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[News]EM NEWS - Donal is Found Alive!

Discussion in 'UO Origin' started by Origin News, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. Origin News

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    Jan 22, 2010
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    Donal is Found Alive But Many Questions Remain

    Deceit and secrecy had certainly played a large role in Caryn's young life thus far. Nevertheless, her innate quality of trust had always overpowered any feelings of pretence that she might hold for a person. The problem was now did she let her own sense of faith in the human race take precedence over the possibility that she may be being, yet again, led into a trap of deception? Would this be fair to the Citizens of the realm, if in fact, her judgment were marred because of her undying devotion in her quest to find Donal?

    Caryn knew that there was little time to reflect on these questions or the multitude of others that taunted her daily. Time was certainly of the essence here. Donal had been missing for much too long, and as each day passed, his safety was more in doubt.

    Taryn ... Taryn, she suddenly said out loud, and she shook her head rapidly back and forth, as if trying to eliminate the thought from her mind. Why in times of turmoil, do I instantly think of Taryn?

    Without further hesitation, Caryn ordered the guardian Gargoyles to send word to Taryn that she was needed at the library.

    Together, she thought. We will decide what actions to take together.

    Word soon spread throughout the land that Caryn and Taryn had requested the Citizens of Britannia to congregate at the West Britain Counselor's Hall on the following Saturday.

    Once everyone had arrived, and had somewhat settle down from their excitement of the possibility that this may indeed be the night that they rescue Donal, Taryn began explaining the occurrences of the previous day.


    She told the citizens of how Caryn had been approached by a very old, very scared gentleman, that claimed he had received a note advising him to retrieve certain items and come to an unknown location. The note, he claimed, had even given him instructions on how to gain access to this region.

    If I fail to honor their request, they say that they will take my young granddaughter and raise her in their beliefs and I would never see her again., the old guy had told her.

    His only request from Caryn was that she provide him protection for his family and in return he would give her the note containing the instructions. This she immediately agreed to do and had ordered the Gargoyles to retrieve the old man's family and take them to the palace.

    Given the fact that the items the note had ordered him to retrieve were the same as those Donal was also searching for, the two women had decided that this demand must have come from the Order of Rowan, and ... the old man himself could be part of trap to get them to a certain location.

    Either way, everyone was sure that Donal was being held somewhere near the area that the note specified, and whether they were being lured into a war of pure sabotage or not, it was of no matter. Their first priority was to find Donal.

    A gate was soon opened to the first site on the journey, and the fearless warriors of Britannia dutifully went through, more than willing to face death if need be.

    Once on the other side, Taryn instructed everyone to touch the green tree which stood in the middle of the alter on the small island. This in turn placed a special talisman into each warrior's pack, which would help grant them access to the next location. This was a copy of the passage tree and no one could progress any farther without it.


    Once there, Taryn, rereading the note to be sure, lead the army to a large white tree, which she then advised them to speak the word Selago into.


    Each warrior spoke the words without hesitation and was immediately transported into a scene of pure chaos. It was clear that this was not going to be an easy task to fulfill, but the thought of rescuing Donal kept them steadfast in their pursuit to find him.


    The battle raged on for hours, claiming the lives of both friend and foe, and the ground was soon littered with bodies of the dead that had been wiped out by the poisonous explosions of the guardians of Selago himself.



    Miraculously, through the pungent and gruesome sounds of combat, a cry for help was heard coming from southeast of the battlefield. Several warriors wearily ventured to the area to inquire into the situation and to be of assistance.

    Much to their surprise, they were soon to realized that the pleas were coming from none other than Donal, who was being held captive in a primitive, makeshift cell, well hidden behind the field.

    Leaving one warrior behind to stay with Donal, the remainder of the group anxiously ran back to the field to alert Caryn and Taryn of their glorious discovery.


    Upon hearing the news that Donal had been found, several warriors took time out from the fighting and went to the hidden cell to offer comfort and to assure him that he would soon be set free.

    As the bloody battle continued to progress on the field of the compound, more and more of Selago's minions were slain. One by one, they fell to their deaths, giving a sense of hope to the combatants that victory was within reach. But just as the last of the foe had meet their demise, Selago suddenly appeared, angry and more than willing to continue the fight. As weary as the warriors seemed, just the sight of him impelled them to charge on with great vengeance and soon he joined his followers in death.


    Running as fast as possible to the hidden cell, the warriors entered, anxious to release Donal from his incarceration. And, although overwhelmed to see his heroic rescuers, Donal still seemed to be in fear, and begged for them to get him out quickly.


    Just north of the prison that once held him captive, Donal and Taryn were once again reunited, as the crowd of warriors looked on proudly.

    Unfortunately, the reunion was bittersweet as Donal explained that when the doors of the cell had exploded upon the death of Selago, he had lost the final ingredient that he had searched so long and so hard to find. Taryn, though disappointed to hear this, set aside comment on his loss and continued the conversation by promptly introducing her new friend, Caryn to Donal. Silence fell upon the entire crowd as Donal replied that he did indeed already know her Sister!


    Sisters? Taryn and Caryn were sisters? They both stood among the onlookers unable to do anything other than to repeat the word. Realizing that this may have been quite a shock to the young women, Donal quietly asked Taryn to take him home.

    Forcing herself to regain some sense of composure, Taryn turned to her sister Caryn, and asked her to accompany them on their journey. A long journey that will take many answers to complete.


    posted by Crystal Canyon