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[News] Celebrating SIX years with the YMCA

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Lady Nest, Jun 2, 2004.

  1. Lady Nest

    Lady Nest Guest

    Monday, May 31 is Memorial Day, a day of remembrance. What better day to remember the last 6 years of the <a target="_blank" href=http://www.bobplex.org/YMCA/html/index.php>Yew Merry Center for All</a>? And remember we did! Unfortunately I was an hour late and missed the visit by Sonoma's very own Lady Jade Hushenhoy. The party was in full swing when I arrived and decorated with balloons, streamers, cake, food, drink, and sparkly stuff that ended up everywhere. It looked fabulous and I parked my ride and joined right in. The knife throwing contest had just ended and Jeronimae was announcing the winners. Thraximus, who had to leave early, won first place and a gold dagger. Second place, and a silver dagger, went to Sigel. Epic Eddie took third and a bronze dagger. Congrats to you all! Sorry I missed it.

    Next up was the Scavenger Hunt. Those that wanted to participate were hustled into the back room. Once there we were told to pair up. Being that the Y is located in Felucca and a safe haven for all, many reds were in attendance. This made a blue partner a must, if one were going to travel into town. I was quickly grabbed up by the Disreputable Junior. You know that us good girls just can't resist the bad boys! Each pair was given a book containing all the things to gather. When I looked at the list I was amazed. It was a huge list!Good thing we were working with a partner. As soon as everyone had a book and a partner, we were off. Junior gated us to his place and we quickly partied up and started scavenging. The list was broken up into groups. 1) two sack lunches, 2) Camping Trip, 3) Romance, 4)Celebration, 5) Resource Items, 6) & 7) were a GM made Tailor/Smith item with the 'created by' starting with a Y-M-C or A. The last two items were a snap as I was wearing them, but the other things had us both digging things out of chests long forgotten, and hurrying into town for the last minute purchase. By the time we had everything into color coordinated bags, Junior's tower looked like a hurricane had hit it! We left extra items everywhere and hurried back to the Y with our goodies. The bags were given to Sapsar DeThraven and she checked to see that we had everything. We did, but still were the last to return! I couldn't believe it, and Junior and I colapsed into chairs laughing. It had been a blast, even if we didn't win. Then I found out that all teams placed!
    First place went to the team of Firecracker & Epic Eddy. Second place was Jeronimae & Bitter Oswald's team. Bagelan & Sigel placed Third. Sigel didn't want the prize money for some reason. Fourth place was given to Gypsy Queen & Johnnie and Fifth place went to Junior and myself.

    During the presenting of the Scavenger Hunt prizes, there was some tension among some bar patrons. For a while there I thought we were going to have a genuine bar fight, but the rules of the YMCA clearly state this is NOT allowed. Eventually the shouting died down and they took their differences outside, much to the relief of those present.
    On top of the tower, Musical Chairs was being set up. Dor called us all on up and we ran upstairs to play. There in the middle of the roof were two rows of chairs facing each other. Those that wanted to play took a seat in one of the rows. I grabbed a chair and waited for the game rules. Gypsy Queen hosted the game. She quickly solved the musical concerns and agreed to just yell "Start" and "Stop"! She would then remove a chair and we shuffled around the two rows.
    No one went the same direction and we bumped and banged into one another untill it was time to grab a chair. The competition was tough, but I made it to the final three before losing my seat. It was now between Junior and Jeronimae. Quick stepping and a lot of luck put Junior in the last chair for the win! Everyone applauded and laughed. Money was exchanged as I heard something about side bets and the top three accepted their prize money. Junior and I had come in last for the hunt but redeemed ourselves during musical chairs. What a kick!

    Now it was back downstairs for the explanation for Pin the tail on the donkey.
    Eric: OK, this event will be timed. Best time wins, Ok? We have no blindfolds, we have no donkey, we have no tail
    Dor: You just can't see them
    Eric: exactly! So instead you will enter the Inn upstairs where I will be hidden. One at a time please.
    Dor: (He is a Donkey)
    Eric: You must wander around until you find me. Stand on the same tile as I am on and *PIN* me! No reveal hidden! If you are on the same tile as me, I will reveal and record yer time. If you are not, keep truckin!
    Dor made a list of those that wanted to play and Eric went upstairs, turned into Charlton, and hid. I was first on the list and as soon as Dor was ready, we went up one floor to the Inn. Dor stood me at the door and gave me some last minute instructions. I wasn't really sure what I was doing, but I was enthusiastic anyway! Into the room I went. Stopping on each floor tile where I thought he might be, I yelled "Pin!". When nothing happened, I moved on to another place. It took me over three minutes to find him! When he finally revealed himself, he said I had run him through with my "Pin", so I gave him a *Hug* to make it all better. Downstairs I trotted and the next contestant went to try. While the current contestant was playing, the rest of us were drinking, eating and throwing snowballs.

    Since the YMCA is one of the original towers in Sonoma, it has it's very own stable master. And let me tell you. he was very worried all night! Between the monsters and fighting outside and the wild partiers inside, he called out the whole time we were there.
    I had seen so many of the other Pin the Tail players come back down so fast, that I was beginning to regret having gone first! Thier times were all so much quicker then mine. The wait went fast also as we talked of hunting and player -v- player fighting techniques. I learned a few things that intrigued me. I may have to try my hand at this PvP thing. Of course there is the chance I could get my hand handed back to me on the tip of a sword! Finally the last Pin the Tail player came down with Dor and we found that the winner had been so fast, a time was almost impossible to score. And that was Nug, who claimed his time was less then 4 seconds! Way to go everyone!

    The Drunken Footrace took everyone outside to the road where a very interesting event was about to comence.
    Dor: First, you get drunk, very drunk and then from the start line the 'runners' will take one step for every *hic* Until hopefully, SOMEone crosses the finish line! I do have a hangover cure for after *winks*.
    Nadia, Gypsy Queen, Jeronimae, and Nug were our intrepid drunks. They were pretty well tanked and even started seeing things that weren't there! KewL DooD sounded the starting buzzer and the three ladies and Nug were off like a hurd of turtles. It looked like Nug missed the send off, because he just stood at the beginning for several seconds without moving. The crowd yelled and encouraged and teased the 'racers' as they *hic*ed their way down the track towards the finish line. It was a very odd race. The racers were all over the road and somewhere along the rout, I think Nug became lost as I don't remember seeing him at the finish line. I was running along side them calling for them to hurry and laughing at the wobbly way they progressed. I had the checkered flag ready at the finish line, as Gypsy Queen took the lead. Nadia was close on her heels, Jeronimae was about midway and poor Nug was nowhere to be seen. It was a photo finish with Nadia first, Gypsy Queen second and Jeronimae third. Anyone know what happened to Nug? Is that him by the tree on the ethreal ostard?
    Dor passed around the Grizelda's Hangover Cure and we all headed back to the Y for the Trivia contest. Once Dor had explained that the trivia would be all about the YMCA's history, we were ready to start. She encouraged us to yell out our answers and the first correct one would win. Dor kept track in her journal and told everyone to listen closely.
    Dor: Question number One! How old is the YMCA?
    Question Number Two: What was the name of the Y's first bartender? (vendor)
    Question Number three: Who is buried in Yew Cemetery? (hint) Who was stationed at Empath Abbey forever ouitside? and then met a foul end through some glitch but he was such a fixture in the community that he was awarded a funeral and headstone which can be seen to this day at the back of the cemetery *laughs*
    Question Number four: What happned here on Thanksgiving of '98?
    Question Number Five! Who attacked Lord british when he visited here on July 11th, '99? It was someone you may remember for accidentally having his weapon go off by cleaning it on the bench
    Dor: No one would know this next one except for KewL and me.......Who was the happy leprechaun of alchol?
    By now the trivia had become a walk down memory lane. Dor referred folks to their YMCAA.

    It was very late by now and I had to head home. I bid everyone farewell and asked Dor to let me know how the trivia turned out. I had a fantastic time celebrating with the wonderful folks who run and visit the Yew Merry Center for All!

    ps: So, Dor? How did the trivia turn out? *giggles*

  2. Lady Nest

    Lady Nest Guest


    No one won the Trivia...save, perhaps, for Cleopatra (who refused any award)

    It ended up being more of an Ask &amp; Answer history lesson--with me doing all of the answering. *wry grin* ....................

    It was fun though, and I think everyone enjoyed learning a little bit more of their shard's history in the process...I hope!



    Here's what happened with the trivia. It WAS fun and I DID learn some things! Thanks Dor /php-bin/shared/images/icons/smile.gif
  3. Thank you so much for posting this.

    I would like to add my thanks to Gypsy Queen, KewL DooD, Sapsar deThraven, Jett Blackheart, Jeronimae and Leurnid Hand...all of whom lent their humor, energy and hard work to the event. Everyone who attended had a great time and a lot of FUN, and it's all due to their efforts.

    A note in passing: I apparently suffered a brain failure on Monday, and employed disappearing ink to paint the numerous pictures that I captured of the event. (heh...in my exhaustion, evidently I reapeatedly punched "Insert" rather than "Print Screen"...for hours...) At any rate, I ended up with no pictures whatsoever for our scrapbook. None! *cries* So...if anyone else managed to capture some scenes, would you be so kind as to share them here, so that I can steal them? *grins* Thanks!
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

    It never even occured to me to get any... you were way ahead of me for at least thinking you were taking shots.
  5. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Did Cleopatra remember that it was Cerberus who attacked Lord British? And if memory serves, it wasn't a weapon. It was a poison field.

    Good old Cerb. [​IMG]
  6. Hehe...I don't think that Cleo was there that afternoon.

    Aurin Wildfire and I were, though...and you're right. It was definitely a poison field. *grins*

    Good ol' Cerb.
  7. Alas, I didn't get to stay for the whole thing, only the knife throwing competition, but I enjoyed what time I did get to spend there, and know I'd have had a blast if I'd been able to attend the whole thing. To all who helped coordinate it, thanks:)
  8. It was a great time from the planning to the actual celebrating. We enjoyed being able to partake in it and thank Dor for giving us the chance to do so. (if you need help taking down all the balloons you so patiently raised let us know)
    As for the scavenger hunt Lady Jett and myself really had fun running the event. The particpants made it worth the time it took to put it together. We are glad everyone enjoyed it. Thats what it was for to have fun. And your right Nest the YMCA represents all of those who play in UO and it was great to see blue's and reds working together and having fun. Cleo had us in stitches coming in asking a question every 4 minutes without fail, (we all started wondering if she had pked her partner Timmy) it was great!
    The list which i will post below was something that we decided would bring back a few memories as far as the things we all cherished together long ago and i hope that those who joined in to gather the items took from it just an idea of how easy it is with a little imagination how rich the role play environement can still really be.
    Thanks to everyone to particpated in all the events we had alot of fun!
    I hope you all decide to visit the YMCA more often its there for everyone to enjoy!

    Lady Sapsar Dethraven &amp; Lady Jett Blackheart
    (oh and DOR i took two pictures but have no place to host them at the moment! ;/)

    Yew Merry Center For All 6th Year Anniversary Bash
    Scavenger Hunt

    1. bag lunches - (collect items to make up two lunches put them in a bag)

    1 bag to consist of the following items:
    French bread

    2nd bag to consist of the following items:
    bottle of ale
    cook chicken legs

    2. camping trip (collect items for a camp out)
    bed roll
    fish steak
    fishing pole
    corn on the cob
    bottle of liquor
    4 torches

    3. romance (collect items for a romantic setting)
    bottle of wine
    2 candles
    3 cut up cloth red
    3 cut up cloth white

    4. celebration (collect items for a celebration)
    pitcher of wine
    pitcher of ale
    roasted pig
    cooked ribs
    bowl of corn
    bowl of peas
    jester hat

    5. Resource items (collect the items in the list below)
    a. 1 wool
    b. 3 cotton
    c. 6 leather
    d. 3 bones
    e. 10 feathers
    f. 1 wheat sheaf
    g. 1 log

    6. a gm made tailor item where the makers name starts with the letter Y, M, C, or A
    (titles do not count "lord" "lady" "sir" the names can be first or last )
    examples: a tunic made by lord Micheal (M)

    7. a gm made smith item the makers name starts with the letter Y, M, C, or A
    (titles do not count "lord" "lady" "sir" the names can be first or last )
    examples: spined leggings made by lady Yasmine (Y)