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[News] Bane Chosen Vs The Obhidians.

Discussion in 'UO Drachenfels' started by Frarc, Jun 27, 2010.

  1. Frarc

    Frarc Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Mar 18, 2003
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    Bane Chosen VS The Obhidians

    I have been told that there was a disturbance in the desert North of Papua.
    Sighting of large groups of Obhidians could be a sign of a big problem heading our ways again.
    I don't have to remind everyone on the attacks on the towns of Vesper and Papua by the Obhidians after Ricardo stole a very important artifact from them.
    A lot of friends lost there lives to defend the cities and retake them.
    We can only hope that the Obhidians are not planning another war against us.I armed myself well know knowing what i could come across on my way to the desert.
    I knew one place where a lot of obhidians always gathered. I have been there before.
    When i approached the building only three Obhidians where inside.


    Strangely enough the obhidians where not hostile.They even spoke about being friends with them.When i ask what going on they tried to explain what was happening.

    My name is-s-s Ophidian Delphi.
    I s-s-seek to reward those who help us-s-s.
    The Bane chos-s-sen attack us-s-s. They s-seek our crys-s-stalline blackrock.
    The Ophidians-s-s want peace with the humans-s-s. They attack us-s-s unprovoked... again.
    This-s-s ches-s-st. It contains-s-s s-s-some of our mos-s-st valuable treas-s-sure.
    If you help us-s-s drive away the Bane Chos-s-sen, we will pay you from it.
    Our alchemis-s-st trade for crys-s-staline blackrock.
    But they will not trade with those who s-s-seek to hurt us-s-s.
    Thos-s-se who are loyal to us-s-s would drive away the Bane Chos-s-sen.
    Help us-s-s on the front lines-s-s of the battle and you will be rewarded well.
    The s-s-shattering potion caus-s-ses-s-s crys-s-stal and glasssss to shatter!
    We use it against the Bane Chos-s-sen.
    The fear potion caus-ses-s thos-se who are affected to be paralyz-s-zed with fear.

    Who are the Bane chosen?
    Maybe if i travel more to the south i would come across these men.When i moved more to the south, i am finding myself between a army of obhidians.
    It feel strange that i can walk between them without any of them have a interest on attacking me.
    I know obhidians for years and find these new development very interesting.
    Only a short distance to the south i walked into the bane chosen camp.
    Men dressed in dragon armor
    .One of the recruits pointed me to wards there leader of the camp.
    He was Lieutenant John.I want to know what he was and what he and his army was doing here.

    Lieutenant John of the Bane Chosen army.
    It is my duty to recruit new soldiers for the Bane Chosen cause.
    We seek to take back the land of Sosaria from the uncivilized races, such as the Ophidians.
    The Ophidians are a vile race. I lost several members of my family when they attacked Britannia.
    If you commit to our cause and help us drive out the Ophidians, I will pay you and the other soldiers from this chest.
    The bounty collector is collecting crystaline blackrock to keep it from the Ophidians but he will only discuss it with those who have proven their loyalty.
    If you want to prove yourself, go up to the front lines where the banners are and start killing Ophidians.
    Telling me you're loyal proves nothing.
    A hell hound trained by our hound masters bond to them supernaturally, the hound will defend its master to the death.
    We use the Bane dragons because they are powerful and loyal mounts, our bane dragons cannot be stolen.

    Both sides want to recruit people into there army to defeat the others
    .What side should we choose?
    The Obhidians have been trouble for years, so it would seems normal to choose the side of the Bane chosen.
    But something inside me give me a odd feeling to take side with these Bane chosen.
    But then i saw a group of bane recruits marching to wards the north.


    The two faction engaged each other in a heavy battle.
    Both side seemed to be of equal strength.
    But then several tamers , mages and warriors joining the battle.
    They joined the side of the Bane chosen.
    The hatred against the obhidians can be seen in there eyes.
    Many of them did not forget the attack on our towns.
    But then it was provoked by the theft of a important artifact.
    The Obhidians had no chance.
    The combined army of the Bane chosen and powerful tamers mages and warriors was way too much for the obhidians.
    A even more bad feeling came over me when i saw all the corpses of the obhidians all over the battle field.


    Is this really the right thing to do?
    But can we really stay neutral in this war?
    On what moral ground we choose what side we will join?

    I spoke with one of the tamers and asked why they join up with the Bane chosen.He told me that they can own a bane dragon them self.
    But bane dragons only eat Blackrock stew.The stew is giving by the Bane chosen as a reward if you are loyal enough to them.


    Is this the way the bane chosen bribe tamers to be there recruits?
    A stew only they have and the only thing the bane dragons eat.
    I have been told that the bane dragons appear in the center of the Abyss.
    My best friend Elspeth went down the Abyss to tame one of these dragons.
    She is very skilled and with MJ the bard they got one in no time.
    Elspeth did confirm that the bane dragon refused any other normal food.
    I hope we find a solution soon to feed the bane dragon.
    Joining a army and fight a war just for the stew to feed these dragons don't feel right.
    My friend did show her new pet with proud.


    I must keep my eyes open on the development of this war.

    New Frarc, Drachenfels News reporter.​

  2. Zandros

    Zandros Guest

    Can't find the Bane Chosen Camp anymore, nor the banners or the frontline. Seems like this event is finished or will it be continued?
  3. Merion

    Merion Lore Master
    Stratics Veteran

    Dec 1, 2009
    Likes Received:
    They moved to Ilshenar and are now located outside of spirituality gate.

    The banes also don't fight the ophidians anymore but are having a quarrel with the meer.
  4. Frarc

    Frarc Stratics Legend
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    Mar 18, 2003
    Likes Received:
    Yes, if you have 1000 Loyalty points to the Bane you can turn in 20 Powercrystals for blackrock stew. The meer drops those now. Killing Meer will drop Karma.

    If you kill Bane Chosen you gain Loyalty for Obhidians and the Meer.

    Also if your have 2500 Loyalty points for the Obhidians you can buy potions from them at there camp.
  5. Zandros

    Zandros Guest

    Thanks! Going to chase the Bane Chosen over there ... :gun: