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[News] Editorial: Dungeon and Hunting Etiquette

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by imported_Ishtar, Mar 11, 2008.

  1. <Center>[​IMG]</center>

    How often is one hunting at a spawn in a dungeon or some other location to have it rudely interrupted or in some cases sabotaged in one way for another. Not to say there are true guidelines as to what is acceptable in these situations but more of an unspoken etiquette when hunting. I wish to address a few scenarios that tend to be, in my opinion disrespectful when hunting:

    <u>1. The unattended pet:</u> This one is irksome as well as a violation of the Ultima Online and EA rules of conduct "You may not leave an active character or pet in game while unattended. If your character is performing a skill, text or action, you must be able to respond to a Game Master when one attempts to speak to you." * Not only is it a violation, it also does not allow for sharing of hunt spots or spawns.

    <u>2. The assumption of help:</u> A group or individual that, thinking they are helping you take kills without asking. A good example would be those who seem overwhelmed by a group of monsters, though they may be working skill another player comes along and kills them all without even a word. Be kind to your fellow player and ask, "You need help." If you get no answer or they decline aid, then more than likely that player is doing fine.

    <u>3. The didn't you see I needed help situation:</U> Now no one that I know are mind readers, if one needs aid and does not make it apparent at the time, screaming as to why no one healed them serves no purpose. Many players will aid a person in need if they feel it is necessary, however to assume other players will just know that one needs help may be a bit high of an expectation and unfair to your fellow player.

    <u>4. The spawn hog:</U> A group or individual that takes a hunt location and runs off other players in that are by kill stealing and other tactics, such as insults, threats, luring (which in certain facets could be considered griefing), etc. It isn't a lot to ask to share a spot especially if another play asks to take turns. Ignoring that or intentionally going out of ones way to disrupt another's hunting is in the least rude. For example: you are hunting in a low spawn area, such as ice fiends where perhaps only one or two spawn, you are there for a while and another player shows up and begins attacking everything. This is also not a good way to get the spot. Ask if the other player wishes to take turns or if you need to kill a few for a quest if you may go ahead. Unwillingness to share is also just as rude, especially if asked.

    These are just some of my basic pet peeves when hunting and though there is no official rule set, its still good to keep in mind your fellow players. Not all will agree that this is the thing to do but courtesy to your fellow player, especially when hunting does go a long way. A good gesture tends to be remembered when misfortune occurs and you need that resurrection. I know I have not touched on all the things that can be annoyances to us when we are hunters but I hope that this shows that there is a way for everyone to hunt, have fun and still be respectful.

  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I'd like to throw in the luring of stuff while doing t-maps. I find it in bad taste to lure spawn away instead of killing anything you might unearth while doing t-maps. I logged in to find an ancient wyrm literally in my house a while back. I walked my ghostly self about 5 screens to the east to find a group of people doing t-maps. They rezed me and I kindly asked that they kill their spawn. Their reply was "Don't live near t-maps". *Shrugs*
  3. I'm gonna do a follow up on this one so that will get including among other ones, I didn't want it too long but thanks for the input!
  4. Ghosty

    Ghosty Guest

    I find the t-map lurers especially annoying. A friend and I handle level 6's by ourselves, and though the spawn may run around the area a bit, we do hunt and kill everything that pops out (eventually).

    I'd like to see them change t-chests to where nothing can be taken from the chest utill whatever pops out is killed.
  5. I have a T-Hunter and I always kill everything, even though I need to bring people to help her, she only has archery. I also live near a t-map spot so between thata dn the brigands its easy to die, your suggestion in great.