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[NEWS]Counterattack on Dungeons Leaves Lingering Questions!

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by Nh'bdy, Jun 21, 2009.

  1. Nh'bdy

    Nh'bdy Guest


    Historically the dungeons of Covetous, Deceit, Despise, Destard, Hyloth, Shame, Wrong and even Doom have been a place of peril and possibility. Great riches and great pain walked hand in hand within the realm of Ifs and buts, but on this day they were host to a new group of foes.

    The events began with a rash of ponderous night terrors the Priestess Coranstine had been suffering from. As the populous is aware it was been a time of turmoil for the for the third estate of Britannia as of late, with the calls of the Crimson Hordes still echoing, and the wounds left from Clainin's end still fresh, it came as no surprise that the visions were but a precursor to more bloodshed, but as the citizens of Britain have time and time again proved, they are more than willing to shed blood.

    After the arrival of Kaden Marsten, Captain of the Britanian Guard, and the, if not belated, arrival of Clainin's replacement, Shelly the Novice, it was decided the gathering should make for the Dungeon Doom on the Malas Facet to investigate. The findings were peculiar even for that area, eight nude bodies covered in fresh blood, and a large crystal globe swirling and barking with a foreign energy. A short report to Shelly provided the force with a goal, to investigate each of the traditional Anti Virtue dungeons, and if need be, cleanse them of any odd creatures.



    The gathering made for the Dungeon Covetous where a new threat was encountered. The Spawn of Averice, a ponderous gaunt ethereal figure resembling a mummy. The creature placed a peculiar musical instrument to it's rotting lips and the battle began, after a short exchange the force pulled out, returning to the Castle British.

    The following is an account of the battles and creatures encountered during the campaign, for the sake of brevity. Despise, a ponderous ethereal ogre who seemed to have an accord with the ratmen, calling it's self Tainted Love. In the halls of Deceit an odd ethereal lich calling it's self White Lies. In the cavernous dungeon Destard, an ethereal dragon referred too as Coward's Bane. On the Isle of Fire, within Hythloth, a gargish fiend possessing the qualities of a spider claiming to be Pride's Fall. In a return to Covetous, The Spawn of Averice met it's end. In the small corridor of Wrong a peach colored Mystic Llama Herder claiming to be known only as Jury Duty lasted for some hours before finally being brought to justice. Shame hosted the quarrel against an Ethereal Gazer known only as Failed Truth. After yet another return to Shelly the origins of the assault, Doom, acted as host for the climactic battle against an Ethereal Skeletal Dragon deemed Atheist. On returning to the Castle there was only a lantern informing the force to return on the 22nd promptly at Six.

    During the battle two mysterious figures made their presence known. A ghostly robed woman who took great distress in the destruction of the creatures, and spoke of a role of servitude to a master. A strange knight wearing an entire plate mail suit commented to appear to have been crafted from the volatile and dangerous substance known as Blackrock, seated atop a dark steed. Perhaps the most entrancing happening of all was the items recovered from the monsters, dark blue crystals that can only be assumed to be receivers matching the transmitters situated outside the dungeons, almost surely linked to the peculiar dark energy surrounding the day's events.



    For every success and answer of the day, a multitude of questions seems to have been spawned. It is the acute hope of this reporter that no loss of life or serious loss of equipment was suffered today, and while the adventures can "safely" delve into the dungeons once more, that a state of caution and vigilance be taken by Britannia as a whole. Goodnight and good luck, Sosaria prevails.