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[News]Captain Bloodrum's Challenge

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Chesapeake News, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. Chesapeake News

    Chesapeake News RSS Feed
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    Jan 16, 2010
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    Captain Bloodrum's Challenge
    Jan 23, 2010
    By: Lady Laurel

    After all teams were registered for the event, EM Dudley gave a list of rules to follow during the challenge:

    Five maps will be given out, Ranging in difficulty from level two through level six.
    The maps may be completed in any order.

    If you go to a location and another team is there move to a different map

    You must loot everything out of the chest and kill all spawn.

    Once you have completed the chest, return here and sit down.
    You must kill all the spawn and loot the chest clean.

    EM Lady Faine Morgan and EM Vladimere will verify completion.
    Once they say it's okay you may move onto the next map.

    You must leave the chest! Do not destroy the chest!
    I will destroy it after I check it's empty

    Team List For Challenge:

    Blue Barracudas
    Green Monkeys
    Purple Parrots
    Orange Iguanas
    Silver Serpents
    Golden Llamas
    Red Jaguars
    White Rabbits
    Black Mongbats

    This week four teams were competing, including Juliana and the Blue Baracudas,
    who were competing for their championship win.

    to the
    Grand Champions
    Juliana and the Blue Baracudas


  2. Merik

    Merik Guest

    (Brought to my attention. Apology to DWxC and the Blue Baracudas team.)

    By: Sean Silverfoot
    Lead by our T-Hunter Juliana [DWxC] as always, the 'CUDAS beat out 3 other teams to capture the 2009 Championship. This night the team consisted of Merilona *V*, CharGar F*V, Merlock DWxC and Nanoc DWxC.
    Lord Balander then came runnig onto the scene and asked us to follow him once again to help in his quest for the Artifact. Hard battles where faught and won by the group that assembled.
    We all where gated to the House of Commons afterwards to report on the event. When we left the HOC, the 'Cudas agreed that we should gather at a tavern to toast our win and the nights other adventures. On the way to the Blue Boar in West Britian I recieved an etheral message from EM Dudley to go to the Dragons Watch town banner. I shouted out to meet at the Dragons Watch Town banner.
    Once there we stood in amazement, there was a blue trophy on the banner announcing to all the Championship. Now we all really needed some fun and relaxation and headed to the tavern in Britian. Much food and drink was consummed and everyone in turn stood and toasted whatever came to mind. We talked and drank and ate, laughing and having a great time.
    Now it was late and im sure all in attendence thought as I did that we where seeing things.
    The Blue Boar staff, suddenly stopped all activity, some dropping things they had in their hands and stood in awe of who was entering the Inn. Queen Dawn walked into the Inn, unescorted, and proceded to congradulate Juliana and her team on their Championship win. She sat at the table and produced a pen and scroll and declaired that she would write a Royal Decree. She took a long time in writing, when she was done she walked to a candelabra and afixed her seal and came over and handed it to Juliana. The decree named Juliana and all other team mates past and present all Royal Treasure Hunters.
    We all cheered and thanked Queen Dawn and as always EM Faine Morgan, EM Dudley, EM Vladimere.

    (Not from the original story)
    In unofficial news rumor has been going through the grape vine that the Royal decree also contained a "Dispatch order"