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[News] EM Bio: Drake Foxx

Discussion in 'UO Sonoma' started by Stupid Miner, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Stupid Miner

    Stupid Miner Guest

    (From the desk of your EM on Sonoma: A Bio)

    Drake Foxx the Lt. Cmdr. of the Guard - Sonoma

    It had been two years since Drake Foxx had been sent to this post. Lt. Commander Foxx had been dispatched to guard the newly formed town of Haven against whatever vile and disgusting evil had descended to occupy the area that held the moniker former. In any case Lt. Commander Foxx was there to serve. There to protect.

    Drake Foxx swallowed deeply from the flask that lay within in his breastplate. Had his superior officer been present at the time his behavior would've most certainly been frowned upon. Considering he hadn't heard from central command in over six months and that he'd been left at this post without update for nearly two years, he thought nothing of it as he swallowed deeply the intoxicating liquid contained within.

    He gulped down the remaining contents of the flask with a biting satisfaction. Foxx's eyes fixated on the horizon. The world had begun to spin. By this point he was uncertain as to whether the changing horizon was the result of the liquor he'd been consuming for so long, or to the evil magics this place was subject to. He watched as the sun slowly descended upon the horizon. He felt the burden of his gilded plate mail gain on his weary legs. He slumped slowly against the wall behind him. His head tilted back and his eyelids felt heavy. He slowly drifted into the land of nod…

    "Father no!" Drake Foxx yelled as he watched his father lunge in front of the arrow. The arrow pierced the man's chest with silent slice. Blood immediately began to gush from the wound. Drake fell to his knees…he wept.

    Drake's mind spun deeper into reminiscence.

    "Front and center maggot! Ye think ye are guard material?!" The blow of his instructors fist into his gut was enough to bring Drake to his knees. He coughed hard.

    "Get up! Get on your feet!" I'll make a guard out of you yet!

    The liquor held its cruel embrace on Foxx's mind. The events of his past swirled still.

    Drake Foxx dug the heel of his boot deep into the ribs of his steed. With the sudden burst of speed he felt the wind blow hard on his face. Time was not on the side of the woman he transported. How could this have happened? Was his love not pure and complete? Surely the healers would be able to save her…

    Drake's closed eyes twitched slightly, his mouth slump a little in its place as his mind relived his most painful memory.

    She was so still, so beautiful. How did it end like this? Was evil destined to rule this realm? He watched as her body was set to lie in its final place. Tears dripped of his quivering cheek. The pain was too great. He turned away from the grave and walked off, halberd in hand, destined to seek an end to this madness…

    He felt his body shake. He could hear his armor clang.

    "GUARD! GUARD! That man stole from me! Pursue him at once! GUARD! GUARD"

    The shaking and yelling was enough to wake him from his liquor induced slumber. The sun had set by now. In the distance he could see a shadowy figure darting through the velvety darkness. He sprang to his feet and set off, halberd in hand.
  2. Yet another good entry in the backstory annals.

    Thank you for the posting of it!