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[News]Clainin's Memorial Service

Discussion in 'UO Oceania' started by Katlene, Apr 5, 2009.

  1. Katlene

    Katlene Guest

    Viktor Cotume:
    Good to see a few of you about.
    King Casca should be joining us shortly.


    a short while later

    The King has asked me to transport you all to the site of the memorial.
    If you could all please follow me in an orderly fashion.
    Everyone followed Viktor to a courtyard inside castle Brittish
    The King is on his way.
    Behold, our benevolent King Casca!

    Hello everyone
    It is a pleasure to see so many friends of Clainin
    *gestures grandly out to the crowd*


    My esteemed citizens of Britannia, Thank you for coming today.
    I have accomplished many things in my lifetime…
    Great things.
    What I regret most is not achieving the ability to save this man…
    This Hero.
    We have gathered here today to celebrate the life of Clainin, beloved mage of Britannia and friend to many.
    Apprenticed to Nystul himself, one could see early on that Clainin was a remarkable young man. Upon Nystul's mysterious departure, Clainin was promoted to Royal Court Mage.


    During Clainin's tenure in this austere position he overcame many challenges.
    His assistance with the machine on these grounds to detect Minax and bring about the end of her evil plans to destroy Sosaria, was astounding and successful.
    His position on the Royal Council let him contribute his ingenious thoughts and ideas for the betterment of Britannia.
    Clainin became an ambassador to our Ilshenar allies, the Meer.
    His involvement was instrumental to curing Yew of its poisonous swamp infection with the assistance of the Meer.
    *coughs lightly*
    Clainin's power was growing. He was approaching his prime. He alone was able to reveal the shadowlord Ramuz's true form from his disguise as Odric.
    This enabled the Royal Guard to banish Ramuz for a time and ensure the continued safety of our beloved land.
    Clainin became bold and adventerous. He began to relish the excitement garnered from leading the Royal Guard against our dangers.
    *His voice becomes grave*
    It was no secret though, that Inu the Crone had developed feelings for him. But was a private man and was quite successful in keeping his private life private.
    I'm sorry that Inu could not be here today, she declined my invitation and gave no reason but to grieve in private.
    It was a truly disastrous the day Haven exploded into ruins.
    Clainin was investigating why so much blackrock was being collected into such a confined area. It was truly remarkable that he survived.
    The survivors of the explosion selflessly saw to his needs and for many years tended to him.
    It was truly great and joyfull news that Clainin was reviving!
    I had received reports he was in danger and did my best to see to it he was kept safe.
    *nods gravely*
    To prove my reports right, an attack was indeed made on his life with transporting Clainin to a safer location.
    But evil won out.
    Struck down by the Shadowlords faction and their murderous leader, Melissa. She saw to it there was nothing left to recover or resurrect.
    *sighs sadly*
    The explosion of the building was absolute. Melissa had destroyed Clainin.
    And we are left to mourn the passing of a courageous friend and ally of the land.
    Ashes to ashes.
    Dust to dust.

    Thank you for your attention

    Viktor Cotume: Well spoken, M'lord!

    Casca: I have sponsored the building of this memorial in Clainin's memory

    Viktor Cotume: You truly honor our fallen brother.

    Casca: The royal masons are at work on something grander as we speak. I shall instruct my guards to pass word around that the memorial is finished

    Viktor Cotume: We will see to it, M'lord. Once it is constructed.

    Casca: Good, Viktor. Please, if you wish a token of this occasion, perhaps you might like some fruit from the trees. They are quite delicious
    He pointed to a book on a stone column
    This was a tome oft held by Clainin in his younger days


    Thank you again for coming to celebrate the life of Clainin with us

    Viktor Cotume: Allow me to escort you, My King.

    And with that the King walked away with Viktor and the service was over.
  2. DubZio

    DubZio Guest

    It was a enjoyable bit of RP... I'm surprised though that the EM's still bother with morons..... But Meh each to their own.

  3. Katlene

    Katlene Guest

    All good, the morons ended up missing out in the end.

    It was a great service.:thumbsup:
  4. birdinforest

    birdinforest Guest

    My first official event experience and it is wonderful. However, I am very surprised to know that there is a new King, since I missed all of BNN in February.

    That is great Katlene posted out the story, which makes it more clearly and artistic. Thanks.
    Would you like post future stories as much as possible?
  5. Teeshy

    Teeshy Guest

    Thanks Katlene! I'll have to go to Brit castle and have a look for it =)

    Bummed I missed it, but life happens =)

    Hrmm... Actually not that bummed, hubby came home from work early, so I got to spend extra time with him instead, which was excellent =D
  6. Katlene

    Katlene Guest

    You can find the story on Casca's coronation here

    Teesh, its just near the blacksmiths, so head over the moat and turn to the north, its up the end in a little courtyard to the side.

    All you missed was seeing the above for real, and youd be glad you missed all the stuff i got to edit out :cursing:

    Its a shame a bigger deal wasnt made about him really. Clainin was great :(