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[News][EM] Fade To Black

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Chesapeake News, Apr 9, 2010.

  1. Chesapeake News

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    Jan 16, 2010
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    Fade to Black
    Balandar's Moonglow
    April 7, 2010

    By: Merik

    All was not quiet and peaceful in the Queen's Castle on Tuesday
    night. The townships were in session trading blows and threats
    between one another. The new Deputy Commander was being
    appointed in the throne room and during all this one of Britannias
    most famous and beloved mages was in trouble....


    The Royal Guard unit was dispatched to Moonglow Island to
    investigate. They were met by a powerful army of undead creates,
    Skeletons, Ancient Lichs, Skeleton Dragons, Lich Lords and more
    were engaged around the house of Lord Balandar.

    Mean while back at the Chambers....


    Miss Watson and Manshoon of the Imperium reported a dark blurry
    image appearing before them on the table. It snapped its finger and
    looked around the table. He piqued the interest of Tancred RedStar
    (Glydenfeld), Manshoon (Moria), Miss Watson (Kijustsu Anei
    Village), CoolhandLuke (Colt) and Prowler (Templar)

    "Sit idly and watch his house burn. You trust in his magics blindly. It
    is funny really... If you wish to see your precious Mage again... you
    will figure it out Muhahaha"

    The Image then disappeared. That is all of the information that
    could be retrieved from those at the summit table.


    The battle at Balandar's home in Moonglow was going well. The
    Royal Guards and other Militias beat the hordes of undead back to
    the outer walls of the home. A few forces were able to breach the
    undead lines on the West side of the house and enter the house of

    Once inside they were faced with a few small groups but were able
    to defeat them quickly. Some stealth citizens could be seen
    checking all over the place for any special items to grab while
    everyone was distracted by battle. A few eyed the Books for the
    Alchemical Devastation Enchantment.


    Balandar appeared for only a few moments at a time. He began to
    fade in and out rapidly. Those around him reported, "He looked like
    a sort of Image that faded in and out quickly." Good thing they
    were also excellent at making out the world Balandar said quickly
    between fades.


    Balandar spoke these two words a few times before fading out
    completely. Everyone searched the room once again. Commander
    Drake Foxx entered the home a few moments later to investigate.


    The commander thought for a moment. Earlier in the week
    Balandar was yapping about how one might enter this mystical
    land and a mirror. He thought it was rubbish. He spoke of a land
    made of chocolates and Candies....some tried to contain their
    laughter. It is not often you hear Drake speak about such silly things.

    A few days later I wandered back to Balandars house to find a
    mirror with a curtain in front of it. With such magics going on
    perhaps it was invisible and the spell has finally worn off.

    Where does this mirror go? Is this mirror connected
    to the rumors of small furry creatures?