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[News] Clean Up Paupa Day.

Discussion in 'UO Oceania' started by Guest, Mar 22, 2008.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Written by Amathist & some of the brave people that took part.

    <font size="5" face="Lucida Calligraphy"><u> Clean Up Paupa Day </font></u>

    It was an ordinary day, started in the ordinary way, and then I glanced at my calendar and realized it was "Clean up Papua Day" the excitement built and I was just bubbling to go...but I had to get organized first.
    So I went to Luna and placed some runes inviting everyone to attend the "Clean up Papua Day" event, I then went and polished my armour for I could not be seen to be a slob of a pirate.
    Then off to Papua with a back pack full of marked sashes and prizes today was going to be fun, I was sure of it.
    I was actually not the first to arrive, for the excitement it seemed was contagious, there where at least 3 others in Papua when I arrived. Soon after, the little pen near the stables was full of people wanting to cleanse the little town of the ugly Ophidians.
    There was a huge turn out the guilds I noticed with representation where III, TBD, DP, S^R, OLD, KoV, C*S and PoC, there where also a few running around without guilds, I noticed Yurgi Twinkletoes, Foblug, Lady Ishi, Bowie, Peter, Varkus and Jack. There could have been other guilds and other individuals but it’s hard to take notes while killing back the spawn. Sorry to any mighty hunter I missed.
    We all went forth into battle and soon there was a pile of bodies at everyone's feet. The snake like creatures where falling fast to the eager hunting party.


    Sashes of varied greens marked with "Clean up Papua" where dropped for the hunters to pick up and savour as keep sakes. And every so often there were arties or cheques of gold to be snavelled by anyone paying attention.


    Soon, Brood-mothers were being taken out, and then the Berserkers. Possibly my most fond memory of the day was when all the weary hunters gathered just in the middle of Papua, looked at each other and cautiously asked "is it over....did we do it" No one knew for sure.


    Scouts were sent out and the only Ophidians to be found were at the Terathan Keep, so the hunter party, eager as ever decided "Well why stop now" They regrouped out side the keep and set forth to free it from the foul snakes... being ever cautious of the icky spider like creatures as well.
    By days end blood and snake goo and spider web hung from everyone, but one other thing they had in common was this sheepish smile... They had done it! Papua and Terathan Keep were now free of Ophidians and it felt good. We had accomplished something as a shard and had a great time doing it.


    Here are some quotes from eager hunters:

    Beastmaster - KOV
    Thanks for a fun event. I was there at 10am and helped heal you, a lot, hehe. Had a Great time, thanks. I worked the eastern to north side as everyone was too grouped together to be really effective in the western part, all fighting over one Ophidian.
    Respawn made it interesting, but all in all everyone worked well and we achieved the desired result. Papua is free to be used yet once again.
    I too will wear my sash and remember the battle we all fought to cleanse our beloved Papua. Once again TY to you and all that participated. Congrats.


    Lihan – DP
    The Liberation of Oceania.
    I believe the event went very well. I loved the fact that at Papua, everyone sort of (unintentionally) split into groups. At one time I was running around with around 5 pallys which was great!
    I remember killing beast upon beast and every time I moved forward more serpents were waiting... It seemed to be a never ending wall of serpents.
    After much killing and over 100 gains in tactics I hear the words "THE BESERKERS ARE HERE" meaning once they are dead Papua would be liberated. After running around for 10mins looking for them and finding out they were killed I went to help clean the rest of the serpents up.
    While we were all killing a General Ophidian Warrior, 2 Berserkers popped up and showed us who is boss. After dying twice and getting back on my horse, we slayed both Berserkers, bringing peace back to Papua...
    Once Papua had been finished it was then time to help the Terathan’s regain their home. After many fights and trying to avoid the Balrons, General by General fell to the army.....
    Once all the Generals and every red looking serpent were disposed of one measly Brood Queen remained. After spending 10minutes whacking her with my sword, back up arrived. After slaying her, the fight had ended.
    The Terathans cheered... Then they attacked us, demanding that we leave their home (hehe)
    If you have any questions about anything just let me know.
    I'm sure lots more than that happened but I was too busy killing things.


    Calios - PoC
    Calios attended the onslaught from early on, had to logout just after helping take down the first Berserker that spawned.
    Had a great time, died once from a Knight Errant (General). I thought I had targeted somebody's Cu - double click attack General am dead hmmmm.
    Was an awesome experience for me, Not having too much game time usually, I actually got almost 2hours straight WOOT!
    Anyway the great thing about the Day was that whoever was there was willing to help or know their limits to call for help. And it was non-stop so there was no break aside from telling my boys to stop fighting, run over to them hehe come back, still alive oh good!!


    Lady Ishi - OLD
    I would like to take this opportunity to thank Lady Amathist for a well organised event. It has given me a great respect for PoC a very fine guild. My character was lady Ishi and I am also a member of OLD the abandoned remnants of ORB. It was fantastic to see the teamwork, comradeship and good spirit shown during the clearing of Papua. How good is it to be able to slip through from moonglow to the mage shop in Papua again just like in the good old days. Just shows what we can achieve when we band together under good leadership. I will wear the sash with pride and be grateful to have been part of a great morning of murder and mayhem


    Lionheart - PoC
    We all play UO for many reasons. Some for the friendships they have made, some for the action and thrill of PvP, some for the role-play and some to see their characters develop.
    Sometimes an event takes place that we will remember for years to come. Today was certainly one of those times for me.
    After 9 years playing I look back to some of the great mock wars I have been in, some great tourneys and tournaments and some great role-playing events. To be honest there would only be 3 or 4 that I cherish, however today gives me another one to my list...the day the Oceania Shard fought back and won Papua!

    Well done to everyone that took part in this momentous occasion.
  2. Did anyone who took part in this event get the "I survived the Ophidian War" shirt from the spring clean turn ins?.......not to mention I think its about time we bash these vile scum again they are spawning too freely for my liking I do not wish there army to replenish and take over another city....while we are at it the Orcs are getting cocky they perhaps need some smiting too.