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[News] Casca's Coronation.

Discussion in 'UO Oceania' started by Katlene, Jan 18, 2009.

  1. Katlene

    Katlene Guest

    The call went out that our new liege was to give his coronation speech on the stairs of castle Blackthorn.
    Two times were given for today and 3 for the next.

    Many people showed up for the event, eager to see what would happen.

    A cloaked figure walked through the gates of the castle...


    Viktor Cotume: Greetings fellow Britannians!
    Viktor Cotume: It gives me great satisfaction to introduce to you, the Sovereign ruler of all Britannia...
    Viktor Cotume: The benevolent King Casca!

    An elven man came out and stood before the citizens,

    Casca: *Extends both arms out in warm greeting*
    Casca: Glorious greetings and salutations, wonderful Britannian citizens!
    Casca: With humble stature I stand here before you as King, pro-tempore, of Britannia.


    Casca: For so long our grand kingdom has required a figurehead to rally behind.
    Casca: The newly elected Royal Council has responded to the need for one person to lead our people.
    Casca: Through the perilous and peaceful times of our future,
    Casca: I shall now lead you.
    Casca: And perilous times are upon us now.
    Casca: Our lands face dire destruction if we do not rally ourselves
    Casca: into a unified front against these forces.
    Casca: We have already witnessed such atrocities as the annihilation of Magincia,
    Casca: the almost complete slaughter of the previous residing Royal Council,
    Casca: of which I was the only surviving member.
    Casca: May their ghosts be at peace.
    Casca: *Pauses reverently*
    Casca: And we are witnessing now,
    Casca: the terrible invasions of our cities,
    Casca: the destruction of our historic buildings,
    Casca: *and in a sterner tone*
    Casca: and their reprehensible costs,
    Casca: but most tragically, the killing of many innocent citizens.


    Casca: As King, I want you to have peace of mind
    Casca: that I will do all in my power to return our kingdom
    Casca: to a time of peace,
    Casca: a place of beauty,
    Casca: and a malevolent force not to be trifled with!
    Casca: We will have all these things,
    Casca: but not without sacrifice.
    Cook: eh, malevolent?
    Casca: Taxes may be increased to afford new war machines,
    Casca: employ troops and bolster our Royal Britannian Guard numbers
    Casca: to be better able to protect our new Royal Council.
    Casca: I know within my heart and with all honesty tell you,
    Casca: justice will be served swiftly to any person who would bring
    Casca: harm to our plans for a better Britannia.
    Casca: Even now we have traitors in our Royal dungeons awaiting our compassion.
    Casca: Are these curs deserving of it?
    Casca: These fiends that sow their seeds of cowardice amongst our communities
    Casca: with motives so inhuman that their hatred of us runs so deep
    Casca: it cannot be comprehended?
    Casca: They shall be taught humility!
    Casca: Britannia will not succumb to the wiles of the followers of falsehood.


    Casca: We will not stand for it!
    Casca: I will not stand for it.
    Casca: *Pauses for breath*
    Casca: We will look to our allies and seek their aid
    Casca: in our defence of our Kingdom.
    Casca: It will be their honour to stand in defiance with us,
    Casca: against our obnoxious enemy.
    Casca: We shall have numbers not ever conceived of by our enemies.
    Casca: We shall also look for new allies, perhaps in old foes,
    Casca: with caution of course,
    Casca: but definitely in new places.
    Casca: Britannia has a unique spirituality which will not merely roll over and die
    Casca: but fight on til she has conquered any adversity.
    Casca: We shall send emissaries of great valour and resolve,
    Casca: with out Royal backing, to rally to us any potential allies
    Casca: Looking out upon Britannia today,
    Casca: I get a positive feeling about the new direction
    Casca: Our kingdom is headed
    Casca: My coronation is but the start of a new and exciting era
    Casca: for our kingdom
    Casca: It gives me great pleasure to help usher this new age in
    Casca: for all of our peoples
    Casca: Thank you.
    Casca: *Extends both arms out in warm greeting.

    He then walked into the castle leaving behind him a bewildered crowd.
    Then all heard a quite scurrying of paws...

    Sherry: Excuse me, sir...
    Sherry: *A little voice squeaks from the assembled throng*
    Sherry: Good day!
    Sherry: Dark times are indeed upon us, but i am nay sure Casca is the guiding light we need.
    Sherry: It is nay recent news that my liege, the sovereign ruler of Britannia hath gone...
    Sherry: We know not where, but we should continue wait for his return.
    Sherry: *Her eyes dart uneasily between members of the gathered crowd*
    Sherry: Aye, Casca was appointed by the Council left to direct the kingdom in my lord's absence.


    Sherry: But since the massacre... this new council's integrity is questionable.
    Sherry: *She pauses a moment as if deep in thought.*
    Sherry: Truth, Love and Courage the principles from which all the eight Virtues flow...
    Sherry: We must ask ourselves... are these truly values our new Lord will uphold?
    Sherry: Some of the greatest harms have been done by those who had nay but the best intentions.


    Sherry: All I ask of you Britannia is to please be mindful before you swear your fealty to Casca...
    Sherry: His tale is a muddled one... and something is nay right about it.
    Sherry: Thank you for hearing me.
    Sherry: *Squeaks*

    She then scurries away before anyone can ask her questions.

    The crowd, now even more bewildered then before, are left standing unsure what to do next, Then they hear footsteps marching along the bridge towards them.

    Two captains from the Royal Guard!


    Viktor Cotume: Greetings again, citizens.

    Ellis Duffield: Straighten up

    Fink: Hallo persons

    Ellis Duffield: I didn’t give you this post to slouch around

    Antalya: Ellis Duffield is the new Captain? Commander?

    Ellis Duffield: Hello

    Katlene: And who might you two actually be then?

    Viktor Cotume: Oh, ye have not heard of us, Milady?

    Katlene: May have...
    Katlene: But a proper introduction would be grand

    Ellis Duffield: We are both captains of the Royal Guard

    Viktor Cotume: I am Viktor Cotume, Captain of the Royal Guard.
    Viktor Cotume: Aye.

    Katlene: Well met

    Antalya: *curtsies*

    Ellis Duffield: I am Ellis Duffield, a Captain of the Royal Guard

    Viktor Cotume: And how did you all enjoy the audience with our new King?
    Viktor Cotume: *Viktor adjusts his vibrant sash.*

    Antalya: Hrmm, well, what I could *see* of it...

    Katlene: It wasn’t easier to hear his words

    Antalya: Rowdy crowd *nods*
    Antalya: I think these will be interesting times

    Chomper of Souls: CASCA CAN GO SWIM IN THE MOAT

    Viktor Cotume: He is our King, we shall not speak ill of him, Chomper of Souls.


    Ellis Duffield: Agreed

    Fink: It will take some getting used to...

    Viktor Cotume: King Casca has only just begun his glorious reign; we must give him a chance.
    Viktor Cotume: But I do foresee prosperous times ahead.

    Katlene: He has to gain a lot of trust

    Ellis Duffield: No doubt the increase in taxes he mentioned will help towards our numbers

    Viktor Cotume: Aye, Ellis.

    Antalya: Hrmm, more taxes, yes...

    Katlene: These meetings with the members of the royal guard are not a "freebie convention"

    Viktor Cotume: Too true, Milady.

    Antalya: Hrmm, curious to see if the royal guard stays loyal.
    Regardless of all else that may happen

    Gohan: Viktor, you’re a ninja and a grandmaster at that, ninja’s train in deception, Why should we trust you?

    Ellis Duffield: Cur!

    Viktor Cotume: Are you accusing me of something, citizen?

    Ellis Duffield: I'll not have you speak so about my friend!

    Viktor Cotume: *His grey eyes narrow*

    Gohan: You’re a grandmaster of deception!

    Deneya: Off with Gohan's head

    Ellis Duffield: and a decorated Captain

    Fink: Trained to deceive the enemy, a good quality in a captain I would think

    Katlene: Accusing the captain of the royal guard of deception....

    Viktor Cotume: I am a Captain of the Royal Guard! Show me a little respect, citizen.

    Gohan: *spits*
    Gohan: There’s your respect!

    Viktor Cotume: How dare you!

    Gohan: How dare I?
    Gohan: How dare you!

    Viktor Cotume: *Wipes the spittle from his tunic.*

    Ellis Duffield: This is no good. Is this what war has done to Britain?
    Ellis Duffield: Reduced her citizens to insulting people?

    Antalya: No. It's what it's done to some people Captain *smiles*

    Katlene: Please note good captain that this man does not speak on behalf of us all

    Deneya: Indeed he does not

    Viktor Cotume: That is noted, Milady.

    Gohan: I have followed Lord British since he first reigned!

    Katlene: You followed a dead man for all these years?

    Viktor Cotume: *He glances at Ellis.*

    Ellis Duffield: Have you seen when Lord Casca will make his next appearance?
    Ellis Duffield: There is a book in the Hall with details

    Chomper of Souls: Follow the mouse!

    Viktor Cotume: You would believe a rodent?

    Chomper of Souls: yes

    Gohan: over a ninja at the moment, yes

    Viktor Cotume: What nonsense!

    Chomper of Souls: all hail the mouse

    Viktor Cotume: Ellis, we must remember to place those rat traps about the castle...

    Antalya: Nooo! No rat traps!

    Ellis Duffield: A safe measure Viktor.

    Shiva Me Timbers: Sherry is a mouse. Not a rat

    Viktor Cotume: We cannot have vermin running around the castle.
    Viktor Cotume: Rat, mouse...
    Viktor Cotume: *He shrugs*
    Viktor Cotume: Still vermin.

    Gohan: Viktor

    Viktor Cotume: Aye?

    Gohan: give us a reason to trust you.

    Viktor Cotume: My rank with the Royal Guard should be enough, citizen.

    Katlene: They are members of the guard. And have not given us reason to distrust them

    Viktor Cotume: We are free from trickery.

    Antalya: Were you in the royal guard before Casca was appointed?

    Ellis Duffield: Of course he was!
    Ellis Duffield: You don't make captain sitting on your laurels, getting favours from new lords
    Ellis Duffield: Not in this Royal Guard
    Ellis Duffield: *looks at Blorn*
    Ellis Duffield: You hear me!
    Ellis Duffield: Not on your laurels!
    Ellis Duffield: Back straight Blorn

    Viktor Cotume: It was no easy task eradicating all the terathan from this fair city... we have been busy.
    Viktor Cotume: That is why you have nay seen us.

    Katlene: Has castle British been cleaned as well?

    Viktor Cotume: We are in the process, Milady.

    Katlene: Very good

    Viktor Cotume: It is a rather large task.

    Katlene: I could bring along a broom and help!

    Ellis Duffield: The previous occupant was rather ensconced in there.

    Viktor Cotume: Every spare hand is welcomed, Milady.

    Deneya: Excuse me

    Viktor Cotume: Yes, Milady?

    Deneya: I acknowledge your presence
    Deneya: but I am unsure
    Deneya: why we have been summoned

    Viktor Cotume: You do nay think seeing our new King address the community is important?

    Ellis Duffield: I thought his speech rather invigorating

    Deneya: Not to mention
    Deneya: he was rather easy on the eye

    Ellis Duffield: He promises some great improvements

    Viktor Cotume: These are dark times, citizens. King Casca will be our beacon.

    Deneya: Why are you here to speak with us?

    Viktor Cotume: We merely came to see how the speech went, Milady.

    Deneya: I see

    Viktor Cotume: And to check on our fellow guards.

    Ellis Duffield: We need to check our assigned Guards here
    Ellis Duffield: Ensure everything is in good order
    Ellis Duffield: and secure for the King

    Viktor Cotume: The King will make more speeches, fear not if you missed it.
    Viktor Cotume: Ellis, might I suggest we finish here and retire to the barracks?

    Ellis Duffield: Aye
    Ellis Duffield: A good suggestion
    Ellis Duffield: Our Guards here, aside from Blorn, are in good order

    Antalya: Thankyou for coming captains*curtsies*

    Viktor Cotume: *He glances at Blorn*
    Viktor Cotume: I will include it on the report.

    Ellis Duffield: Good man.

    Viktor Cotume: Well, it was... interesting meeting all you fine citizens.
    Viktor Cotume: May we meet again soon.

    If you want to see the event for yourself, it is on again tomorrow at three different times. You can get details on the thread titled 'The Casca schedule'
  2. Teeshy

    Teeshy Guest

    I'm still very unsure whether Casca is to be trusted or not =/

    Did he *mean* "malevolent force" when he was describing what Britannia was to come? And taxes? Bah! Not knowing who the council IS is worrying also - I understand they want to stay secretive, in case they are all wiped out again - but is that just an excuse?

    Sherry's advice is good I think - caution before swearing fealty to somebody I am so unsure about.

    And I MUST get into Blackthorn's castle and get rid of any rat traps I find! The guard captains are placing them to try and kill Sherry! :eek:

    Oh, and after seeing Viktor the second time and asking him about his sword (it was called "Nelokhiel's Wrath" I did some searching, and turns out Nelokhiel is a Shadow Knight. Not sure if that means anything.
  3. Katlene

    Katlene Guest

    aye i have heard rumours that they will ally with the shadowlords... doesnt sound to good to me
  4. Fink

    Fink Guest

    Casca: With humble stature I stand here before you as King, pro-tempore, of Britannia.

    Humble schmumble, he was addressing the crowd from atop a 10 feet high plinth. I don't trust him either. A foofy elf ruling over humans, it isn't right.
  5. Deneya

    Deneya Guest

    Hmm...I hope this isn't going to become a human versus elf thing? I've had quite enough of that already from a particular undead 'thing'.

    Would it really be so bad to be ruled by an elf? Worse things have surely happened. Personally, I still think he could have worn better clothes.
  6. Katlene

    Katlene Guest

    The second time he appeared on sunday, he was on the ground standing near us. I made mention of that to Viktor who said that he was a man of the people.
    So does that mean he wasnt 7 hours prior?
  7. Teeshy

    Teeshy Guest


    I think that was more to do with crowd size ;)

    Also for the people that weren't there the second time Sunday, Sherry actually spoke directly with us as well as giving her "speech"
  8. siyeng0

    siyeng0 Guest

    And with good reason! *seethes*
  9. Fink

    Fink Guest

    I hope this isn't going to become a living vs undead thing.. :lick:

    All I'm saying is humans for humans, elves for elves. How would a human be received if they suddenly claimed the throne of Heartwood?
  10. Katlene

    Katlene Guest

    It worked out alright in Magician by Mr fiest :D
  11. Deneya

    Deneya Guest