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(NEWS) Cloaks Of Silence & Pie

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Merik, Aug 10, 2009.

  1. Merik

    Merik Guest

    [​IMG]Cloaks Of Silence & Pie[​IMG]
    August 10th, 2009


    After making my way around Luna I couldn't find anything much going on. Just the regular buying and selling and the cloaks of silence for sale for 2.5million. I went to Britain to see
    if I could find anything going on. Seems I came at the right time as cloaks of silence were
    being given out by Em Vladimere from his house.


    After each person was given a cloak of silence they were banned from the home. This was
    to ensure that people would not switch characters to try to get another cloak.


    While Silence of OATH was outside directing people conversations were going on
    outside of the EM's home. Durable Darkness had this to say while standing outside
    of the EM's home in Britain.


    "Damn the more people that get cloaks, the less likely people will buy
    them from me!The nerve of some people, they'd rather get one for free
    than pay me."

    EM Vladimere wrapped it up around 9:45pm saying farewell to the gathered crowed
    outside. Silence was thanked for the help. Unfortunately no one tipped the poor man
    who was trying to inform the new people arriving.

    The Cloaks of Silence will also be given out tomorrow, Tuesday the 11th at 9:00pm
    Est at Em Vladimeres home in Britain.

    (Meriks Revenge on Em Vladimere *Hugs Vlad*)

    After people disbursed I made my way back to Luna to do some writing. To my surprise
    EM Vladimere popped into the bank and started to give away Mesanna's Cream Pies.
    The EM was quickly smashed into the center of a mob trying to obtain the great tasting
    pies. It was a miracle no one was trampled besides a few Squirrel and Rabbit pets.


    Vladimere asked for the crowd to please backup if they got a pie. Unfortunately people
    didn't listen. Em Vladimere then went upstairs and sat upon the white throne and had
    the crowd line up to receive a cream a pie.


    The crowd grew smaller as all the people who wanted a pie got one. One thing didn't seem
    right to me as a naked man kept running in to get a Pie about 5 times. So I started to
    hit the man whos bar remained the same on my screen but with a new name. Twas a
    greedy man who wanted nothing more then to sell the cream pies. Em Vladimere caught
    on quickly as he started hitting people with pies. He nicely told people
    "You already got one thats why we hit you with a pie."


    To bad for this greedy fellow they didn't read about the pie changes. You can only hit
    someone with a cream pie that has a cream pie in their backpack. People began to laugh
    at the oversight this incognito man made. Once caught he had something to say.


    "Fool you once shame on you, fool you 5 times. I dunno what to say :p"

    With that said Em Vladimere made his way home and the Luna bank went
    back to normal selling Pies and Cloaks of Silence.