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[NEWS] BNN: A Short Time Ago

Discussion in 'UHall' started by Larisa, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. Larisa

    Larisa Publishing Manager, Stratics Leadership Team
    Editor Reporter Moderator Professional Stratics Veteran Wiki Moderator Stratics Legend Editor Fallen Lords

    Sep 8, 2006
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    A Short Time Ago
    Kilandra and Draconi Jun 25 2008 12:19PM

    A short time ago...

    "My Lord!" came the voice of a woman both poised and beautiful as she addressed her superior, while bowing in the proper fashion.

    "Please, My Lord, send me to look for the information we need."

    As she spoke, she raised her head, and her long, deep red hair parted to reveal her beautiful face.

    A massive dark figure - a Great Lord - nodded in approval.

    "That's the last one, six is a good number," the Lord thought to himself as the young lady stepped forward from the masses of others that were like her - but different. She joined the previous five that had been selected.

    "Make your preparations, he will arrive in the hour and we will meet then." The Great Lord spoke to them all with a smile of satisfaction.

    Everyone else then took their cue to disperse - save the six.


    "Valvakka, why do you smile so?" the woman asked one of her companions.

    "Because, my lady Kealdia," his smile widened to display gleaming teeth, "My task has the highest of all honors: to destroy the weak ones that succumbed to... that human."

    He clasped his hands in a quiet, but powerful, show of anticipation, his words trailing off in a whisper. "Weak... Fake..."

    "In that case I think I'll go in first," another one interjected, breaking Kealdia's fascination with Valvakka's eagerness. She noticed this other of her new companions seemed to give off a magical aura, flickering at the edge of her vision in shades of scarlet.

    "Myxkion, you are the youngest of us, do you intend to rob your elders of that privilege?" This voice was different from the others, the barest whisper of a shadow, like the wind calling forth fear through one's ears on the blackest of nights.

    Myxkion smiled calmly, and replied, "Oh, Rivatach?, Vaector and Krysan are still your elders... If you care so much for privilege..."

    "Silence! Our lord returns," Vaector commanded in a firm voice, noting the arrival of their leader, who ignored the dying conversations in the room as he entered.

    "You six will be the first, the first of us to go home in many years," he began without preamble. Their eyes were fastened on him.

    "You do not go for the pleasure of simply returning home, however. Each of you have a mission. Complete it quickly. Your time, our time, is short. You all know this." Their master finished, and gestured to a cloaked figure to step forth.

    The hooded one placed his hands, if they could be called that, together, and a swirling vortex of magical energies tore into existence before their eyes. Light and darkness suddenly existed as separate things, twisting and stretching into each other, spraying shadows and images throughout the chamber.

    Their Great Lord's eyes now visible for the first time glowed in deep blues and purples. These energies were being summoned and manipulated from the Void itself. He saw the promise of the cloaked one unfold before him. It cried out to him, a world of chaos given voice, and he remembered. The gate would open soon, bending both time and space, feasting on the energies being unleashed. And so he fed it as well, adding to the technique of the cloaked one a power as vast as the oceans of the world he sought to return.

    Energy erupted between these two entities, growing with a shockwave that forced the six strong warriors to secure their footing.

    When the power stabilized, it was clear. A portal had formed by the combined forces of the Lord of the six and the nameless, shadowed one.

    "You may arrive at different times, and in different places. Go, my chosen."

    One by one the warriors walked into the portal between worlds - Myxkion the first.

    A few moments later...

    The Great Lord of the Six contemplated his plans for the future. He was exhausted now - opening portals between worlds takes incredible amounts of energy. The dark one had left as quickly as he had come. That suited the Great Lord. He was already planning the fall of the three shadows anyways.

    In a moment... barely a moment, a small flash of silver light flashed like the single twinkle of a star. The great Lord saw it only from the corner of his eye. The flash didn't even give off any magical energies. "Of course," the Great Lord smiled a bit to himself. "Braxyion. So, you know. That means they will now know."