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[NEWS] Crashcourse in Virtues

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by Lady Aalia, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. Lady Aalia

    Lady Aalia Atlantic's Finest
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    May 13, 2003
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    Since the Stygian Abyss Expansion is going to be brought in with a series of Events surrounding the Virtues I figured its bout time to get you all into the hype.

    First of all here is some basic Info about the virtues:
    The Ultima series featured a Virtue system that the player was required to follow in the game as the Avatar. These Virtues were inspired in part by the codes of chivalry and the Eightfold Path of Buddhism, and were created specifically for Ultima.

    Strangely enough, The Wizard of Oz also played a part in the creation of the virtues, with designer Richard Garriott stating at one time that the three companions of Dorothy Gale could be linked to the three principles — Scarecrow (Truth), Tin Woodsman (Love) and Cowardly Lion (Courage). This is also alluded to in Ultima VI and Ultima VII, where one can find a copy of the book - the description blurb the game gives alludes to this relationship as well. Lord British claims it is his favorite book.

    The Eight Virtues explored in Ultima are based on Three Principles:

    Book of Truth

    Empath Abbey
    Candle of Love

    Serpent's Hold
    Bell of Courage

    These Principles are themselves derived from the Axiom of Infinity, which is represented in Castle Britannia.

    The Eight Virtues
    The Principles are combined to form the following Eight Virtues:

    Virtue: Honesty
    Principles: Pure Truth
    Towns associated: Moonglow
    Mantra: Ahm
    Player Class: Mage
    Dungeon: Deceit
    Color: Blue
    Symbol: Open hand
    Word of Power: Fallax

    Virtue: Compassion
    Principles: Pure Love
    Towns associated: Britain¹, Cove
    Mantra: Mu
    Player Class: Bard
    Dungeon: Despise
    Color: Yellow
    Symbol: Heart
    Word of Power: Vilis

    Virtue: Valor
    Principles: Pure Courage
    Towns associated: Jhelom
    Mantra: Ra
    Player Class: Fighter
    Dungeon: Destard
    Color: Red
    Symbol: Sword
    Word of Power: Inopia

    Virtue: Justice
    Principles: Truth, Love
    Towns associated: Yew
    Mantra: Beh
    Player Class: Druid
    Dungeon: Wrong
    Color: Green
    Symbol: Scales
    Word of Power: Malum

    Principles: Love, Courage
    Towns associated: Minoc
    Mantra: Cah
    Player Class: Tinker
    Dungeon: Covetous
    Color: Orange
    Symbol: Tear
    Word of Power: Avidus

    Virtue: Honor
    Principles: Truth, Courage
    Towns associated: Trinsic
    Mantra: Summ
    Player Class: Paladin
    Dungeon: Shame
    Color: Purple
    Symbol: Chalice
    Word of Power: Infama

    Virtue: Spirituality
    Principles: Truth, Love, and Courage
    Towns associated: Skara Brae
    Mantra: Om
    Player Class: Ranger
    Dungeon: Hythloth, (Abyss in U9)
    Color: White
    Symbol: Ankh
    Word of Power: Ignavus

    Virtue: Humility
    Principles: Truth, Love, and Courage independently
    Towns associated: New Magincia²
    Mantra: Lum
    Player Class: Shepherd
    Dungeon: Doom (Hythloth in U9)
    Color: Black
    Symbol: Shepherd staff
    Word of Power: Veramocor

    1. Britain is the original town of Compassion, Cove is nearest the shrine.
    2. Magincia was destroyed by demons for its Pride (Pride's mantra is Mul, the reverse of Humility's mantra). New Magincia, built in its ruins, was founded on Humility.

    The Embodiment of the Virtues in the game is the Avatar, the character who the player is roleplaying. He (or she) is commonly seen with an Ankh which represents life.
    The relationship between the Principles and Virtues is often explained this way:
    Honesty is respect for Truth
    Compassion is Love of others
    Valor is Courage to stand up against risks
    Justice is Truth, tempered by Love
    Sacrifice is Courage to give oneself in name of Love
    Honor is Courage to seek and uphold the Truth
    Spirituality is to seek Truth, Love and Courage from one's own self and the world around
    Humility is the opposite of Pride - the absence of Truth, Love or Courage
    Humility is the most difficult Virtue to describe, as it cannot really be understood without its Anti-Virtue, Pride. Pride merely has nothing to do with Truth, Love and Courage; Humility is similar, but rather than being a complete antithesis, it exists independently of the Principles and acts as their foundation.
    The ghosts of New Magincia also have a few things to say about Humility and pride, from which the following may be constructed:
    Humility: The absence of Truth, Love, and Courage is Pride. Pride is the surest measure of goals never attained. Pride goeth before, Shame cometh after. This Shame leads to awareness of Humility, the root from which all Virtues grow. Humility is to strip oneself of all conceits.

    The Principles of the Shadowlords
    In Ultima V, each of the Shadowlords opposed one of the three Principles.




    More info found here
    Ultima Wikia
  2. Lady Aalia

    Lady Aalia Atlantic's Finest
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    May 13, 2003
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    Gargoyles are an intelligent and sentient race which superficially resemble Daemons. They possess their own language, runic system and architecture. Gargoyles come in two forms. The bigger, winged ones have a high intellect, magic powers and strong build. The wingless ones are not as smart and smaller, but make up for this with more muscles. Gargoyles are socially much like humans, in that you can get the good with the bad. The winged are seen as superior to the unwinged, who are viewed as children in need of guidance.
    Only one capable of flight was able to visit the Shrine of Singularity.

    The Gargoyles originally lived in the Underworld. Now they live on the Isle of Terfin, with smaller populations scattered all over Britannia (notably in Vesper). Gargoyles can also be found on Serpent Isle, where they are ruled by Lord Zhelkas.

    While never fully explained, it is implied that gargoyles have only one gender and reproduce asexually. For example gargoyles only say they have a single "parent" without gender definitions. The gargoyle Kalibrus, who had befriended humans, admitted to being confused by human courting and reproduction.
    Lor-wis-lem, a winged gargoyle in Ultima VI, claims to be over a thousand years old and nearing the end of his time, but still a mere youth when compared to the seer Naxatilor. This would suggest that gargoyles (or winged gargoyles, at least) have a much longer lifespan than a human.

    It is unclear whether the Gargoyles that protect Lord British's Crown in Blackthorn's castle in Ultima V (and which can also be found in Hythloth) are the same Gargoyles as the ones described here. These Gargoyles, sometimes called Stone Gargoyles, look more like stone lions than Daemons. They do not resemble Sin'Vraal. They hurl stones at enemies, are very tough and split in combat as slimes do. Because of their great toughness, splitting is more powerful for these Gargoyles than it is for Slimes, since the new Slime is usually badly hurt and easily killed - not usually the case with Gargoyles. When killed they leave a pile of stone rubble. These may be the "wingless gargoyles" referred to above.

    More Info here:
    Ultima Wikia


    Transliteration: kuante esta klau anpor os prilemmur
    Translation: Within this chamber rest the bones of kings.

  3. Lady Aalia

    Lady Aalia Atlantic's Finest
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    May 13, 2003
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    The Stygian Abyss​

    The Stygian Abyss, situated on the south part of the Isle of the Avatar.... The darkest and most evil place in Britannia. In this outpost of darkness, nothing good can withstand. The Abyss is the antithesis of all good things, opposing all of the virtues at the same time. Dark creatures of unbelievable evil, Balron Lords, aggressive Dragons and numerous other monsters inhabit this hole of evil. Regardless how many times the whole Abyss is literally destroyed, evil always resurrects itself in a even worse form than before. Possible reason for the evil powers in the Abyss to resurrect themselves could be due the dimensional walls being thinner in Abyss than elsewhere in Britannia.

    This makes the Abyss a place to be avoided at all costs, for only the most virtuous person won't forfeit their life as soon as he/she enters. Because the sheer evil of this place is known to suck the life out of people.

    As the name implies, the Underworld lies deep within Britannia, a system of huge caves and tunnels. While the breeding ground for horrible monsters, it also had been the home of the Gargoyles.

    In Ultima VI, the Underworld had mostly collapsed, causing the death of many gargoyles, and could only be reached through dungeon Hythloth. This time, the gargoyle city was visited. At the end, the gargoyles were evacuated from the Underworld. After that, the Underworld had completely collapsed and was no more.


    More Info:
    Ultima Wikia
  4. Lady Aalia

    Lady Aalia Atlantic's Finest
    Stratics Veteran Alumni

    May 13, 2003
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    Bell of Courage

    The Bell of Courage is not so much a item of great magical power, but more a symbol of the fear that true Courage can strike into the foes hearts with its loud ringing. The Bell is also a symbol for the principle of Courage.

    The Bell of Courage was thought lost. The Stranger found it in Ultima IV in shallow waters, where later the island of Spektran would be. It was one of the keys to open the Abyss. It is not clear what happened to it after that, but most likely it was brought to Serpent's Hold, the castle of Courage.

    In Ultima IX the Bell of Courage is found in the ruins of Serpent's Hold. It is needed to free Shamino from the Ethereal Void.

    Bell of Courage

    Candle of Love

    The Candle of Love is not so much a item of great magical power, although it will always renew itself, but more a symbol for the warmth that Love gives to someone's heart. It is also the Symbol for the principle of Love.

    The Candle of Love was stored in the Temple of the Virtues in Cove, where the Stranger found it in Ultima IV. The Candle was one of the keys to open the Abyss. It is not entirely clear what happened to it after that, but most likely it was returned to Cove.

    In Ultima IX the Candle of Love is found in the ruins of Empath Abbey and is needed to free Shamino from the Ethereal Void.

    Candle of Love

    Book of Truth

    The Book of Truth of a item not so much of magic power, but of great symbolic value. While not like the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom, the truth written within this book gives everyone a guide for an honest life. Also, the Book of Truth is the symbol for the principle of Truth.

    The Book of Truth was found by the Stranger in Ultima IV in the library of the Lycaeum under the letter "T" for Truth. The Book was one of the three keys to open the Abyss. It is not clear what happened to the book afterwards, but it is most likely back in the Lycaeum.

    In Ultima IX the Book of Truth is again found in the Lycaeum, and the Avatar is allowed to take it after he admit he is responsible for the evil that has befallen on Britannia. He later uses it to free Shamino from the Ethereal Void.

    Book of Truth
  5. Miss Ghost

    Miss Ghost Guest

    Thanks for this. I have never followed the original Ultima stories so having this post to follow it is fab.
  6. Ahuaeyjnkxs

    Ahuaeyjnkxs stranger diamond

    Nov 16, 2008
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    It would seem the devs have alot of job on their hands, to give us game and continuity.