”
    “Aye, that destruction is terrible, yet it seems to pay well!”
    “Ah…I see…”
    The mage slapped me on my back, “Good luck to ye, I have more to kill and so little time!”
    “Thank…you…” I yelled as he ran off. Sighing I turned and ducked between buildings, taking notes off what was happening. Suddenly, a colossal explosion ripped through the city, knocking me to the ground.
    Muttering, I picked myself up and turned, only to be staring into the eyes of a deep red, yet beautiful dragon.
    “Oh…” I said calmly, “Hello.”
    It seemed puzzled at my statement, but quickly regained itself and sent a mass of fire at me from its mouth. Yelling in terror I abruptly turned and ran, finding myself flying suddenly as the explosion threw me.
    Crashing through a shop window, I landed on one of the healers beds.
    “Oh, well that was convenient.”

    Watching as soldiers and adventurers rushed the beast; I noted with awe its strength, unleashing magic I had rarely if ever seen. It took what seemed an age, before it finally fell with a burst of flame as jewels and gold rained from the sky.

    Feeling I had perhaps pushed my luck thus far, I hurriedly sped back to the relative safety of my home, sighing with relief as I crawled into my chair.

    Be wary friends! So far brave citizens have been raising arms against this so called, “Army of Shadows” in countless battles. Thus far, there seems to be no sign of them breaking off in their attacks

    *Sorry for the state of this, i appear to not be having good luck with transferring files. :sad4: *
  2. Callie

    Callie Guest

    *Begins to wring hands*
    Oh my.....oh dear.....blood in the streets, the horror! And big beautiful dragons after our citizens.....oh my. We can only fight so long, and then what will become of us? We must fight! We must be strong.

    Oh please! Keep us informed of the invasions and other news that you might find to help! Thank you kindly, sir.

    *Quickly runs back to her house and bolts the door*
  3. jelinidas

    jelinidas Guest

    Well done Mr Norror! :thumbup1: :thumbup1: :thumbup1:
    Keep us updated often!

    I for one have enjoyed the invasions and have met some great people who I now call friends. Cats has truly some fantastic people.