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[NEWS] Duffield Defects!

Discussion in 'UO Oceania' started by Shiel, Aug 25, 2009.

  1. Shiel

    Shiel Guest

    After a long absence, the gathered Royal Britannian Guards were pleased to see Captain Ellis Duffield tonight as he joined us for an announcement.

    "Greetings everyone...


    The gathered people responded in kind. Viktor joined us walking in through the front door and rudely pushing past everyone to stand in front of Ellis. "Make way for the puppet!" DubZio voiced what we were all thinking..


    "I've made up my mind Viktor." Ellis said, the resolve firmly in his voice.
    "I wish you would reconsider, Ellis." Viktor replied.. obvious concern on his face.


    "Don't you see? He must be stopped!"

    "But he is the king! What proof do you have? Show me!" Viktor, also very strong in his convictions showed himself loyal to his station with his response. Perhaps we have misjudged the puppet?

    "Hey Viktor, how close did you get to the traitor last week - I hear you nearly caught them..." Gandorf the Grey reminded us all of the Fandrel fiasco.. where Viktor did indeed fail to catch a traitor to the crown. Read about it here.

    Ellis continued "I know in my heart it to be true."
    "We have been over this, you have no evidence." Viktor stood his ground.

    "Are you Blind Man! The Evidence is in the actions" DubZio replied. He speaks for all of us who were at the Luna invasions last week. We know that the King is not true to the realm or her subjects! How does he not see?


    "This is treason! Knowing your intentions obligates me to arrest you! Dawn will be stopped, Ellis."

    "I urge you, and you Lucy, to reconsider and leave the castle with me." Ellis tried.. to save his friends from the fate he knows will be theirs if they stay.

    Viktor Cotume tried also, concern clear in his actions... He placed a hand on Ellis' shoulder as he spoke.
    "Please old friend, I don't want to hang you along with Dawn."

    Ellis angrily brushed it aside.


    ...He suspects me of treason too! I must go."

    "Ellis.... please!" Viktor pleaded, concern in his voice. "I know the hearts of the Royal Guard present, they are not loyal to me." He looked saddened as he walked into the barracks, dragging his feet. He turned, as the door was closing and left a parting remark..
    "You have the time from when I leave til I return with Casca's men. I am sorry"


    Once outside, Ellis threw down his sash proclaiming his rank!

    "We must leave! We must find Dawn! I wish to ally myself to her cause but I do not know where she is." once decided, Ellis moved quickly.

    Daniella voiced a sentiment we all hoped was true.. "I know Fayaxion is with her. At all times." Just the thought of the Platinum dragon sends shivers down my spine. She is so beautiful.. powerful and our ally in this fight! We all hoped to see her again.

    "You must help me looks for clues in Luna. I'm sure some scout has news" Ellis was decided on his course.

    "Does she not reside in a cavern close to Luna City?" DubZio asked.

    Ellis admitted he didn't know where she might be, but suggested that Luna would be a good place to start. He cast a gate for us and we all went to Luna.

    We all spread out and began our search.


    It was not long before Lyle was found atop the gate. I have hidden what he said to us.. some who were not present may like to go and see for themselves rather than read of it here :)


    Lyle: Shush! Keep it down. I know why you're here, I don't have it together yet. Just be patient.

    patient: Yeah, Im busy with this business. Shove off, you'll attract attention.

    business: I'm *Lyle looks around and whispers* watching out for Dawn.

    watching: Keep it down! I don't know where she is, not seen her since the invasion. I know her base though.

    base: Aye. There is a cave east of here, she spent alot of time there and even fought monsters there.

    cave: An old training cave. You might find her there, if you can get in of course. Good luck.

    why: You haven't come for the money? Oh. I should have just kept my mouth shut.

    money: You almost tricked me. Now shush. I'm trying to be incognito. Move away.

    After speaking to Lyle, we decided to go and check out the cave. Ellis walked with us to the cave and gated us inside. We were ambushed! Several yellow skinned minotaurs and balrons! I know I was killed when one spawned right next to me! They were very difficult but we prevailed in the end!



    After the battle, we were able to search around for clues. We found this journal, as well as several swords made by someone named Christopher. I have included screenshots of the pages as people are unable to enter the cave to look.


    As you can see, the clues led us to Umbra. We searched for Christopher, finding him in the Blacksmiths, just to the North of the moongate.


    A screenshot of his location taken afterwards.. so his text is hidden :)


    Again, for the sake of those who wish to try things for themselves, I have hidden what was said by Christopher.

    Christopher: Hello friend. I am a weaponsmith here, how may I help you?

    Dawn: I have heard of her. Quite plucky, facing up to shadowlords and the King like that. Yes, very brave.

    brave: She and the many defenders of Luna. She has collected many supporters wishing to join her.

    join: I suppose you would want to join? How would a tradesman like me know of such things?

    sword/shield: Oh I see. Of course you saw them. Well, I hope you wish to contribute to Dawn's cause then.

    contribute: Yes, you see there are a growing number of followers to arm and protect. I need those.

    these: Swords mainly. Pass me a longsword and I may be more willing to help you.

    else: You will need to pay a visit to Nisaen of Verity Isle. He can point you the right way.

    What was interesting - Christopher required a longsword to say one of his responses (not mentioned here). Have we had events that required these before? I can't remember one.

    From Christopher, we leanred that we needed to head to Verity Isle (Moonglow) to speak to a Professor named Nisaen. We found him in the Lycaeum.

    Nisaen: Greetings. I am Nisaen, a professor here at the Lycaeum. Can I help you?

    help: How may I be of assistance? You need to be more descriptive.

    Dawn: Oh yes, I doubt many have not heard of her. It might be considered treason speaking of her.

    christopher: Oh. I see. He sent you did he? I suppose you'll be wishing to join Dawn in her cause.

    cause: She recently moved her base of operations right here but we'll keep that to ourselves, won't we?

    base: Those seeking Truth shall find Dawn. Good Luck.

    At this, we did as he suggested, using the teleporter in the Lycaeum to head below, to visit the Book of Truth. There we found another note from Dawn! It seems she had moved her base of operations..


    quarters: Yes, forgive me. I needed to know for sure that your intentions were pure. Dawn has moved on.

    moved: My contact in the Luna records may be able to help you further. Thyme is his name.

    He directed us back to Luna to a contact of his in the Luna Records office. His name was Thyme..


    Thyme: Hello, yes I know you. I've been following your progress. Lady Dawn has been kept informed.

    Dawn: She is waiting for you all. I trust you have what is required. All you need now is the location.

    location: Find the chivalrous tome within the town and speak to it the password. May the virtues guide you.

    On searching Luna, the chivalrous Tome was found in the SW corner of the city. The password, gained earlier in the quest, was then used to teleport us to the place where we met Dawn herself.


    He was able to tell us the location where we could meet with Dawn.

    After a short wait, Ellis joined us there and pledged allegience to her cause as he intended. We were all given Cloaks of Silence and asked not to publicise the password to her secret location. You will note I have kept my promise! You will need to go and find the password if you do not have it!

    In the interests of security (Casca himself could be watching these news pages...) I would ask that no one else post the password either! We would not want to bring his wrath upon Lady Dawn.


  2. birdinforest

    birdinforest Guest

    Thanks for your report.
    Just find the room of Lady Dawn.