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[News]EM NEWS - Donal Search Synopsis

Discussion in 'UO Origin' started by Origin News, Mar 7, 2010.

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    Jan 22, 2010
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    from UO - Origin Events
    official website for EM Faine Morgan and EM Molly O'Malley

    Donal Search Synopsis

    Just before Christmas, Taryn called on the players to help her check up on Donal the Monk. Taryn was worried as Donal had gone off to work on a secret project relating to Gargoyles and some type of special plant fertilizer. However, he had not been heard from for quite a while.

    Upon arriving at the last known location for Donal, a small building near Skara Brae, the citizens were met by a fearsome band of Mutant Christmas Trees surrounding the building. Once the Christmas Trees were finally driven back, Taryn's worst fears seem to be true. The building that Donal was using as a lab was torn to pieces and there was no sign of Donal other than a book. Taryn decided to take the book to the Gargoyles and request their assistance in unraveling the mystery and locating Donal.

    Donal's Lab After several weeks, a message was received from a Gargoyle liaison named Caryn. Caryn asked the citizens to meet with her at the Queen's throne room and she would let them know what the Gargoyle Scholars had been able to determine.


    Caryn advised the citizens that the formula Donal was working to recreate was an ancient, magical concoction that was deemed too dangerous to fall into the wrong hands. For this reason, each of the ingredients were scattered to the winds over various lands and guardians were set around each one to insure that the formula could not be recreated and used for evil. However, with Donal now missing, the Scholars felt the only hope was to put the pieces together and see if this would somehow lead to Donal's whereabouts.

    Caryn led the citizens deep into the lands of Ter Mur where they faced several lesser guardians controlling entrance to the depths of the spiral dungeon. Upon defeating these guardians, the warriors were able to advance deeper in until they finally found the first ingredient, a strange jar of honey called Om Abis-kans De Kon Reg. This name means Sacred Honey of Opposite House. Caryn took the honey back to the Scholars in hopes they could figure out where the next ingredient was located.


    After much study, Caryn once again sent word to the Citizens that they would seek the next ingredient. The Scholars had determined that Opposite House actually referred to the Opposite of all living things. In other words, Dead or, in this case, Undead. Through much study and piecing together of various texts, they discovered that part of the initial work on the formula was done in the lands of Ilshenar and believed they knew the lab that was used.

    Before setting out, however, Caryn warned that it appeared someone else was after the formula as well. Possibly the person, or persons, holding Donal. While nothing had been destroyed, it had become apparent that someone besides the Scholars was searching through the ancient libraries. Their identity was not known but it was feared that a race to recover the ingredients had begun.


    Caryn led the citizens to Ilshenar and then deep into an underground lab where a book was found describing steps taken to protect the ingredient. One ingredient was to be guarded by the Ancestors and Taryn felt sure that this ingredient was buried somewhere in the catacombs. The citizens began searching the area and were set upon by several Dark Seekers. The Seekers were defeated and the location of the box containing the ingredient located. The group then had to face the Guardians of this box before the item could be recovered. Upon defeating the last guardian, the box was unlocked and Petrified Enchanted Egesta was recovered.


    Caryn took this next ingredient again to the Scholars in hopes it would, as the last one had, lead to the next piece of the puzzle and get one step closer to discovering where Donal was. She hoped the Scholars might know of these Dark Seekers as well.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Unfortunately, the texts dealing with the location of the next ingredient were very worn and faded. After much study, the only clear thing that came out of the texts was a name, Ciaran. Ciaran was a hermit who had gone away to live deep in the swamps of Tokuno. The reason for this was unclear but the Scholars felt sure that Ciaran was the best hope for locating the next ingredient and, perhaps, he could shed some light on the Dark Seekers.

    Caryn asked for assistance and the group set out to locate Ciaran and find out what he might know. Upon arriving at the last known location for Ciaran, the group was met by more Dark Seekers. These Seekers seemed to know exactly where they were headed and made a desperate attempt to stop the group. However, the Seekers were defeated and Ciaran located.

    The grumpy old hermit was not exactly pleased to see the group but, once he determined to his satisfaction that they were not Seekers, he was quite forthcoming with information about who the Seekers were. The Dark Seekers, he explained, were part of an ancient order, the Order of Rowan which, in it's past, worshipped all plant life. However, their most recent High Priest, Selago, was Mad as a hatter and held no such wish to worship plants. He, instead, believed that he could become one with the plants and make himself powerful enough to take over the lands. Failing that, Selago believed that he could use the formula to create a weapon.

    While Ciaran did not seem to know of Donal or his whereabouts, he challenged the battle hardened group of warriors to stop Selago before he could recover the ingredients and wreak havoc. Ciaran said that all he knew was of an old reference to a frozen waste. Perhaps the group should search there?

    The group set off to the frozen wasteland inhabited by the fierce creature known as the Lady of the Snow. They were met with all manner of frozen horrors as well as the toughest Guardians they had yet faced. Many, many, many deaths were accumulated but the valiant group pressed on and finally defeated the last of the Guardians to recover the latest ingredient, a strange bottle with the name Mystical Microbial Nutrients.

    Caryn was much heartened by this recovery and vowed to do all she could to find the location of the last ingredient as quickly as possibly. She and Taryn both felt that the Order was holding Donal for his knowledge of alchemy and wanted to use him to recreate the formula. If the last piece could be recovered before the Order got it, perhaps they could somehow bargain for Donal's life in exchange.

    Ingredients However, Caryn warned, as they got closer to completing the formula, it would seem the challenges would be harder and harder. It can only be hoped that everyone is prepared when the time comes.

    All Ingredients Found Thus Far _________________________________________

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    To view Caryn Connolly's Biography, click here

    Thank you, Morgaine, for providing screenshots of the third part of the event chain.

    posted by Sara of Baja