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[NEWS] Battle Chicken Lizard Tournament Results

Discussion in 'UO Legends' started by a Rabid Chipmunk, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. Last evening Legends had its monthly Battle Chicken Lizard tournament, and with ever increasing publicity and participation, this night was quite entertaining.

    While waiting for the event to begin, audience members were trying on diffrent Halloween costumes, trying to decide what to wear Trick-or-Treating this year. EM Helios even gave us a peek at what he was considering for his Halloween costume.

    <img src="http://uo.stratics.com/newspics/legends/HHC.jpg" width="631" height="431">​

    When the clock struck 9 and all were gathered the brackets were made and the fights begun.

    Right off the bat the audience could tell that this tournament would see the rise of powerful new Battle Chicken Lizard stars. Chickens such as; "Ive clucked for Less", "The Great Milenko", and "Blue" will soon become house hold names in the chicken lizard arena.

    Four extreme rounds of combat later we were down to the finals, Hunter S Tompson and "The Great Milenko" versus Derick Akin and "Blue".

    <img src="http://uo.stratics.com/newspics/finals2.jpg" width="380" height="307">​

    In the end it was Hunter and "The Great Milenko" who took the champions seat!

    <img src="http://uo.stratics.com/newspics/legends/finals3.jpg" width="528" height="393">​

    I caught up with Hunter S Tompson today for a brief interview:

    Me: So, Whats it like being the Mike Tyson of the Battle Chicken World?

    Hunter: *Pauses a moment to think* I suppose its exciting getting to feel like your really good ( or lucky) at something. Gives me something to look forward to, and my competitive nature makes me allways wanna stay on top.

    Me: How do you always come up with such powerful battle chickens? Any tips for up and commers?

    Hunter: The best tip I could give would be to focus on the Hit Points and Physical Resist of your Chicken Lizard. A ten point diffrence in Hit Points is just a couple of hits, but the damage you shave off with higher Physical Resist will put you ahead in the long run.

    Me: Where did King of da Burbz retire to?

    Hunter: He is hanging out at the KofS guildhouse, with a harem of lady chicken lizards, hopefully breeding a new generation of champs.

    Me: Out of all the competition last night was there any one chicken that gave you a scare?

    Hunter: Gosh, what was that black one's name? He is overall the best chicken lizard I've seen so far based on stats. He has crazy hp, max physical resist and as long as that chicken is around no one has it in the bag.

    Me: I agree fully, and i think that chicken was named "Ive Clucked for Less"

    Me: Last question then, Had Tyrant and Special been there would the outcome of been diffrent? Or is this new chicken going to reign for a few months again?

    Hunter: I guess we will have to wait and see, I have alot of faith in my new chicken its HP isn't quite as high as "Ive Clucked for Less's" but he is close enough with a little luck on his side he can stand toe to toe with any I've seen.

    Me: That and Tyrants chicken is indeed "Special"'

    Hunter: Yeah one moment he is staring at the wall, the next he has your chicken by the throat.

    Me: Thank you for the interview Hunter. I look forward to next months battles. Good luck, with the new competition we have been getting we will all need it.

    Hunter: Thank you very much, I hope we have a good turn out, I wish everyone luck, and most important that we all continue to have fun with it.