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[News]Chesapeake 2011 Rares Festival Auction House List

Discussion in 'Imperium News Service' started by Merik, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. Merik

    Merik Guest

    Chesapeake 2011 Rares Festival Auction House
    Located: East of the Merxmere Banner


    First Floor
    *Pixie Dust
    *A Shard Of The Gem Of Immortality
    *Oceania Holiday Set
    *Bag Of Orciez Fuud
    *Yew Summerwine
    *The Jewel Of Shadows
    *Midnight Silk
    *4 Wall Blood Tiles
    *Creme Dollup
    *Santa's Ring
    *Enlightened Commiseration
    *Pyramid Of Death Survivor
    *[Lantern]Happy Halloween Catskills - 2010
    *13 Broken Crystals
    *The Devil's Brew
    *Chesapeake Holiday Set
    *[Lantern]Lake Superior Britannian Games 2010
    *Clainin's Spellbook
    *Pages From The Principia Daemonis
    *Blaze Cu
    *Phoenix Armor Set
    *A Feather Of Peace From An Ethereal Being.
    *A Tacky Web


    Second Floor
    *A Firefighter's Helmet
    *Zombie - Lake Superior Halloween Invasion 2010
    *Item No Longer Exists
    *A Void Infused Gem
    *Captain John's Hat
    *A Codex Of The Knight Of The Crux Ansata
    *Orcish Engineer Toolkit
    *The Most Knowledge Person 1st (Arirang)
    *Tome Of necromantic Ensorcelment
    *Error (TID): Token Out Of Range : 2 : 1054131
    *Facial Hair Growth And Sculpting Cream
    *Scaffold (2 Pieces)
    *Brambles Of Misfortune
    *Human Blood
    *Sharbtur Ob Rigor
    *Dragonslayer's Shield
    *Root Of All Evil
    *Brother Pemenard's Blood Valor Sword with Conspiracy book
    *A Wiking Hauberk


    Third Floor
    *Bane Chosen's Targeted Cities Mapbook
    A Vial Of A Mysterious Substance
    *Vial Of Slimey Slugs Obtained From The Shadow Dweller's Spawn
    *Essence Of Empowerment
    *Black Dragon Acid Sac
    *Rift Pillar
    *Shroud Of Deceit
    *4 Piece Set
    -You Find A Note Written in BLOOD, A Horizontal Line Running On The Top: Devil's Blood
    -A Red Cap
    -Moonberry Rose
    -A Worn Pirate Cutlass
    *Shroud Of Tal'Keesh
    *A Lifelike Carving Of Tal'Keesh
    *A Staff Of The Seers Of The Moonstone with book The Veil, Volume One
    *Orc Chief Helm
    *Happy Halloween [Drachenfels 2010]
    *Sack of Gunpowder
    *A Page Of Santa's Bad List With Your Name On It [Drachenfels 2010]
    *Sharbtur Ob Rigor


    Fourth Floor
    *Two Story Tall Statue
    *A Fibril Of The Gyre Of Existence and Info Book
    *Dryad Sandals
    *Wishing You A Very Happy And Set Items
    -Prosperous New Year 2011 * Your Ealia Tiefwasser [Drachenfels]
    -With Best Wishes From EM Ealia Tiefwasser [Drachenfels 2010]
    -Thank You Drachenfels Book
    *Recompense Of The Ethereal Void
    *A Fey Flute
    *Rubble Fire
    *A Dented Shovel
    *Flawed Bloodstone
    *Blackrock Engineer Toolkit
    *A Block Of Verite
    *Member Of The Royal Britannia Navy
    *A Daemon Hide
    *Royal Guard Investigator
    *A Tattered Mercaerin Cloak
    *Lieutenant Of The Britannian Royal Guard
    *Warped Terathan Egg