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[News] Attack on Trinsic

Discussion in 'UO Europa' started by Kiminality, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. Kiminality

    Kiminality Guest

    As word spread that Casca was planning a attack on Trinsic on Sunday Eve armies over Sosaria where readied. Citizen's as well came to join the defense of their beloved city. Blockades where built at both the West and South gates in case the worst happened and Casca's attackers broke through.

    As the time grew closer you could feel the energy and anticipation from everyone as they readied for battle. There where scouts posted on the roads leading into the West and South gates of the city. Then out of no where Casca stuck and he struck hard. On the West he had his brigands and on the South he had his evil possessed daemons attack at the same time. What he didn't count on was that we where ready as well.

    The battles where long and bloody. As he sent in more attackers we as well sent in more reinforcements. Finally the attacks stopped and we succeeded in preventing Casca from making it into the city. Hanna appeared and opened a gate to a evil dungeon where Casca's evil deamons where and we finished them off as well.

    However Casca had a little trick set in place there just in case we found the lair. He had placed another gate there. Of course many of us thought it was a way out and as we went through we ended up imprisoned in the old part of Haven. This gate was then magically dispelled and many of our comrades where trapped in the dungeon. After some time another gate appeared in the dungeon and everyone went through this gate which lead to Old Haven as well. So now everyone was trapped together.

    We ran around every corner trying to figure a way out. Every entrance and exit was blocked. Then out of nowhere a big black Daemon called "The Beast" appeared. So was this how it was going to end? The coward Casca has sent in his beast to do his dirty work. As we gathered around the daemon wondering our fate he opened a magical gate and said "In the gate or stay trapped forever". So we all hurried through the gate back to Trinsic where we celebrated in our latest victory over Casca however short lived it might be. We all knew full well that there would be more battles coming in the not so far future.

    Report by NyteDoomBringer
  2. cheerful

    cheerful Guest

    Well..I was one of those headless chickens trying to find a way out so didnt see 'the beast'...why is it helping us ?

    Nice report, least I know some of what was happening that night!
  3. Im not sure who the beast is or why he is helping us. I wasnt able to go to the meeting last night. Would be intresting to find out.
  4. Kiminality

    Kiminality Guest

    I couldn't say who The Beast is, either.
    He was just there, talking about how he'd taken our citizens, when the West Gate folks finally made it to the dungeon.
    Completely missed the reasoning behind going through the gate, since it seems the folk at the West Gate were forgotten about.