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[News][EM] The Rage of a Daemon Queen, as told by Lady Pandora

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by Catskills News, Jun 9, 2010.

  1. Catskills News

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    Jan 22, 2010
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    Hello Catskills,

    Lady Pandora has written up a nice summary of the events that occurred this past Saturday, and has asked to share it with everybody.
    The Unification of Sosaria for the Common Good began late on the eve of June 5th to defeat the menace known as Ix Tab and recover the crystal fragment that was now in her possession. The dreaded lady had issued warnings a few nights before, as reported previously by Cherry Spy, and has plans to attack one of Sosaria's prominent towns. The leaders of the land were now converging upon our great capital, Britain. Lord Kasaven would soon address us.

    The room quickly filled. Soon only standing room was available. The pirates made their entrance, led by Hawkeye Pike, with an uncommon restraint and took their seats. Rotep and Kodoz, elders of the Guardians, brought many of their fold prepared for the fight that would soon follow. Aegis' main commander, Aedon Durreah, also brought those in his charge to the table. CatLord and the RGB were also in full attendance. We, the unwelcomed undead, stood front and center unafraid of the reactions our pale white skin and fierce eyes might get.

    Before Lord Kasaven took the podium, I introduced myself. "Greetings and good eve'. I am Pandora, coven leader for the Children of Darkness, vampire." Many gasps were heard among the whispers that humans believe cannot be heard filled the room. Some leaders were polite, even amiable. The first sign of what is to come.

    The existence of vampires has long been shunned by the mortals that inhabit Sosaria. It is my endeavor for our kindred to come out amongst mortals, stand with them side by side and to learn a peaceful co-existence. After all for ancients like us, it is imperative to be able to survive eternity, and that eternity is filled with mortals. They must understand that our affliction is often not of our own doing. Acceptance of this fact has been slow coming.

    Nonetheless, we stood there waiting to be addressed by the great Lord Kasaven. Waiting to take to our swords and extinguish the life from this unearthly creature, Ix Tab.

    To read Pandora's full report, including a couple pictures from the night, visit the Children of Darkness website (warning: the report is long!).

    If you had a different view of this event and would like your version of that night's events posted, or if you have a report on any other noteworthy occurrence on Catskills, don't hesitate to send them to us at [email protected] - if we don't post it for you within a couple days, or tell you why we haven't, keep bugging us!
    I know we have many talented writers on this shard, as well as many things that people could write about. It would be great if we could all have something new to read about at least once a week (or even better, every day!). So please, send us your news!

    Safe Travels,
    Sahra Swift