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[News] {EM Event] Captain Jack Passer Locates a New Threat

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by Vallend, Jun 21, 2011.

  1. Vallend

    Vallend Sage
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 16, 2005
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    Yesterday (Monday, June 20th 2011) a noon EM event was held by EM Adris. It was the first part of an new story arc that he will be running hopefully at noon on Mondays and Saturdays as long as he possible can. The events that took place are presented below as seen through a sailors eyes.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    I heard about some sort of captain looking for a group to help him out with sort of mystery. Well with me ship being in dry dock having barnacles removed and me entire crew being on shore leave. I be a tad bored so I jumped a ride over to Buccaneer’s Den to see what he be wanting. Coming upon the building I spotted a book outside the door that stated this was “Captain Jack Passer’s Office’ so I knew I be at da right place. I strolled into the building where da meeting with this Captain Passer was to take place, and da room be full of bloody land lubbers. Well nay one will be saying old Captain Malice is too good to be seen in da company of these dirt lovers so I stayed.

    Many must have heard of his call for before too long da room had close to twenty or thirty of them dirt lovers in it. All waiting for this captain to arrive and tell us what he be wanting of us. Luckily da wait was not that long for he soon walked in da door.

    Da first thing this Captain Passer did was to order one of da dry landers out of his chair, so I thought he be off to a good start. A good captain always makes sure those under him knows who be in charge. He then took his seat and with a serious face said, “I'm glad to see such a large group crew here. We have a situation.” He then took a swig of ale and slightly smiled before continuing. “I don’t know if you know of Blanche Island? You see. I was sailing. I am a sailor. And I saw very suspicious activity. Pirates I tell ya!”

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    At this point I was not about to step forward and tell him that I have dabbled in that trade from time to time myself. So I remained quiet and watched him take another swig before continuing on with what he was talking about. “I called you here so we can check it out. As I’m rather scared to go alone. You see.. My Cutlass.. It’s not very sharp. And urr.. I like being alive. So….!” After he paused for a second he got up while saying, “To my ship please if you will, please follow me sirs.” Heading out the door he was still talking, “This way.. I left it in the docks.” Captain Passer then laughed. “Where else would I leave it…” I overheard him say as he headed up the road towards the docks.

    Now I followed along wondering what kind of ship would this well spoken captain be owning as we came to the docks. There I saw he owned a modest sized gargoyle ship that looked a bit too spit and polish for me taste. He gave permission to come aboard to all that was gathered, but a few has brought their own smaller ships and a few could not master walking up da plank to get aboard his ship. Silently I thought to myself. “Bloody land lubbers!” Luckily those who could not get aboard the captains ship found passage on one of da two smaller craft.


    I also be noticing that Captain Passer’s ship did not have nay a single cannon mounted on it. What self respecting sailor who travels long voyages takes to sea in a ship this size without an single blasted cannon on board? He be just begging for someone to try and plunder his ship of its cargo.

    As da captain was pulling his gargoyle ship away from the docks, da small flotilla of smaller ships followed in his wake. Captain Passer kept chatting away at everyone aboard as he piloted his ship out of the bay and headed out to open sea. “Mind the dirt. I haven’t cleaned it in awhile.” I overheard him saying to everyone one. Looking around I thought to myself that his deck be clean enough for our dearly departed queen to eat off of. That’s when I saw one of those blasted Land lubbers leaned too far over the rail looking at something and fell overboard. Now I knew da Captain had missed this because he be talking and steering da ship. So at the top on me lungs I yelled. “Man Overboard!” Da Captain he had to drop his sails and dove off the ship to rescue to poor lad. One good thing did come of this though. I noticed many of them dirt lovers moved more towards da center of the ship and one lass even tied herself to the main mast.

    On the way Captain Passer informed us that he thought he saw at least one pirate around the strange ship with cargo anchored at da island. Though he hinted he felt there might be more that he had not spotted.

    Captain Passer brought his ship in on the far side of the island from where he had located the suspected pirate ship, and requested everyone disembark quietly. So we would have the element of surprise on our side as we snuck across the island to where da ship be.


    Sneaking through the undergrowth our party advanced on the craft secured to the shoreline. Not spotting anyone around Captain Passer and a few others boarded the ship to inspect her cargo. There it was found to be saltpeter, kegs of black powder and other explosives in crates. Looking in the ships hold a book was also discovered. Everyone had disembarked the ship and was about to look in da book when Captain Jacks head popped up and he quickly glanced over his shoulder like he has heard something. Looking back at us he softly said, “Let me check the other side of the island… Don’t let this boat out of your sight.” He quickly then disappeared into the plant growth near where we were.


    I was waiting for his return when I heard a loud angry scream behind me. Spinning around I saw what I can only assume was a pirate armed to his teeth rushing at me. I avoided his attack as I noticed two more bloody thirsty pirates appear out of nowhere and attack our party. Speedily everyone jumped into action and overwhelmed the pirates that were guarding the cargo laden ship.


    Sometime during the confusion of the fight Captain Passer must have returned from his scouting mission and was there when the third pirate fell at long last. He ordered their bodies searched for clues, and if any were found to share them with the group. The first to step forward with valuable information was Iron Boots who said. “They are storing things here and planning an attack!”

    Saul Good then jumped in with more information. “One had a map of Brit on Em.”

    Mayhen holding up a tome said. “Jack I have a book that says plans!”

    Iron Boots then added. “In a few days!!”


    Loooking a bit confused and like he was in thought Captain Passer spoke out loud. “That must be all the black powder on that boat… What could they be doing with it?” he then rubbed his beard as he pondered on this. Coming out of his private thoughts da Captain looked at the group. “Well thank goodness I called you.” He then once more looked around before saying. “I think we got the pirates that were hiding here. What should we do with the boat?”

    The general consensus was to scuttle the boat with the explosives that were aboard it. So Captain Jack went aboard her and set some charges then rolled wires out to the shore where we were waiting with a detonator box. Pulling the plunger up he then pushed it down to.. nothing. He then returned to the ship to make sure he had set the fuses properly before coming back to shore. Again no explosion! So he rechecked things yet again. For a third time pushed down on the plunger to see nothing yet again.

    As he was readying for a 4th try, a lone pirate, who must of been away when the others attacked, came out of the undergrowth and was quickly cut down. Nay person was ready for it Captain Jack Passer finally got the explosives to go up in a massive display of pyrotechnics.

    “I wonder if that’s the last of them trying to blow up Britain?” Captain jack asked questioningly. After a moment’s reflection he added. “I do fear they are also in Britain. Going by the plans. I’m not sure if we should get the Royal Guard involved.. After all it is ‘their’ city.”

    He then rubbed his beard before continuing his line of thought. “You seem a capable crew though. If I call on your help again can I count on you?” Most all voiced their agreement to this request. The gathered group then disbanded knowing that they did something good today, but also knowing that this looked like a long voyage and there was more danger to come.

    Saturday, June 25th 12pm EST meet Jack Passer at his office in Buc's Den. (Gate at EM Hall) to continue on from Mondays activities.