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[News] Catskills Night of Mesanna Roulette

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by Vallend, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. Vallend

    Vallend Sage
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 16, 2005
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    On Thursday July 7th EM Adris held a special short notice “Meet & Greet” at the EM Hall in Britain (Trammel) causing a large crowd to show up wondering what was going on. Shortly before the appointed time EM Adris appeared before the gathered throng and announced why he had gathered everyone there. Following up on a promise made by EM Kasaven it was now Catskills turn for Mesanna Roulette and it was to take place that very evening.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Everyone was herded into a special Moongate that took them to an enclosed valley on the Ilshenar facet where the event was to take place. (The gate was only supposed to remain open for a period of ten minutes, but due to a miscommunication it stayed open much longer than that.) Mesanna and EM Adris tried to have everyone organize into a single line back from a table she has set up. Though this proved near impossible with many players rushing forward and failing to listen to simple instructions or show consideration for those that were there before them.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The rules for Mesanna Roulette are as follows.
    1. Mesanna would call players up behind the table with her one at a time and give them a random number between two and twelve.
    2. The players would then click on a stuffed bear that was also behind the table with Mesanna. The stuffed bear acted like a dice cup and generated two numbers between one and six. The two numbers were added together and that was your number. Giving the players a one in eleven chance of winning.
    3. If the number rolled matched the number given to the player by Mesanna the player won a prize and you got to live.
    4. If the number did not match Mesanna’s chosen number you were killed on the spot. From there the players were to run down to EM Adris who was about half way down the waiting line and got resurrected at a Ankh placed there and Adris would then give them the prize for the losers.
    5. After getting your prize you could run back up and recover your belongings from your body.
    6. Everyone that was there was only given one chance at the game. Once you did it one time you were to be done.

    The loser’s prize was a bell with the following inscription. “I Got My Bell Rung By Mesanna Playing Roulette”
    The winners got a set of footprints with the following inscription, “All Mesanna Saw Was These Footprints As I Walked Away Alive While Playing Mesanna Roulette”
    The final totals were 281 bells given out and approximately 20 sets of footprints. Meaning roughly one out of every fifteen people that played the roulette game won a set of footprints and lived.

    It was also decided that the stuffed bear used for the roulette would be given away at the end of the evening. The way chosen was by the gathered players writing a number between one and a thousand in a book and giving to EM Adris. Unfortunately no one guessed the correct number chosen so the bear was not given out that evening. However Mesanna said possibly sometime this weekend she would hide the bear on the shard and give a clue where it could be found. She was considering holding this wild bear hunt before EM Adris’s Captain Jack Passer event this evening, but that has not been confirmed as of yet. Soon as we hear of a date and time we will post it here on Stratics.

    A few players spoke to Mesanna after the event was over and she shared some information during that discussion that was informative.

    1. The UO Team is working right now on “Clean Up Britannia” sort of like the original one from many years ago as Mesanna described it “its the kitchen sink trash barrel one”.
    2. Mesanna plays on a couple shards and has 3 accounts so there goes the wild rumor that the members of the dev team must have never played the game they are working on.
    3. The status of the throne with Queen Dawn was also discussed. Mesanna told the group that she has thrown am idea for the new King or Queen and is waiting to see if anyone has a heart attack over it. The only clues she would give is, “Mesanna: It’s someone that is old school, but not Lord British.”
    4. Factions were a hot subject and she shared her opinions on it too. (Mesanna’s opinions are hers alone and do not represent the entire Dev team or Mythics.) She said that she wanted to make healing count as damage; no one wants to be a healer because they never get looting rights. She also feels that they need to wipe faction points, because it is unrealistic with numbers due to all the people that have the gear and stay in Trammel never fighting. Killing one person and getting 1 billion points is insane. She would also love to remove factions all together and put back in chaos order. Mesanna encouraged everyone gathered to show they support new ideas for change by posting or email to the dev team, rather than having the dev team only going by a few posts on the boards that do do not reflect the opinion of the majority of the players.
    5. Mesanna also wanted everyone to know this, “Mesanna: I do read your emails and I do listen to you guys and I do go back and tell the team. “
    6. One of Mesanna’s more radical ideas was this, “Mesanna: I wanted to give thieves something more like being able to steal in Trammel. I think a few members fainted over that one...lol”
    7. Mesanna talked a bit about Veterans Rewards and inquired as to what we might like for a reward. She did mention that one of the ideas they are playing with is “Check Books” a book where players could store checks. She said that if anyone had a great idea for a new Veterans Reward to email her with the idea at [email protected]

    On a personal note I do want to thank Mesanna and EM Adris for bring us this great event, and I apologize again for the rude and greedy behavior of some members of the shard. That night I was ashamed to say I was a member of the Catskills shard community and felt sorry for the majority of the population who did listen to you and waited patiently for their turn, even though a few acted very childishly that evening. I wish I could say all those were cross shard traders but I am afraid quite a few were regular players on our shard who showed poor manners and greed. I know you did not feel well that night Mesanna and yet you still came to visit us and I am appreciative for that.