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[News]EM NEWS - The Trail Of A Vewy Confused Wabbit Fel Style

Discussion in 'UO Origin' started by Origin News, Apr 10, 2010.

  1. Origin News

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    Jan 22, 2010
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    On The Trail Of A Vewy Confused Wabbit


    Early Easter morning a small group of people (Purple Skunk, Jinx and myself) gathered at Serpent's Hold Counselor's Hall, Felucca, to await the arrival of EM Molly O'Malley to hear what she had to say about 'A Vewy Confused Wabbit'.​

    EM Molly quickly explained, 'To make this short and sweet, while Donal was in captivity he was playing with potions again ... Quite a trouble maker! Anyway, he threw some away and the Easter bunny ate it, and now he's dropping his items out of the Easter Basket. Because there's a greater risk in Felucca the clues are easier.'​

    Then EM Molly pointed to a book that explained the plight of the East Bunny:​

    A Confused Wabbit:

    It would seem that Easter Bunny has eaten some carrots that were grown with a failed fertilizer mixture that Donal whipped up during his captivity to appease Selago. The fertilizer was intended to be incorrect and was supposed to have been destroyed. However, apparently the guards tossed at least one mixture in a field of carrots which the Easter Bunny ate!

    This has resulted in a VERY confused Easter Bunny! He's been wandering the lands, apparently aimlessly, dropping things as he went. He's even managed to lose his Easter Basket!

    Your task, should you wish to help, is to follow his trail, unravel the clues and find the Basket.

    Pay close attention to any strange books or items you see laying around. You may need to talk to someone or read something in order to pick up the trail and continue.

    You may also notice strangely painted rocks on your journey. It would seem that the Easter Bunny was so confused he colored rocks instead of eggs! While you will not be able to pick up the rocks, should you see one, you'll know you are definitely on the trail of this very confused Easter Bunny.

    After we read the book, EM Molly pointed to an Easter Basket on a table. 'Do you see this Easter Basket? That is the reward. Ten charges will be on it! And it gives you 10 cool items. This event will run at LEAST 24 hours! You can do the quest once per character, and you can do multiple characters.'​


    The first clue book (Felucca) was then placed for everyone to read:​

    Clue 1: This town earned its reputation for being a den of murderers by being one of the very few "safe" towns they could freely show themselves in. Even the most unsavory of the population need to deposit their ill gotten gains from time to time, and, for many years, they found that this place met their requirements quite nicely.

    Once a clue was solved, we were off to find the next.​

    Clue 2: Traveling between lands can be quickly accomplished through the use of these strange glowing circles. However, at this one you notice something even stranger. It appears to be a death vortex! Would a bunny, especially one under the influence of mutant carrots, be able to resist taking a look at what's on the other side?

    Clue 3: As you look around, you can't help but wonder why the Easter Bunny would come here, and how on earth he got out! Traveling out of the house and to the east, you find yet another death vortex. Curiouser and Curiouser! You quickly step through this vortex and find yourself back where you started. Pondering this strange journey, you decide that perhaps you should seek the advice of mages and scholars. You remember hearing of a group of mages that guard a portal to a lost world deep in the swamps. Passage can only be granted if you know the proper words to speak. Perhaps these mages have some insight into the Bunny's aimless wandering?

    Clue 4: The mages here prove of little help as they don't seem to be able to tell you where the bunny went next. However, they do know of a very secret society of mages buried deep in the mountains. This ancient society will only grant entry to their city to others of their kind. But, perhaps you can coax someone at the entrance to speak with you?

    Clue 5: After waiting, you finally manage to coax a grumpy little man to talk with you. He has, indeed, seen this strange creature hopping in circles. Before the Easter Bunny took off, he was last heard muttering something about virtues and resurrection. You feel that you may, indeed, be getting close to your goal. If you can find the bravery deep within yourself to continue, and if your shoes don't wear out in the interim, you may yet find the elusive basket you seek!

    Clue 6: Standing looking at the shrine, you find yourself at a crossroads in your journey. Should you now head to Skara Brae? Or should you journey to Yew? Maybe the rabbit headed to Britain? You find yourself very tired and losing patience with this rabbit. You begin to think fondly of your mother's recipe for rabbit stew, and how she would always have a nice bowl waiting on you when you returned from the great Server Wars in the days long past. You decide to pay a visit to the scene of the old wars one more time. Perhaps something there will point in a direction you can follow?

    Final Book: Congratulations! You have successfully followed the aimlessly wandering trail of the elusive Easter Bunny! You may now claim your prize! Simply double click on the Easter Basket and retrieve your very own Easter Basket. This basket will award you additional Easter gifts. You can receive up to 10 gifts from your Easter Basket. Once the 10 gifts are claimed, the basket will NOT recharge so don't eat all your candy at once!

    Happy Easter, Origin
    from Mesanna, EA Mythic, Molly and Faine

    At the final location we found the Easter Bunny and EM Faine Morgan waiting for us. She explained the Easter Bunny would be randomly dropping carrots throughout the day, and gave us a final warning on the edible rewards obtained from the Easter Baskets.​



    posted by Sara of Baja​