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[NEWS] EMs Discuss Upcoming Events, PvP Arena At Meet and Greet, June 21

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by Sara Of Baja, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. Sara Of Baja

    Sara Of Baja Certifiable
    Stratics Veteran

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    Meet & Greet With
    EM Kasaven & EM Cernunnos
    Sunday, June 21


    EM Kasaven announced: 'I have spoken with Robert of the Royal Guard, and he will need many of you for an expedition next week. As I hear more, I will inform you all.'

    He also informed those present that due to the Treasures of Tokuno III going on right now 'Owain's discovery will be put on hold until next month. But keep an eye out for books and updates on that early next month.'

    EM Cernunnos asked: 'Anyone have ideas for the next Story Night?'


    In an open question session, Katherine Elle inquired about the Golden Flower and Sand of Compassion that are on display at the EM Hall.​

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    EM Kasaven explained, 'Hmmm, the sand of compassion was a mysterious discovery ... I was in Dungeon Doom, the Gauntlet and I happened to rest my arm up against the wall and, to my amazement, it passed right through. I looked on and all I saw in front of me was blackness. Curiously, I stepped through the wall, I tested the ground underfoot, though nothing was there, it held me so I continued on until I came to a large room.

    In it I saw a man, I cannot recall his name, but he wore the clothes of a merchant. Hunched over his body was Alaz'in the Dark Father. I drew my blade as quickly as I could, though I knew I was not a match for the Dark Father by myself, I did the best I could to lure him away, back through the dark, dank hallway where he lost sight of me. As quickly as I could, I returned to the merchant. He was greatly injured. I carried him on my back, teleported past the dark father into another room with a healer and vast treasures.

    I spoke with the healer, the merchant's wounds were great, but we laid him down and bandaged him best we could. He awoke a day later. I spoke with him and he thanked me and said, "For your great compassion, I will give you this sand. Do not lose it, it has great power and great purpose."

    I shrugged and placed it into my coin-sack. I decided to put it on display in case others might know its uses. The merchant would not tell me its uses other than I would know the time to use it.

    The Golden Flower, I am afraid I do not know its origin. It grew in a vast, green acre where only Cern and I may travel. I picked it and preserved it, hoping to put its beauty on display here. It seems as if it was planted some time ago.

    EM Cernunnos: That might belong to someone ... or something. There is a rumor of a terrible monster in those lands.

    EM Kasaven: Indeed, the last object I placed there brought us nothing but trouble ... the still-lost Treatise. Which almost lead to Owain's undoing.

    Another item you may not have noticed that is a recent addition to the hall ... Outside an ancient moss grows. It has been some time since I've seen a plant which radiated such an aura. I know not where it came from. It is an odd thing, the nigh Owain had his vision, which by the way we suspect was about Relvinian, if any remember the name ...

    Katherine Elle: The mad mage!​

    EM Kasaven: Indeed, we knew him quite well at one time, one of the first to be titled 'grand master'. He disappeared some time ago, into dust and darkness. But due to the location Owain saw, the hedge maze (which Relvinian was said to have constructed), and that demons rose from the ground, we believe he may still be alive ... or worse ... undead. How that connects with the moss, though ... Owain slept outside between the two saddles for nigh on two days while he had his vision. When he arose, sweat-covered and pale as Anne's skirt, the moss covered his entire body


    and strapped him to the side of the counselor's hall. When he tried to free himself, the moss simply 'released' him and stuck itself to the ground.

    He tried to take a sample to study, but it is quite immovable, and, even more amazing, harder than blackrock! I just hope it does not encase the entire hall before it is through. What theurgy brought it here, though, I do not know.

    (At this point a debate about the hardness and durability of blackrock ensued ... it was decided that valorite was a better comparison for the Ancient Moss.)​

    Either way, it is quite a mystery.

    EM Cernunnos: I think it's an improvement. This hall doesn't have enough plants as it is.

    (EM Kasaven then noticed Ann Nomilly's white skirt is a 'Green Skirt'. After thinking aloud he would like a skirt like Anne's, EM Kasaven added, 'Not to wear, of course!' and returned his attention EM Cernunnos' comment about the lack of plants at the hall.)​


    EM Kasaven: Aye, we could use a few plants I'm certain, Cern, which is one reason I brought the flower, though it is not as verdant as most plant life.

    EM Cernunnos: All that talk about Relvinian reminded me there's a mage I'd met with similar aspirations. However, it wasn't that daemons would serve us, as we all know how that idea ends. But instead, that humans could be served by taming the mighty mongbat. You might all laugh at such an idea, but I think there may be something to it.

    In any case, I'd recommend you all go get yourselves one. Tame one yourself or buy one ... They're really the next big thing. Anyway, I just feel like this is a great idea. I'm buying one from Honest Ed's Mongbat Emporium.

    (When asked if he would recommend a normal mongbat or a greater mongbat, EM Cernunnos advised, 'Whatever you think you can handle.') ​

    You'd be convinced, too, if you'd heard this guy.


    EM Cernunnos: Story Night Number Three! Let's set if for Thursday, July 9. The subject will be announced when the book is set out.

    EM Kasaven captured our attention with he asked, 'How many of you here go to Fel??'​


    If you brave it, check out the PvP Arena ... It is not quite finished, but just about. Any feedback (click here for for feedback form on EM website) on it would be great.

    To access the arena, go to Felucca Britain, this exact spot (counselor hall) and there will be a white vortex outside the hall. When you step through, walk a bit northwest along the path, and keep in mind the Fel ruleset. * jokingly * I will be waiting there to PK you. * chuckles * The house is public, so anyone can be there, so obviously insure your things. Some PvP events should start next month.

    Check out the arena, there are a few 'interesting' items about. As I said, remember it is Fel ruleset, no guard zone, but you can run inside the house if someone flags on you, and they can't enter.

    (At the current time, there is not a stablemaster nor a permanent healer at the arena, however EM Kasaven is checking into having those added.)​

    Probably the first set of fights would be full template. I hope to get some pure mage type duels set up as well, if there is a demand for it ... but all of that is up to you guys. (Dueling is) always good fun, so don't be afraid to get your hands dirty even if you are a bit of a novice.

    No fighting takes place outside of the two fighters on the dueling floor. If someone violates that, they'll get the boot immediately.

    Spectators also welcome. I'll be snooping all spectators ... no wands, talismans, explo/conflag pots ... anything that can subtly or overtly interrupt or ruin the fight.

    The meet and greet concluded with Scarst asking the EMs if they'd any good books lately. EM Cernunnos has been reading 'Rant', and EM Kasaven is currently re-reading 'The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant the Unbeliever', while awaiting the last book of the saga which still has another year.​

    EM Cernunnos then asked if we'd like to head to Tokuno where he was hoping to find the ruins of the Empress' lost tavern ship.​


    EM l33t Gear​

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Off we went to the Tokuno Sleeping Dragon spawn area:​








    Thank you, EM Kasaven and EM Cernunnos! ​