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[News] Aryslan Banner Ruins Constructed

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Merik, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. Merik

    Merik Guest

    Aryslan Banner Ruins Constructed
    Aryslan, Felucca
    Saturday, June 05, 2010


    Staff of Tempests

    Grandmage Elindor for some time had been the wielder of the artifact known as the Staff of Tempests which is a powerful work of artifice capable of controlling the winds, summoning localized storms, and raining lightning the likes of which few people have ever seen. Zephyr sought to use it in what he claims would be the destruction of Mazrim. Zyrn the Elementalist sought it in the hopes that it may be corrupted and used as a means of binding Zephyr to Mazrim's will and command. In the end, the healer named Cordell Swiftmender used it to finally put an end to Zyrns attacks on Aryslan, and set his soul free of Mazrim.


    [FONT=&quot]With sapphire scales shining in the sunlight, he made his way to Aryslan. Origionally with reasons unknown to Aryslan, Zephyr was mysterious. Before he would arrive, air elementals would be found in Aryslan. At first the citizens thought it was the work of Zyrn the Elementalist, but indeed it was the work of Zephyr, the Wind Dragon. These were in fact, tests for Aryslan citizens. Zephyr wanted to put an end to the evil mage known as Mazrim, and became a trusted ally in the second Mazrim war in Aryslan.[/FONT]

    The Order of the Sapphire Rose

    The Order of the Sapphire Rose was the founders of Aryslan. Its members originated from the city of Vesper and its surrounding forests. The guildmasters, Lexia and Jamlyn Hakkendyn, placed a large tower just Northeast of Vesper in the forest to housing for the guild. Other OsR members built houses around this tower, which then became the town center of Aryslan.

    Zyrn the Elementalist

    Zyrn the Elementalist was summoned by the evil mage known as Mazrim from the Well of Souls. Before Zyrns death, he was a powerful mage, and Mazrim used this against the town of Aryslan. Under Mazrims control, Zyrn was just another undead servant, leading hordes of undead attacks against Aryslan and its citizens. It was found that Zyrn studied within the depths of Shame in Felucca, where some of his journals can still be found. Eventually Zyrn was defeated when the Aryslan citizens along with Cordell Swiftmender used the Staff of Tempests against him. His spirit was then free from Mazrims control, and his remains were taken to a shrine to purify them. Unfortunately the shrine was corrupt, and the remains of Zyrn still remain in Aryslan
  2. Jamlyn

    Jamlyn Guest

    Thank you everyone who was involved in helping get this done. I appreciate it!
  3. Panzram

    Panzram Guest

    Wow. That brings back some great memories. :)
  4. Jamlyn

    Jamlyn Guest

    If you dont mind, what was your character when you came to Aryslan back then?
  5. Panzram

    Panzram Guest

    Panzram, of course!

    Its likely you don't remember me, but I certainly remember OsR and Aryslan. I ran with the guild TC (The Crusaders). We split most of our time between Aryslan and Haven. We were around quite a bit during the Zyrn/Zephyr storyline and always had loads of fun.

    Just recently started playing again after what...8, 9 years? Alot has changed since then, but its nice to remember some of the great times from back in the day.

    So, thanks for the memories and the great times!
  6. Jamlyn

    Jamlyn Guest

    Oh yes the Crusaders were much help to us. Glad to see another returning player. I appreciate all of your kind words. Hope to see you in game, stop on by!
  7. Erthork

    Erthork Guest

    Hey Jamlyn, I guess you will remember me :) from Weekend Warriors

    I was wondering if any of you were still playing the game? Ive been playing other games and happen to be working at EA since some years now. Im hooked up with free gametime and stuff. While I no longer have my main account since years, I created a gimp account and started fooling around in game and all. Im totally confused with all the changes and dont know anyone playing anymore though hah... PM me to give me some news.

    The Aryslan stuff was good times! I was there when pks got loose, was that on your wedding? :p

  8. Lord Gareth

    Lord Gareth UO Content Editor | UO Chesapeake & Rares News
    Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Alumni Stratics Legend

    Dec 17, 2006
    Likes Received:
    I sent Jam the link to your message to make sure he receives it.
  9. Jamlyn

    Jamlyn Guest

    Thanks for making sure I saw this Gareth. Erthork I sent ya a private message. How could we forget our great ally, the Weekend Warriors!?
  10. Erthork

    Erthork Guest

    Cool, thank you Gareth much appreciated. I am so outdated on all the games changes, I dont think I will ever catch up haha. :( I guess my first thing to do is to try to find active people, because all i do right now is run around the old world and try to find a place for a keep lol..