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[News]Auctions for Week of October 18th - Their Baaack!

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by Lake Superior News, Oct 18, 2010.

  1. Lake Superior News

    RSS Feed Stratics Veteran

    Jan 22, 2010
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    The following are our Auctions for this week on Lake Superior: ​

    Archdemon Auction

    Date: Monday, October 18th​

    Time: 9:00 pm CST​

    Location: Out the North gate of Luna & 3 houses East​

    Contact: Rose - ICQ 576122555​


    YGV Halloween Auction</p>
    Date: Friday, October 21st​

    Time: 8:00 pm EST​

    Location: Crumbling Ruins Southeast of the East Luna Gate​

    Here is their list!
    1. Red And Blue Hair Dye . No Min
    2. Minotaur Statue Deed. 2nd Year Vet Reward. No Min
    3. Archdemon Statue Natural Color. No Min
    4. Halloween Pack. 2 Ghoul Statues (One Orange & One Black) . 2 Orange Lanterns, 2 Black Lanterns . No Min
    5. 120 PS Magery . No Min
    6. (10) AoS Roses . Names . Shoe , Creep , Fix The Lag EA , Woody, Rumpled Foreskin, Fido The Ghost, Slinky Dog, Scribbly, Fun, Sticky Hands . No Min
    7. Draconi's Wrath, UBWS . Very Nice Weapon . No Min
    8. Peerless ingredients (100) Taint, (100) Scourge, (100) Putrefaction, (100) Blight, (100) Muculent, (100) Corruption, (50) Eye Of The Travesty (50) Grizzled Bones. No Min
    9. Spring Cleaning Turn In Shirts. Including The One That Got Pulled From The List No Min
    10. Burnt Rubble Coconut Tree . No Min
    11. Leurocian's Mempo Of Fortune . No Min
    12. Double Blessed Sandals. No Min
    13. Ethereal Reptalon , 11th Year Vet Reward. No Min
    14. Defender Of The Magus . Rare Shield Drop. No Min
    15. Embroidered Oak Leaf Cloak (Replica) . No Min
    16. Wing Armor Of Rejuvenation , No Min
    17. Vet Reward House Teleporter Set. No Min
    18. "Green" Clothing, Plain Dress, Cloak, Cap. No Min
    19. Crystal Portal , 1st Year Vet Reward. No Min
    20. (10) Whispering Roses. Names Are. Fizban The Great, Sandwedge, Hot Legs, Happy Gilmore, ExKmartEmployee, Goat Boy, ACiD BuRN, King Kong, Grubby Bob, Clepto Bob. No Min
    21. Multi Colored Neon Gift Box. No Min
    22. Full Vat With Skulls . No Min
    23. Brave Knight Of The Britannia [ Replica] . No Min
    24. Crimson Cincturn . No Min
    25. Conjurer's Trinket. No Min
    26. Fishing Lot. No Min
    27. Full Glowing Rune. No Min
    28. Ethereal Cloak. Rare Item . No Min
    29. Summoner's Kilt . No Min
    30. Fishing Weight. Old Item . No Min ​

    BEC Auction

    Date: Friday, October 22nd​

    Time: 7:00 pm CST​

    Location: South of Luna City-Gates provided at Luna Bank​

    Contact: Lady Tia - ICQ 23944805​


    *Note: MOA and BEC auctions are held every Friday night, each on alternating Fridays. There are house teleporters between these auction houses for your convenience. ​