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[News] Blanche Island, Warehouses and Missing Ships!

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by Vallend, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. Vallend

    Vallend Sage
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 16, 2005
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    Two Mondays ago Captain Jack Passer summoned a group of adventurers to travel with him once again to Blanche Island in the hopes of finding out more about the plans of the pirates whom he had discovered there. In the two previous trips the assembled groups had discovered that the pirates were stocking up on explosive supplies and were planning on attacking an city. Many of the recovered clues pointed to an attack on Britain, but there was no solid evidence to this being a fact. The last time out Captain Passer’s ship was attacked at sea, and a surprise ambush was sprung on the island at the location of the supply ship, that was anchored along the shoreline.
    This time Captain Passer decided not to take his ship over to Blanche Island but to use magic to travel there instead. He stated that once there all the gathered people were to hide and listen to any of the pirate gang that was spotted, in the hopes to gather more useful information. When the party arrived through the gate the area was found bare and there was no ship along the shore. Captain jack then requested that most players either cast a spell to make themselves invisible or hide the best they could. Those who could not hide very well were told to stand behind trees and wait for any of the pirates to arrive so they could gather information. Shortly afterwards a pirate ship was seen sailing up to the shoreline.
    Unfortunately some of the party were overeager and attacked the pirates on the ship right away ruining any chance to gather useful information off them. The pirates flooded off the ship on to the island and a giant battle ensued with Captain Passer’s forces being victorious. As soon as the battle was finished Captain Passer ordered the ship searched and a book was recovered. The book stated that the cargo from the ship was to be sent to East Britain. It was decided then by Captain Passer that the group should gate to East Britain to search for new clues.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Once there a suspicious guard was found standing in front of a warehouse that had its entrance blocked. When questioned by the party about what he was guarding he said. ‘Oh nothing special, just some crates.’ When pressed on what was in those crates he replied, ‘They’re full of apples, pears and bananas.’ When asked why the door was blocked off his answer was, ‘You see these are expensive fruit.’ Then he whistled innocently. He was then asked if we could see inside the warehouse his answer was, ‘I’m afraid I cannot allow you inside.’ The party after talking to the guard gathered and it was decided to rush the door in force, hopefully to breaking through and see what was in the warehouse.
    The adventurers crashed through the blocked entrance and swarmed into the warehouse only to find it empty of anything. After a quick search and nothing was found it was decided that the party had been tricked into coming to Britain. With a dead trail Captain Passer suggested that the party return to Blanche Island and to secure the cargo on the ship that was captured earlier.
    Upon the group return to the island it was discovered the ship was gone from where it was before everyone went to Britain. The group had been tricked and the pirates had escaped with the ship and all its cargo of explosives for destinations unknown. Captain Jack asked for all that was there to look for the missing ship and also for clues as to where they were getting their explosives from. If anyone found them they were to drop him a book telling him where they found them.
    SinDee [PGoH] found the ship this week along the shore east of Britain but its cargo of explosives had been unloaded already so there is no telling where they are.

    Captain Jack Passer has asked those willing to help solve this mystery to join him Saturday, July 9th at 8pm EST at Jack Passer’s at his office in Buc's Den. (Gate at EM Hall) to continue on from events of two Mondays ago.