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[NEWS] Em Hall Of Commons Notes 10/4/09

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Merik, Nov 8, 2009.

  1. Merik

    Merik Guest

    Em Hall Of Commons
    Britain City Trammel
    November 8, 2009


    Hall Of Commons Meeting Forum
    I want to discuss a very important issue. The Hall of Commons meeting is an
    open forum for all to use to discuss whatever they wish. As such, we must
    recognize that there cannot be discussion without respect for one another.
    As suuch, when someone has the floor It is not appropriate to interject with
    your own thoughts or comments. As such, any who do will be warned once
    subsequent infractions will result in the removal from the hall. If you have
    something to say, you are more then welcome to say it. Just wait your turn.
    With that. Let us begin!


    [*]The Garden Contest is still open and will be until November 15th.
    If you wish to make an entry shoot me an email. [email protected]
    and we can find a time for your entry. After the contest closes the EM team
    will vote on the garden. Winner will have their design placed outside the
    hall of Victory for all to marvel and appreciate.

    [*]This Thursday at 9pm EST Mesanna will be hosting a discussion regrading the
    link of Player Towns. That will be at the Fair Grounds in the Big Blaze Tent.

    [*]November 13th and 14th The caravan will be departing with supplies as
    ordered by the Queen. Commander Foxx will be along following the meeting
    to brief on that situation.

    [*]The feast of the Harvest Moon will be at the end of the month. Exact date
    and time TBA. As well as the Epic conclusion of the Lord Balandar quest line.
    Exact date and time TBA. So stay toon'd for those!

    [*]There is still small patches of undead spawn at times. Sameul still needs
    help. Watch Reuben. Not as strong as Halloween night but still happening.
    Still some loot drops thats all I have.


    I have a question regarding the player towns that I heard you mention. How
    many houses in a given area does it take to make it an official player town?

    This is something up for discussion and will be covered in more detail with
    Mesanna. I can tell you this though. It will be defined and implemented
    cross shard. And is at the top of the discussion that we've been having.
    But that will be covered in more detail on Thursday. ~!Em Dudley

    When you say town houses, everyone has to be in the same guild as others to have a town?

    I'm going to hold off on those questions until Thursday. This is something we
    want to see work because it will be uber cool. And it has to be done right, so
    we wait for the all powerful Mesanna.

    (Didn't catch the question)

    We will not release when and where the reward will be given. Nor how many
    will drop. Halloween mini drops are still happening on small monsters. Don't
    always expect the boss has the drops. They can come on lesser creatures.
    Lanterns can still come on creatures like Lanterns, Sashes, Jug of bones,
    Pumpkin wine. ~ Em Vladimere

    Commander Drake Foxx Address the Gathering

    The King's Own is a fractures remnant of what it was. But, still they are at large. I anticipate the caravan will not doubt be raided by brigands, thieves, and all matter of ne're do wells. So this is no trek for the faint at heart! Need real warriors here! No fancy pants cry babies! Now there's more. I've been informed that Scarlet Von Trinsic the Nefarious thief has been apprehended and is in custody. It seems that the night of the Caravan she will be transported via prison card to the Court of Truth. Hopefully there will be no issues and she'll wind up in the clink where she belongs. But keep a vigilant watch that eve! The supplies are being gathered at the Warrior's Guild outside Britain. This is where both Caravans will leave from. One in Trammel on Friday night. One in Felucca on Saturday night at 8PM ET sharp! Dire for the Guards who count on that relief I'd say Von Trinsic? She's a stick fingered filcher from Britain to Bedlam. No doubt she's got something up her sleeve But we must remain vigilant. Well then it's settled. Shall see ya all at the Warrior's Guild. Sharpen your blades!

    I've been in touch with Lord Balandar as well. Old coot tells me that he is close to uncovering the entrance into the Fury And once he does, In we go!

  2. thanks for the report Merik.
  3. How nice of you to leave out so much.
  4. The condescending isn't needed, you could of simply said: "Hey Merik, you left out 'blank' and 'blank'"

    Merik is one of about 5 reporters on all of stratics that post news, if you want to run him out of here, then step up and do it more directly.
  5. Merik

    Merik Guest

    I can only record so much. Anything anyone needs to add can send it to me PM and I can add it to the post. I mostly just wanted to highlight the EM announcements for events and continued storyline.

    I am sorry you are unsatisfied with the report but, I am only one of two active reporters on this shard. While I was at the EM meeting I was also doing 3 other community projects at the time. Which is my own problem but, it is hard to get everything everyone is saying.

    I don't see any other report anywhere on stratics about it or on other websites. If I find more I will surely update the article and give credit to those that contributed. Doing the news should be a community thing. If we miss events, or something you feel should have been reported please feel free to do a write up. Include your name and send it into us. We will get it posted as soon as possible.

    If you have anymore questions Claire you can reach my by PM or icq me at 267944224.

  6. I tried saying "blank" and "blank" and the thread was locked. You can look at the other posts under my profile if you need further information.

    I am not trying to run anyone out of here. Merik was not even part of the point. It has very little to do with him, as a matter of fact.
  7. Merik

    Merik Guest

    Okay I'm slow. So I am a bit confused now.
  8. I checked your locked post, I missed it, unless you're talking about when you wanted Chesapeake to start getting rewards like other servers did.

    Was there a rant that Chesapeake wasn't getting enough rewards at the HOC? I wasn't there, so I really don't know.