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[News] Dragons of the Shadow Rising: Dark Father Defiles Shrines of Cantabrigian.

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by WarderDragon, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. WarderDragon

    WarderDragon Babbling Loonie
    Stratics Veteran Alumni BRPA

    Oct 9, 2008
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    [News] Dragons of the Shadow Rising:
    The Dark Father Defiles the Shrines of Cantabrigian British.

    By WarderDragon


    Tonight Vampires and Revenants, Mercenaries and Campaigners gathered to heed the Sirens Call of Dread Tiamat - the infernal Black Dragon of Prophecy - who in the past fortnight had managed to discover the scheme of a mad, monologuing ex-Priest of the Church of White Light.

    The Dark Father - once called Priest Murdock - plotted to prevent Tiamat from ascending to Companion of the Virtue Compassion. In his vengeance he would render the erstwhile terror incapable of releasing herself from the Geas laid upon her. The Curse would continue to leave her Impotent and Powerless - more vulnerable with each passing hour - until the Dragons Soul was ripe to be harvested from her chromatic form.

    His plan? To eliminate the Virtues themselves. How did he plan to achieve this feat? Through the Destruction of the Shrines of Virtue.

    "That is ridiculous," Lindae sneered, the disembodied Shade rolling a pair of spectral eyes. "You cannot destroy the Virtues by destroying the Shrines! That's like if I tried to assassinate Nicholas by having the dog eat his boots."

    Skats looked at the Ghost and tilted his head.

    The gathered - a mismatched confederation of Britannian Paladins and Old World Hunters; Princesses from the Plains of Latinum and Elven Squires in the Service of Dame Zephenia - would spend the next several minutes debating amongst themselves whether destroying the Shrines would have the power to topple a Religion. People suggested everything from the Granite and Jade Altars being a secret conduit of Divine Power, to the simple act of desecration being enough to demoralize and crush the souls of a crumbling Britannic Empire.

    All theories were voiced but one; that this was a diversion and we, the people, were being led into a trap. That Murdock had warned the Dragon of his schemes precisely because he knew she would come to us, and that we would rush to the defense of Prophet Cantabrigian's Hallowed Temples without consequence or consideration.

    The Portals were opened to the Peninsula of Honor, where to no ones surprise an ambush awaited. The Mercenaries fought hard - and while many would fall to the skeletal hands and sharpened teeth of the Immortal Damned - the Healers prevented the lions share from experiencing the True Death; their life giving powers burning the Plague of Undeath from their veins.

    The Second Battlefield would be in the southern reaches of the Fernwood - near the Village of Golden - where Bartoz the Ancient Liche of Khaldun would confront the gathered. He too would fall to their Swords.

    The final confrontation came within the Vale of Frost. The Britannians would come upon a small group of Undead desecrating the Shrine with a vile Necromatic Ritual; unclean blood spilt upon the Jade Shrine. The Dead Ones would be dispatched but the Corruption would remain.

    Wearily, the Mercenaries would return to New Britain - the Seat of Queen Dawns Empire - where the Dragon revealed that Murdock had not been amongst the Dead. She was uncertain of his plans, but instincts told he would soon launch another assault upon the Shrines.

    She was escorted to Destard to be amongst her own. The Virtuous Deeds she had done that eve were leaving her feeling ill; and strangely ... human.