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[News]Back To The Stone Age (Tobby)

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Lord Gareth, Aug 29, 2010.

  1. Lord Gareth

    Lord Gareth UO Content Editor | UO Chesapeake & Rares News
    Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Alumni

    Dec 17, 2006
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    Back To The Stone Age
    North Side Inn / Castle
    August 27, 2010

    By: Lord Gareth


    In Attendance:
    Lord Gideon [KHV], TheeLadyDenArc [KHV], Ansatsu [MoFo],
    Cuttles [r^us], Chocolate Moose, Mystery the Driven, Varro [r^us], Lord wizard [r^us], brenda joy [HELP], Lord Darth Waynebo [TLF], Hera the Tamer, Queen Mum [TLF], NOX [HELP], Lord Sam the Blacksmith, Wolfe , Lord Benjmin Martin the Driven, Lady Katrina, Lord Clym of Clough [KHV], Jocelyn [HELP], Gareth [UOSS]

    Citizens gathered at the North Side Inn located in the city on Britain on Friday night. Elizabeth Morrian had some good news and some bad news to report to those gathered. She asked which they wanted first and of course you want to know the Bad News first...end on a good note.

    The Bad News
    I went to make an appointment to see Queen Dawn earlier and the red tape did not agree with me. Noble this, court clerk that. I think I do not fit well with official types. Anyway to cut a long story short I lost me temper with them and they had me removed. but they were very gentle I guess, given my state of mind. I feel I will not be welcome back there for awhile.

    The Good News
    While I was there I was able to find Queen Dawn but was unable to meet with her. So she is at the castle today at least.


    Elizabeth went on to suggest that the group should enter the castle unannounced. Perhaps she thought with such numbers that they could force an audience with Queen Dawn. Like most people who make these types of suggestions Elizabeth thought it would be best for her to stay behind. Nothing like making a mob do your dirty work eh?

    Queen Dawn entered the throne room and was very surprised to find such a large gathering of concerned citizens. She greeted them all and wondered if a party was going on that she was unaware of. Ansatsu jumped right down to it and asked why Elizabeth was hated.


    The Queen became confused and said she did not know any Elizabeths. Clym of Clough explained how Elizabeth was denied an audience. This refreshed the Queens memory and she explained the situation with a little giggling...something tells me she is not spoken to highly of around the castle.

    "I did not see her up close. She did seem quite livid and the captain of the guard did not appreciate the rock to his...lower area. [Thrown by Elizabeth] but again I only saw it from afar."

    Queen Dawn asked what it was that Elizabeth wanted. Brenda joy, Ansatsu, and Queen Mum all replied at the same time.. "Tobby". Queen Dawn informed everyone that she has already spoken to the Admiral about Tobby this week and the memory he was carrying.


    "Are you sure that is the wisest course of action? It would seem the artifact is very valuable and wanted. It has cause great strife, bringing it out in the open may be very dangerous. The magic of the vault has cloaked it I feel and that may be why it has been so quiet of late. Also..I'm afriad the Admiral has been very specific about the artifact. She has requested that no one be allowed near it. She too feels it is far too dangerous. I think the loss of her men protecting it thus far has made her cautious. Unfortunately if all you have is the word of a stranger, I cannot allow the artifact to be open "

    "Unfortunately if all you have is the word of a stranger"
    Hmm... Queen Dawn made a very good point. Exactly what do we know about this Elizabeth? Tobby cannot verify anything so anyone can say anything. Elizabeth has caused quiet a ruckass in the castle already. She also suggested to force an audience with the queen AND what was she doing while everyone was gathered in the throne room?


    Things become even more suspicious once they reported back to Elizabeth. She did not even seem interested in anything that was discussed at the castle. She wanted to "go around the bureaucrats" and "attempt to take the Artifact myself, alone if i must." This reporter would like to suggest you have her do it alone AND report this to the Admiral right away! Do not get swept up in your personal feelings for Tobby. We have no idea what will happen to him if this lady gets what she wants. And would the kind and gentle Tobby be friends with someone who throws rocks at people? If you have learned anything from Tobby it is to be kind, understanding and help those in need....the Right way.