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[NEWS] Casca's Treachery

Discussion in 'UO Pacific' started by Lyconis, Aug 5, 2009.

  1. Lyconis

    Lyconis Sage
    Stratics Veteran

    May 20, 2008
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    Casca's Treachery
    (August 2, 2009)

    The time has come, battle forces lead by Omo Trovi and the Mysterious Stranger began preparations to attack Casca's meeting in the ruined city of Montor. Omo wore a suit of Ancient Battle-Worm Armor while wielding the Mercaerin Expurgator, a finely crafted katana suited for the most powerful tank mage in the realm.
    Our goals were set, first Capture Casca preferably alive, second eliminate every Agent of Corruption that exist! The reasoning for capturing Casca was simple, to put him on trial for his crimes against Sosaria. If Casca was accidently killed no punishment would be sought for those responsible.

    Battle at Montor
    We entered the moongate in Britain and entered Ilshenar through the Chaos Gate. The first to arrive were met by a group of Balron Paragons, Lich Lords and Valorite Elementals. The forces at the gate were a very small portion of what lay ahead. Our main forces pushed west sloshing through Monstrous Interred Grizzle's, Skeletal Dragons and Demons. The infernal ooze seeped from the corpses damaging our forces more than the monstrosities.

    Coming to a bend we prepared to head South, and were greeted by pure evil. An "Agent of Corruption Warleader" attempted to stop us at the bridge, slowing us down just long enough for a reinforcement of more Warleader's and "Corrupted Royal Paladin's".

    The meeting point was nearly upon us, barely seeing a moongate through the thick grouping of opponents. The minotaur's nearly destroyed us in groups, the screams of death could be heard throughout the ruined city. While regrouping near a small house just North of the newly spawned gate we held our make shift fortification valiantly against our enemies forces.

    Sighting of Casca
    As we licked our wounds through the settling dust Casca appeared at the black moongate. His attempts to demoralize our troops were futile, we were ready to taste the blood of a Lord. Before we could capture our former Lord he told us that he had destroyed Dawn's house.

    Why would Casca target Dawn? When Lord Blackthorn's soul was lost to the Exodus, Dawn a simple peasent lead the people of Sosaria to oppose and slay Lord Blackthorn. What relation does Casca have to Blackthorn perhaps kin?, a student of Blackthorn's teachings?, revenge of the Exodus?

    Casca vanished into the moongate as a Shadowlord Manifestation appeared. Our forces made short work of this Manifestation as we had recently plundered many of them in Tokuno.

    Dawn's House
    We quickly gathered the troops and entered a gate to Dawn's house. She was nowhere to be found but her house was engulfed in flame. Our battle had ended for the day, we now lay in wait for the presence of Dawn. We gathered at the Counselor's hall for a quick update on what had just happened. A surprise visitor dressed in all black was Mesanna, for those who don't know Mesanna makes the best cream pies in the land!

    We had depleated Casca's army. Omo Trovi now expects Casca to make a move in desperation against the citizens of Sosaria.
    Those who waited around were greeted with another surprise. Cyno decided to pass out some more cream pies! The pies are labeled "Mesanna's Cream Pie".

    We were also given an update the Cloak of Silence may be coming soon. It is unsure at this time if this will be a loot-able item or passed out like the cream pies.
    For those interested the EM's have created a website for Pacific Events! pacific.uoem.net This will be a great resource for players to find out about upcoming events and quick updates on events that have passed.

    Additional Information about items, looting, etc

    A tip from the EM's to the players of Pacific. Event items obtained from battling creatures can only be obtained by opening the corpses and grabbing the items from within. Item's will only spawn in your bag with the occurrence of a client side publish.
    Obtaining loot from creatures follows normal looting rights, top damagers or enough damage to loot a corpse and some luck with the Random Number Generator (RNG).

    Two item types were loot-able from the creatures at Montor. An "Agent Of Corruption Slave Necklace" and a Blessed Red Viking Sword. This slave "collar" seems very similar to items used by the Exodus to control their slaves...... ​
  2. Great recap of this event! :D

    I actually made it to this one to die about 4674375 times... lol