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[NEWS] EM's Build Origin PvP Arena!

Discussion in 'UO Origin' started by Ghost_Writer, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. Ghost_Writer

    Ghost_Writer Guest

    Yeah I know I'm supposed to be retired but this one was too big to pass up. I went the Origin EM meet-n-greet last night to see what's going on with the shard events and to see if my story was good enough to win a local writing contest.

    At the end of the meeting EM Laurana told us they had a special announcement and EM Faine Morgan said she had one of her field trips to take us on. After several jokes about her field trips she announced a warning, this one was to Fel to show us her new PvP Arena. We were given a few minutes to collect whatever we needed for a trip to Fel, or in my case to leave at home everything I didn't need. Faine told us she would open a gate and on the other side we would find a red vortex, to go through it to our destination. An off we went.

    Ten of us came through a red vortex into a tunnel which we later found out is somewhere beneath the Lost Lands so transport spells such as Mark,Gate, Recall and Sacred Journey will not work in this place. The only way in or out is when the EM's open their vortex. There was nothing to see when we first arrived except a healer and priest, obviously placed there to resurrect those in need. We traveled a very short distance to find Origins PvP Arena.


    The first floor is simple, some stable for your pets, a center table with a book of house rules, and a row of empty stone tables intended to display future trophies to the winners of tournaments. The second floor is the arena itself, all entry and exit is controlled by EM Faine Morgan. The third floor is the observation area where you have seating to wait for your turn to fight and full view of the fights below. There are communications crystals in the house so you can easily hear what's being said throughout the house. Since the house belongs to EM Faine Morgan the EM's do have the power to ban anyone who breaks the rules. The rules are simple:
    1. No Looting.
    2. No casting outside of the battle.
    3. No killing outside of the battle.
    4. Stay in the observation area until your name is called.
    Violation of house rules may result in banning from the house and forfeiting you place in the competition.

    I couldn't wait and said, "I want to be the first to Die in there." I saw a message on my screen "You've been transferred to EM Faine Morgan!" and Faine said, "come Ghost Writer". Next thing I knew I was being pulled through the half wall that surrounds the ring, and a call was sent out, "Who wants to kill Ghost?" Surprisingly enough there were only 2 volunteers and James of [CoM] ["R"] was selected to be my executioner. I attacked James so he needn't worry about getting flagged and was dead quite quickly after that. That's when we found a minor issue, the healers would not res me because I was flagged a criminal, EM Faine said she'd get that fixed. For testing the arena and being the first to christen it with my blood, James and I were honored with the first Book on the Trophy wall:

    Arena Now Open
    On Thursday, April 9th, in the year of our Lord 2009, this PvP Arena was officially christened when James of "R" killed Ghost Writer. James has the honor of having the first kill in the house while Ghost Writer has the honor of the first blood spilled!
    Welcome to all who come to fight (and die) here!


    So the obvious next questions were, how's this going to work and when is going to be open? Entry to the area is controlled by the EM's opening the vortex for us to even get in here. Once there the EM's can ban anyone from the house but they are relying us to behave and not give them reason to. This is an opportunity for controled PvP tournaments with bragging rights to the winner in the form of your name in a book or some type of named statue in permanent recognition on the trophy wall. I hope I'm the only one ever noted for dying there, that would normally be embarrassing to most, but I am most pleased to get my name in that first book and my blood the first spilt in this arena. I should be good at dying, I am a Ghost after all.

    The EM's said they plan to do all types of tournaments, one on one, pets, chicken fights, and I believe I heard teams but I'd imagine they would be small, this is house size. When? Em Faine Morgan said she'd like to get the first tournament scheduled before the end of the month! So keep an eye on the EM's web site for a date for the first Origin PvP tournament run by EM Faine Morgan and EM Laurana! Be the first to get your name on the first trophy.

    Oh I'll bet you want to see what this place looks like... Here is the first floor with stables, the rule book and trophy wall.


    This is the arena, notice no doors to enter.


    This is the observation area with seating.


    And the Rules.


    The first Death in the Arena.


    Well I better get back to the grave yard before someone notices I'm missing.

    Safe Travels,
    Ghost Writer
  2. gunneroforgin

    gunneroforgin Slightly Crazed
    Stratics Veteran

    May 21, 2008
    Likes Received:
    This borders on the gladiator arenas old the roman era.
  3. Viquire

    Viquire Crazed Zealot
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Jun 5, 2008
    Likes Received:
    This makes me completely stoked!

    I hope someone has some full potion vendors cause I think this old time pot ***** is about to begin consuming in mass quantities again.
  4. Michael Wolf

    Michael Wolf Guest

    I just a message from Ghost Writer, he heard from a fairy that he was mistaken, that Vortex is permanent, it is located outside the Counselor's Guild Hall Fel side. You can go check out the Arena any time you like. It is in Fel, the Arena is open to the public, but to the best of my knowledge you can't get in the actual ring without an EM. There are healers if you need them.