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[News][EM] Nightfall

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by Catskills News, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. Catskills News

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    Jan 22, 2010
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    by Barnaby

    Sitting high atop a mountain, a hooded figure sat and gazed out across the harbor. Fishing vessels made their way back to the shore as the sun slowely dipped below the horizon, giving up its hold on the land and allowing Night to stake its claim. On the north side of the mountain the village of Cove there was a burst of frantic activity, as its inhabitants scurried to finish the days work before retiring to their homes - or to the local tavern. To the south, an orc fort sat in the shadows of the mountain. The natural barrier prevented the orcs from easily overtaking the village, but skirmishes still occurred - and with the recent sightings of orc war vessels, it would only be a matter of time before conflict erupted over the harbor. The last vestiges of comforting warmth retreating beyond, the figure upon the mountain took note of a chilling breeze behind him that had announced itself with the type of eerie shriek that only wind can produce. He decided to embrace the cold, and shuddered accordingly.

    Lost in his thoughts, the figure did not notice the arrival of similarly garbed individual.

    Good evening, Barnaby, the new arrival said, I was hoping to bump into you.

    Hello, Kasaven, Barnaby replied, unfazed by the sudden appearance of company. You were hoping to bump into me'? On top of a mountain?

    Well, I may have been searching for you, Kasaven grinned, But not for too long.

    Right. Barnaby replied, following a short chuckle. Have you learned anything new?

    About your friend? No. I've consulted my usual sources of information, and have come up with nothing, Kasaven answered. I've heard he has been sighted a few times recently, though, and has apparently taken to harassing fisherman and privateers.

    Underneath his hood, Barnaby's eyes slowly narrowed. Has he harmed anyone?

    None, Kasaven replied, He seems to fancy himself, or itself - we don't know if it is a he', as some sort of trickster.

    Content to play his games. Barnaby nodded.

    For now, Kasaven added, Look at it this way - at least he isn't completely singling you out.

    Thanks, I think. Barnaby shook his head. Doesn't it bother you? That we couldn't juststop him? I mean, I understand how Ix Tab was able to contain me, but I don't understand how this creature was able to get the better of us. I can appreciate a good joke, but I'm not seeing the punchline for this one.

    It does bother me, responded Kasaven, But at the moment, I'm more worried about the response to Ix Tab.

    Are you doubting them? Barnaby asked.

    I'm not doubting their courage, or their ability. Kasaven continued, I only hope they give the threat proper attention - Ix Tab is powerful right now. Very powerful. There are other concerns of the land, but none carry the weight of consequence that this one does.

    For some time, neither said anything as both were contemplating the uncertainty of the near future. The sun had now dropped below the horizon completely, and Felucca was visible in the sky. Wordlessly, Kasaven departed, leaving Barnaby alone to ponder what lay before his mind. The wind had picked up again, as cold air buffeted the mountain and the lone being who stood upon it. Again Barnaby shivered as he allowed himself to feel the piercingly cold air. Night had taken control, its cold shadow portending the coming struggle.