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[News]EM Barnaby is Making Quite the Impression

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by Catskills News, Oct 30, 2010.

  1. Catskills News

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    Jan 22, 2010
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    Back in late August EM Kasaven announced that EM Nathael was stepping down from his position after a short period of time there, and was being replaced by an EM Barnaby. The fine people of Catskills got their introduction to him on the 23 of August at an EM Meet and Greet. Though because of a discussion over the Royal Guard on the same evening his introduction was a bit overshadowed and players did not get a feel for what he was like.

    In the following weeks EM Barnaby held a treasure hunting event and supported EM Kasaven in the Fallen into Darkness story line as he learned to master his skills as an EM. Through these events Barnaby showed a charm and a quick wit as he grew more comfortable in his new position. Of course he had been partnered with the beloved Kasaven so he could not have a better person to learn the ropes of the position with.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    In the middle of October it was announced that to open a Fall Festival and celebrate EM Barnaby lasting a month on the job there was to be a party at the fairgrounds. When a crowd had gathered at the stage area EM Barnaby placed a table in front of him and put a large stack of Sashes with his greeting on them on top of the table. Before he knew what was happening an imp appeared from nowhere and grabbed his sashes. The imp taunted both EM's and then dared everyone to catch him, only leaving a riddle as to where he could be found. With his riddle said the imp disappeared and the EM's asked the players help in solving the previously offered riddle. The gathered members of the Catskills community quickly left the Fair Grounds hoping to solve the riddle and save EM Barnaby's sashes. The imp was soon found in Ilshenar near the Honesty gate where everyone was summoned to demand the Sashes from the troublesome imp. The Imp was not done though and it summoned many powerful monsters to do battle in its name. (One of the more powerful monsters was a Mongbat, giving raise to the rumor that EM Barnaby was involved in a Mongbat attack on New Haven a few days previously. This reporter cannot confirm this story as I did not witness the Mongbat attack.) after a very bloody battle the players carried the day and the imp was forced to return the pilfered sashes to EM Barnaby.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    After the battle everyone returned to the Fair Grounds where Barnaby had tables ready with food and drink. Standing on one of the tables EM Barnaby laid the sashes down beside him and announced that he was going to hand the sashes out as his welcome to the Catskills shard. Unfortunately the imp must have cursed the sashes before handing them over, because the Sashes fell through the table where EM Barnaby could not reach them. Luck was with him though for Mesanna showed up and helped lift the sashes on the table so that everyone in attendance could have one.
    Since that evening EM Barnaby held a morning fishing tournament and took the time to listen to players, at a popular player ran tavern, as they voiced their concerns over the old Kinship Tavern and what it meant to so many. He even went with them to visit the old tavern location so he could get a better feel of what they spoke about.

    EM Barnaby has shown a willingness to speak, joke and listen to the Catskills player based the short time he has been here. So do not be scared to say hi to him and engage him in conversation. Just be very careful if there is a Mongbat in the general area. It may be a killer.