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[News] Blackrock Detector Lets Crowd Down

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by imported_Blackrock Frank, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. Hello Catskills! Big news from the City of Moonglow tonight! Hot off the press! Kronos has finished his Blackrock Detector, and tonight, yes, tonight was the very first demonstration of its awesome powers!

    Scores of warriors, mages, tamers, and other peasants showed up to bear witness to this historic experiment, the switching on of a device which will allow all of the Blackrock in the world to be located. I have to admit this excited me more than a little, as I was spawned from this Blackrock itself! The crowd looked on in anticipation.

    Kronos certainly has high hopes for his machine. After talking to his assistant, Dexter, Kronos yelled, "Bet Wis Ex!" and Dexter flipped the switch. The tip of it began to pulse, a thrill ran through the crowd, and...

    Nothing. Kronos stammered and said, "Well wait now! Come back tomorrow! It'll work tomorrow!" We shall see, but I, for one, grow tired of this "mage" and his nonsense, taking up valuable space in Moonglow where a quaint dancehall or gambling establishment could be located.

    My imps did manage to paint a few more pictures of this night, for those of you who missed it. While you didn't miss much in the way of seeing a working Blackrock Detector, it was nice to visit with so many of my loyal subjects, all together in one place.

    Of course, what conversation about Blackrock would be complete without our old hag... er, friend, Inu? Inu wandered around town, speaking in a strange tongue. A local farmer who was listening said that it was a language he'd heard of before, something involving swineherders, but he couldn't make sense of it. While I knew exactly what she was saying, I let the poor man believe otherwise. Why cause him any grief by translating her messages about Shadowlords, time being ripped asunder, and massive holes?

    I also caught a glimpse of a blue wisp hovering nearby, and I could understand what it was saying as well! It did not stay long, and it seemed to be warning us again about meddling with things we shouldn't be... but that's where the fun in life (and death) comes from, isn't it?

    I always enjoy spending a few moments with Anne, my Queen. I think she was distracted by the crowds, and just as she lured me into the nearby inn to the west she disappeared... I couldn't find her anywhere. Believe me, I looked!!


    May You Live In Interesting Times,
    Lord Franklin
    [Blackrock Infected]
  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Frank, my most glorious King, thank you so much for the pictures and story. While Anne was there in spirit (and pixels), I myself was stuck in the elevator between decks in the parking garage at the airport.

    I promise to be more attentive to your Majesty this eve. [​IMG]