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[News] Casca Outlaws the High Council!!

Discussion in 'UO Lake Superior' started by Lady Tia, Aug 8, 2009.

  1. Lady Tia

    Lady Tia Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend

    May 26, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Yesterday evening, at 7:29pm, citizens of Britannia began to gather at the castle awaiting Casca’s speech.


    Lord Casca arrives. . .


    His speech is as follows:
    Greetings fine people of Britannia, in whom I serve!
    I have requested you all here tonight…
    To be informed upon the many things happening in our kingdom.
    I wish there was but a touch of news to bring me elation . . .
    Unfortunately it pulls terribly upon my heart.
    The situation in Luna is dire . . .
    Dark beasts of all sorts have been marching on this great merchant city.
    The paladins and brave citizens have held out fairly well . . .
    But the death toll is climbing, I fear Luna will not hold out.
    The recent pirate raids have been escalating in an incomprehensible fashion.
    What began as small raids on Vesperian merchant ships . . .
    Has turned into full invasions in many towns.
    As of yet, these invasions have been limited to the Felucca facet . . .
    Where Dupree and his True Britannians have held out strong.
    Now a recent happening that makes me very sad indeed . . .
    Was the attempted murder of a woman and the torching of her house.
    This woman, Dawn, has been suspected of leading a sort of resistance against me.
    But the people who took such false justice into their own hands shall not be tolerated.
    One of my most trusted scouts of the Royal Guard witnessed the action . . .
    And informs me that it was none other than several members of the High Council, itself!
    Such a rogue governmental body simply cannot exist!
    So, for the safety of us all, from this day forth the High Council is outlawed!
    All councilors should turn themselves in, or face extreme punishment . . .

    One citizen asked Casca a very good question, to which they received no answer. . .of course.


    The outlawing of the High Council was met with disbelief and much anger.



    The speech ended with a Royal Guard announcing that the city of Luna was once again under attack and the brave citizens rushed to defend Luna once again. Although there was no sign of Casca OR the Royal Guard within the defense force…

    The High Council and Dawn must be protected at all costs. This self-proclaimed “king” has finally shown his true colors. This next step in an effort to overturn the true governing body of our fair land was not completely unexpected, but of course, shocking to say the least. What will be his next step in complete domination?
  2. Barry Gibb

    Barry Gibb Of Saintly Patience
    Stratics Veteran

    May 24, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Did Dawn come out of hiding?

    Stayin Alive,

  3. Malo

    Malo Guest

    As it has always been... Tyrants always outlaw all those that oppose their tyrany. The High Council has commited no crime except in the mind of Casca the Usurper. The Council's job is to serve in place of Lord British and they have done so for years. This upstart "king" is a pretender to the throne and has no claim to royalty.
    A king is either born to the throne or placed there by the people.. not by some beaurocratic trickery.
  4. Peace Keeper

    Peace Keeper Guest

    I am a little confused on how a so called King can lead his people into battle and not be there.... I think maybe Casca is a want-a-be or wish he was King.
    All I want to know is where did he got the magic lamp to rub and make his wish to be King on....Cause that Genie needs to be stopped.....
  5. fluge61

    fluge61 Guest

    I agree with Peace where was the King while we all were defending Luna? should have died along with the rest of us.
  6. Who appointed him the so called (King), I am outraged that he has announced the High Council as outlaws, when all they have tried to do is bring peace to the people of Brittania.
    I did not vote for this so called imposter known as Casca, I stand by the true King of Britain.
    This Casca seems bent on destroyering the Kingdom instead of promoting peace within the land. He is a Tyrant who must be stopped!!!

    May Peace be restored and the High Council guide the people again!!!
  7. IronHorse

    IronHorse Guest

    Trinsic shall stand in opposition to Lord Casca's Tyrannical amibitions to attempt to gain power over the Realm.
    He has falsified his claim to the throne by at the very least deception and most likely by murder and conspiracy against the Realm.
    Trinsic shall stand ready to protect and to serve the legitimate High Council of Britannia as granted to it according to its charter under;
    Article 1: Purpose

    Grant of Power. The power of the High Council of Britannia ("the council") derives directly from Lord British. As advisors to the king, the council is answerable to his person and his laws, and is expected and authorized to speak on his behalf when he is unavailable.

    Authority. The council assists and supports Lord British in his daily management of the realm. Specifically, the council is authorized to pass laws that do not contradict the basic tenets set forth by Lord British. Additionally, the council may authorize and oversee the operation of local governments in any of the cities represented by its councilors.

    Responsibilities. The council serves as advocate for the needs of Britannia's citizens, to uphold and support the rule of Lord British, and to promote the eight Virtues. The council is also expected to preserve, promote, and enhance the unique cultural heritage and identity of the realm.


    All Guilds and Citizens of the Realm who agree that the High Council is the rightful agency of Lord British have the support of Trinsic.
    Let us combine our war banners and put down this usurper to our Throne peaceable if possible but by force of arms if need be.

    Governor of Trinsic
    GM of The Forge of Virtue
  8. Brynthe

    Brynthe Guest

    It would now seem that there are those who believe Casca's lies, and would see harm done to the Council. I found these effigys in Britain this evening (see first 2 pictures below.) I urge caution to all council members, as there are those who would seem fit to do you harm, after listening to this "so called king's" lies. This is mostly likely Casca's own handiwork, but surely there are those who will blindly follow him if they believe others are on his side as well.

    In addition, last night I also came across a body in the streets of Britain (3rd picture.) It appears to be a member of the Royal Guard, with "evidence" of Dawn's treachery found next to his body. It is my belief that this is more of Casca's lies, and an attempt to get the general populace to turn away from another person worthy of our trust.

    I stand by the High Council and any others who's true desire is to see all of Britannia prosper, and I will lend my services in whatever way they may be needed (on a side note - IronHorse, it seems I got seperated from the group the other night, and wasn't able to track you all down, or else I would have informed you of my desire to help, personally.) And should Dawn return, then I welcome her as true friend to Britannia and offer her my aid as well.

    Brynthe Alazar

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