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[News] Examination of Cymidei Fier

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by Brytt, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. Brytt

    Brytt Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    Mar 16, 2004
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    Taliesin: The Defense would like to call Cymidei Fier to the Stand.
    Judge Erlington: Cymidei Fier
    William McCarthy: Oh dear..
    Judge Erlington: please approach and be seated
    Judge Erlington: Do you take oath, that what you are about to say is the truth
    Judge Erlington: as you know it and it shall be held as valid testimony in this court?
    William McCarthy: *laughs*
    Cymidei Fier: I do so swear to say what I perceive as truth.
    Taliesin: *smiles*
    Judge Erlington: Hrump
    Taliesin: Is that acceptable for the Court?
    Judge Erlington: Yes or No please
    Cymidei Fier: Yes
    Judge Erlington: *nods*
    Judge Erlington: Proceed
    Taliesin: Lady Fier, could you please tell the Court about yourself?
    Cymidei Fier: I am known as Lady Fier
    Cymidei Fier: I live in the Northern wilds near the Forest of Samlethe and the Shrine of Chaos
    Taliesin: Nice part of town?
    Cymidei Fier: in the independant kingdom of Scythe which is not under the jurisdiction of Queen Dawn.
    Cymidei Fier: I am the Mistress of the Dark Tower
    Taliesin: Very well.
    Taliesin: Lady Fier, let's go over the Battle of Orobas, if you please.
    Taliesin: Could you tell the Court whether you were there or not?
    Cymidei Fier: Of course.
    Cymidei Fier: I was there.
    Taliesin: *nods*
    Taliesin: And what were you doing there?
    Cymidei Fier: I went to the Castle of Orobas to find the Goat Prophet
    Cymidei Fier: I have heard of the great power and magical lore possessed by him.
    Taliesin: What did you expect to accomplish by finding Orobas?
    Cymidei Fier: To gain knowledge from him and to see a mystery revealed.
    Taliesin: I see.
    Cymidei Fier: The mystery of a floating castle in the lost lands...
    Cymidei Fier: What mage could resist that?
    Taliesin: Wholeheartedly agreed.
    Taliesin: A mystical castle, an amazing Prophet of great power.
    Taliesin: How very enticing.
    Taliesin: Did you participate in the battle that ensued shortly thereafter?
    Cymidei Fier: Yes it was
    Cymidei Fier: Yes I did.
    Taliesin: And what was your role in this battle?
    Cymidei Fier: I gave support from the parapets raining down spells on the attackers and healing the defenders.
    Taliesin: I see, so you were defending the Castle.
    Cymidei Fier: Yes I was
    Taliesin: Under whose orders, might I ask?
    Cymidei Fier: The attackers were intent on destroying the delicate incantations that connected the castle
    Cymidei Fier: to our realm
    Cymidei Fier: I went under my own initiaive.
    Taliesin: So you were saving the Castle and its power from being lost forever.
    Cymidei Fier: No one orders me to do anything.
    Taliesin: *smiles*
    Taliesin: Did you enlist others to join you?
    Cymidei Fier: Yes, I sought to preserve important magical knowledge
    Cymidei Fier: I enlisted everyone I could find.
    Taliesin: Also for the purpose of defending the Castle from these would-be barbarians who were
    Taliesin: intent on destroying a magical castle?
    Cymidei Fier: Yes.
    William McCarthy: Objection!
    Taliesin: Eh?
    Cymidei Fier: *glares at the prosecutor*
    Taliesin: A problem?
    William McCarthy: The witness never used the word barbarian
    William McCarthy: do not lead
    William McCarthy: !
    Judge Erlington: Mr Taliesin..no personal comments or opinions
    Taliesin: *shrugs*
    Taliesin: Very well.
    Judge Erlington: straight forward questions please
    Taliesin: The "people" who were intent on destroying great magical power for no other purpose than to see
    Taliesin: it burn.
    William McCarthy: Objection
    Taliesin: Very well, let's move on.
    Taliesin: !
    Cymidei Fier: No noble purpose, they were unwashed peasants and book burners..
    Taliesin: Another problem?
    William McCarthy: The defense does not know the intention of the "people"
    Taliesin: As a mage myself, I see a lot of that, and it's quite unfortunate.
    Judge Erlington: Sustained
    William McCarthy: Objection the defense is not asking questions
    Taliesin: Oh, but I will, sir.
    William McCarthy: *looks angry*
    Judge Erlington: Then please ask your questions sir
    Judge Erlington: keep it within the trial
    Taliesin: Right, here we go then, if the prosecution has no further complications.
    Taliesin: Lady Fier, what do you know of the defendant to my left?
    Cymidei Fier: I am acquainted with Aldagarr Morr
    Taliesin: And how are you acquainted with Morr?
    Cymidei Fier: As enemies
    Taliesin: I see.
    Cymidei Fier: He supported that fool Lord Casca
    Judge Erlington: *listens intently*
    Taliesin: Aye, history does show that much.
    Cymidei Fier: *laughs*
    Taliesin: So you do not like Morr, nor have a very high opinion of him?
    Aldagar Morr: *crosses arms*
    Cymidei Fier: I directed my followers to tuss up Aldagar and hang him over the King's gate
    Taliesin: My my.
    Cymidei Fier: He almost died
    Aldagar Morr: *scowls*
    Taliesin: While that is a most serious statement, it is not the issue at trial today.
    Cymidei Fier: That was during the days of the Ivory Throne rebellion
    Cymidei Fier: I had good cause to do it.
    Taliesin: Lady Fier, there have been some mostly unworthy claims that you were present
    Taliesin: along with Morr, on the night that the Treasury was raided.
    Taliesin: Given your history with Morr, how likely is it that you would work with Morr?
    Taliesin: Or vice versa, for that matter.
    William McCarthy: Objection
    Judge Erlington: what grounds?
    Cymidei Fier: *looks at the judge*
    William McCarthy: The defense need not qualify claims!
    Taliesin: Qualify? The witness is free to say likely or not likely.
    Judge Erlington: Overruled
    Taliesin: The witness will qualify her claims, as she has done thus far.
    Judge Erlington: please continue
    William McCarthy: Unworthy is throwing mud
    William McCarthy: !
    Taliesin: Oh, that.
    Taliesin: *laughs*
    Cymidei Fier: I wouldn't be caught dead helping that lily livered Casca lover.
    Taliesin: Whatever.
    Aldagar Morr: *seeths*
    Taliesin: I see.
    Taliesin: So were you present at the Treasury that night?
    Cymidei Fier: Of course not!
    William McCarthy: Hrmpf
    Taliesin: On that night, do you recall where you were instead?
    Cymidei Fier: I was ministering to pilgrims at the Shrine of Chaos
    William McCarthy: *rolls his eyes*
    Cymidei Fier: who had lost their way on the long road to Britain
    Taliesin: I see, so there should be witnesses to attest to that?
    Cymidei Fier: *shifts uncomfortably*
    Taliesin: Witnesses, by the way, that the Prosecution has failed to find...
    William McCarthy: Objection!
    Judge Erlington: Yes Mr McCarthy?
    Taliesin: *sighs*
    William McCarthy: Hrmpf!
    Taliesin: Is that it?
    William McCarthy: The defense is indulging in mudslinging
    Taliesin: I've stated nothing but a fact.
    Judge Erlington: Proceed Mr Talesin
    Taliesin: Lady Fier, what do you know of the Purity League?
    Cymidei Fier: I know that they are of the opinion that gargoyles shouldn't be welcomed into our lands.
    Taliesin: *nods*
    Taliesin: Do you have any connection to this so called Purity League?
    Cymidei Fier: I agree with them that gargoyles should not be allowed to walk Britannia's lands freely
    Cymidei Fier: They should be sent to work in mines or sent back to the Abyss.
    Taliesin: I see.
    Taliesin: However, Lady Fier, you are not in charge of Brittannia, is that correct?
    Cymidei Fier: Of course not but it is not a crime to hold an opinion is it?
    Taliesin: It most certainly isn't.
    Taliesin: *smiles*
    Taliesin: Likewise, Brittannia has no jurisdiction over you and your lands and its citizens?
    Cymidei Fier: That is correct
    Taliesin: Last I checked, you are in charge of your own independent kingdom.
    Cymidei Fier: Scythe is a sovereign entity
    Taliesin: Surely that still means something in this day and age.
    William McCarthy: Objection, why is this relevant?
    Taliesin: So, Lady Fier, do you find it odd that you have been asked to stand trial in a foreign country?
    Taliesin: I'm simply asking the witness what she feels her purpose is here.
    Judge Erlington: Continue
    Taliesin: Please answer, Lady Fier.
    Cymidei Fier: I do so of my own free will not because the Crown has the power to compel me to do so.
    Taliesin: A strong willed individual, truly.
    Taliesin: The Defense has no further questions.
    Judge Erlington: You may cross exam
    Taliesin: Thank you for your time, Lady Fier.