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[News] Diplomatic Dances

Discussion in 'UO Great Lakes' started by Martyna Zmuir, Jan 23, 2008.

  1. Martyna Zmuir

    Martyna Zmuir Crazed Zealot

    Apr 27, 2007
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    Last evening's 286th meeting of the High Council of Britannia was sparsely attended, but full to the brim with interesting developments in the fields of national and international politics. Chancellor Max von Bayer, clothed in a blindingly white tunic, called on Minister of Virtue Lord DaKaren to announce proposed changes to the Royal Constitution of the Kingdom of Britannia. The Minister, also clad in a glaring snowy hue, directed the council and spectators to the Ethereal Tomes and a copy of the proposal. The changes Lord DaKaren put forward range from simple clarifications and added administrative regulations, to a definition for Enemies of State and how the High Council is to respond to an Occupied Territory during times of War. Also, for the first time, common-law land laws were explicitly spelled out. Plans are to ratify the new constitution during the next High Council meeting.</P>

    After the Minister of Virtue, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Kemmler, brought a representative of the Empire of Tokuno before the Council to speak. Bunshichi apologized on the Empire's behalf for the deaths of the children of Britain several weeks ago. He stated that "Empress Nakamura had ordered the children to be released unharmed, but that Nosfentor acted in defiance of those orders when she butchered them. The Empress has vowed that the Shadowlord shall face severe consequences for her cowardly actions." Bunshichi also stated that the children of Cove were being prepared to return to the families without Nosfentor's interference. "I give you my word that they will be returned to their parents just as they left them." </P> [​IMG]

    Bunshichi then stunned the Council with a request for aid... Apparently, the Lotus Dojo in Zento had been robbed by the mysterious thief known only as 'M.' She had apparently stolen a sword that had once belonged to Seiji, the founder of the Blue Lotus Clan. As is typical, a scroll was left at the scene of the crime:</P>

    <table Align=Center border=0 CellPadding=0 CellSpacing=0 Width=50% Height=0> <tr> <td>

    "Foolish Lotus Clan

    'Tis been too long since I was last in Tokuno, it feels like another lifetime...</P>

    What a lovely sword you left out on display! I couldn't resist after reading the accompanying book, such sentimental drivel! Aren't you ninja supposed to be hardened against emotion; unfeeling assassins only out for themselves? Yet still, you ally with Shadowlords and declare yourselves the ultimate evil. Nothing but a weak and pathetic attempt to gain power! Your only use was as pawns to destroy Kazola's tavern, a part you unwittingly played dishonorably well!</P>

    I shall show the world what true evil is; malice unfettered by false morality, and unbridled hate without mercy.</P>

    I shall keep your precious blade with the dark swords I acquired from Silverbrook. Mayhap my pet and I shall use them to spar a bit...</P>

    </td> </tr> </table></P>

    M's note is characteristically sarcastic and insulting, reinforcing previous supposition that she intentionally taunts her victims. A tidbit of her past is revealed, by saying that she has been in Tokuno before. However how this could aid an investigation is presently unknown. The most interesting bit of information is of the existence of a 'pet.' What, or who, this could be is a complete enigma.</P>

    Unsurprisingly, the Blue Lotus Clan wishes M captured and the sword returned. Chancellor von Bayer cautioned that the state of war that exists between Britannia and Tokuno would hamper a coordinated investigation of the theft, but he tasked Minister Kemmler to work with the Tokuno representatives.</P> [​IMG]

    At the end of Bunshichi's audience, a commotion was heard downstairs at the Civic Center's entrance. The Knight on duty rushed into the Chamber to speak with Templar Oona, who then announced that a party from the Temple of Mondain had arrived and sought to address the High Council. The Council accepted them into the chambers. A group of people in sand-colored clothing entered dragging a struggling robed man bound in chains. The leader of the group was an elf named Gargomel, and he wished to share with the Council "the events of past night."</P>

    Apparently, there had been a coup de grĂ¢ce within the Temple of Mondain. Mordain, the Dark Lord of the Temple, had been usurped by one named Marka Sythiox. Marka felt that Mordain had led the priests astray from their faith in the divinity of Mondain, and deemed Mordain's followers to be 'Mordainites' and had them purged. Marka wishes to make amends to the High Council for the crimes of the past, and thus sent the party to present the chained Mordain as a gift, "disarmed of his power to show that Marka means what he says."</P> [​IMG]

    The stunned High Council turned the new prisoner over to Templar Oona so he may be imprisoned in the Newcastle Jail to await trial on multiple charges of murder, kidnapping and sedition. As he was about to be handed over to Oona, Mordain called Gargomel a "traitor" and called Mondain an "old crusty deity." He then went on to say that "his followers would kill him (Gargomel) when they came to his rescue..."</P>

    Gargomel laughed and said that Mordain's "rescuers were naught but ghosts" and that "he couldn't hold a candle to Mondain's power" or his religious faith.</P>

    Mordain countered acerbically with "I AM your religion!" At that point Gargomel ordered fellow faithful Mondainite Veritus to gag Mordain. Oona handed Mordain over to Maelmordha for transport to the jail in Newcastle.</P>

    After the meeting, I approached the Council members individually for comment.</P>

    Chancellor von Bayer: "I'm quite pleased with their offering tonight. Britannia is safer with Mordain off the streets, but my main concern at the moment is Zento must be held to their commitment that the children of Cove will be returned safely."</P>

    Minister Kemmler: "I will be endeavoring to see that these two opportunities are given the chance to blossom into a brighter future for Britannia and her people..."</P>

    Minister DaKaren: "Tonight has shown us that the forces we consider to be 'evil' are far more complex than any black and while label we can place on them. It was a fascinating night!"</P>

    Is cooperation with the Empire of Tokuno advisable after years of war? Is peaceful contact with the Temple of Mondain even possible? Does Britannia have a choice? Only time will tell. In the days ahead I will be following up on these events and investigating further into each to bring you the most complete picture possible.</P>

    Have hope, my friends, for the Virtues shine gloriously upon our Kingdom brighter now than in recent years.</P>

    <FONT color="#800000" face="Monotype Corsiva" size="5">Martyna Z'muir, Library of Sosaria</FONT></P>