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[News][EM] From the Desk of Commander Kanlocke

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by Catskills News, Sep 20, 2010.

  1. Catskills News

    Catskills News RSS Feed
    RSS Feed Stratics Veteran

    Jan 22, 2010
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    From Commander Kanlocke (source):
    I am mostly recovered from my Blackrock poisoning, though I have lost most of my sense of taste. Regardless, know that I am well enough to resume control over the guard.

    I have many requests to form new regiments. The Guard is growing stronger by the day.

    A list of prospective regiments:

    Royal Navy in Serpent's Hold. Captain : Victoria Navarre

    Royal Guard in Moonglow. Captain : Grimmjow

    Royal Guard in Yew. Captain : Dallen Bowsong

    Spy Regiment in Skara Brae : Malachi

    Royal Guard in Luna: Lady Flutter

    Royal Guard in Luna: Zuckuss


    In order to obtain official captaincy status over your regiment, I will require the following from each prospective captain.

    A test of strength - I will pit your regiment against captured monsters to determine your strategic skill and battle prowess.

    A Captain's interview - Why are you more able to preside over a regiment than others? Will your regiment respect your authority, and thus the authority of the commander? Discuss a detailed battle plan for your prospective town protectorate.

    A list of regiment troops, a list of houses owned by regiment troops in your towns area. Numbers and strategic outposts are necessary in wartime. Protecting your home, loved ones, adds extra incentive to protecting a town.


    OOC Notes -

    1) The list of regiment troops/houses should be a physical in-game book given to the commander during interview.

    2)The troops participating in the test of strength must be under one tag. Tags for town protectorate status are not limited to RBG_. An existing guild can act as a RBG regiment without having RBG in the tag. They will be under the RBG theme, however, and will answer to the commander in an RP sense.

    3) A lone individual is not acceptable to start a guard. Town numbers are finite; therefore groups are needed so everyone has a chance to participate.

    4) Be honest in your numbers and with those participating in your test of strength. Everyone will be documented, and each member will be expected to participate in their guard theme.

    5) Current regiments are grandfathered in these rules, the guard is always evolving, so I won't hold that against prior regiments.

    5) Magincia, in its current state, is not accepting a regiment. There is nothing much to protect.

    6) This takes a lot of effort on the parts of Mesanna and I. If you aren't interested in participating, or are just here to see a headquarters erected, please don't apply for captaincy of a town.

    7)Headquarters will take effort to acquire. These aren't things that will be simply handed out. They are -not- decoration. They will not be extensive. Keep that in mind when working toward your regiment.

    8)Captains on this list, get in contact with me through email to provide a time we can do the tests!
    [email protected]

  2. Aedon Durreah

    Aedon Durreah Village of Aegis
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jun 2, 2008
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    Captain Kanlocke,

    I was greatly pleased to hear of your recent recovery and that you are well on the road to full health and vigor. This is not only glad tidings for the RBG, but for all the people of Sosaria. A military unit is only as strong as their commander after all.

    As to your request to prospective guard captains, I had found myself with the need to withdraw the formal request last week.

    The Yew area is not like many of the bustling towns of the land. We are mostly back woods folk, concerned more with the daily well being of our crops and children. We have in the past had need to defend Yew, the court of Truth, and the Village of Aegis from attack, but this was mostly achieved with the aid of friends, and our local militia.

    One of your requirements to be an official guard is a test of strength, and a list of all who serve in our guard. That is impossible to provide. We are a militia of the people, and in that right, we are as many or as few as those citizens who heed the call when needed.

    A test of strength? We are as strong as the hearts of those who rise to protect hearth and home from invaders of all sorts. Our strength lies in the hearts of our people, and cannot be measured at the point of a blade alone.

    We are Silverwood, Aegis, Everthorne, Rangers of the Heart, Freehold of Roses, Rogues of Shadowmoor and many others who call the woods their home. And while we pledge our strength to the protection of the land we love, I fear it is impossible for us to use a military measure on our citizens.

    It is my sincere wish that the Royal Guard flourish under your lead, and that those of good intent flock to your banner. Should need arise, and the threat of evil lay heavy at the doors of Sosaria, you have but to call on us, and we shall respond.

    Yours in Honor and Justice,

    Dallen Bowsong-Yew Militia. Northern Area Council
  3. *Reads over the newly posted rules and begins to write on a blank scroll in reply*

    Commander Kanlocke,it is with deep regret that I,Victoria Navarre,will be unable to comply with the requirements set forth from your office.Though I do not fear any test of strength,nor any interview,I do indeed stand as a lone individual in seeking to defend Serpents Hold and the seas of Sosaria. I will honor your rule,Lady Kanlocke,in this matter and will step down from my post as captain of the Guard of the Serpents Hold Regiment.

    Victoria Navarre
  4. I am thinking that perhaps the "Lone Individual" rule is a good one in my case. I work late afternoons to early mornings. By the time I get home and actually get in front of my computer,the rest of you are already logged off and sleeping. That would be unfair to those that would do a better job in representing the RBG Regiment theme and could put more effort in prime time than I would ever be able to.A crew should not have to wait for their Captain to be in game one or maybe two days a week when they could do a much better job keeping any potential pirates in check.

    With that said,I must decline your offers,Pitr and Belle. Thank you anyway.
  5. CatLord

    CatLord Guest

    If you wish to join RBG Britain... I am sure there is plenty of room for you... no matter how much you play...

    You just have to endure the furballs... :gee:
  6. Pandora_CoD

    Pandora_CoD Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend CoD

    May 16, 2004
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