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(NEWS) Em House Of Commons 9/13/09

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Merik, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. Merik

    Merik Guest

    [​IMG]Commons Meeting[​IMG]
    Hall Of Commons Britain
    September 13, 2009


    In Attendance:
    Nanoc [DWxC], Amon [DWxC], Phoenix [DWxC], Hudson [DWxC],
    Mach [DWxC], Kire [OkuB], Niva the Savage[T_T], Naghat,
    Ado the Thief [KaV], Lord Gareth [PaxO], Winfield[ Pax],
    Caster Troy [DWxC], Lord Simple Simon [Fox]

    The Former Lord Casca
    Casca is dead long live the queen.The evil tulip crushing Casca is dead!

    Festival Of The Harvest Moon
    EM Dudley has received a few ideas for the upcomming Festival. He
    asks that people keep them coming. Many ideas are better then a few ideas.

    Battle Royale
    Qualifiers will continue. If anyone has any suggestions for the arena
    and or the format of the combat to please send them to his email
    at [email protected]

    Temptress and Jessica
    Temptress was killed trying to defeat the Platinum Dragons just prior to the
    Crimson event. Jessica is still dead and roaming around. She will now be able
    to be resurrected. Now that Temptress is gone.

    Em Vladimere Event
    Their is another upcoming event that he hopes everyone will enjoy and
    come watch. He will let the town spammer in Luna announce it when it
    happens. If anyone remembers from years ago the adventures of
    "Immanewbee".Its going to be kinda based on that.

    In regards to Kildare and Company
    The Ems are working on the next part of that.
    Once it's finished, they will get to it again So stay toon'd

    Locked Down Runes
    We are still working and discussing the locked down player runes.
    Kinda trying to figure whats gonna work and what wont. How to
    go about it all.

    Questions and Comments from the Crowed

    Dudley and Vladimere. We would ju' like t' inform ye that Kijustsu Anei has a
    new Tavern. Should any of ye be thirsty. Shes called the Iron Bandit Inn.

    We had a memorial last Friday at the Sacrifice Shrine. Thank you so much
    Ems for the lantern memorial and flowers. Several came, told of their
    stories. As Tancred would say, the time was full of hope though. Dudley
    also informed everyone that the 911 item there now will be staying.

    Thank you Redstar for a great memorial

    Is the Britannian Government planning to declare Britian a No Fly
    now that Gargoyles have arrived? I have no heard of any plans
    from the new administration regarding the incorporation of the Ministry of
    Flight. However should such a body be organized all citizens will be made

    Lady Oni and Gareth were wondering. If it would be at all possible for Oni
    to host her ball at the fairgrounds. She wants to do a disco night around
    the color monster. Any chance some color cloth could be locked down so
    no one disturbs it? For the dance floor

    Dudley responded with a yes and that he could construct a dance floor.
    A date and time will be announced.

    Commons meetings are every Sunday at 9pm EST
    (Unless posted other wise)

  2. It gladdens my heart to hear that the lantern is a permanent fixture now, thank you for sharing this news and thank you to the EM's for doing this. I don't know of any other permanent such marker from across the shards, but it also serves as a testament to Chesapeake that we have people setting aside their swords and spellbooks once a year to remember the sacrifices of that day and the hope for the future those sacrifices have come to stand for.