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(NEWS) Excavation and Hall Of Commons

Discussion in 'UO Chesapeake' started by Merik, Aug 4, 2009.

  1. Merik

    Merik Guest

    [​IMG]Excavation and Hall Of Commons[​IMG]

    August 3rd 2009
    Submitted by: Merik ONN


    In Attendance:
    FLINT [[email protected]], NANOC [DWxC], Niva The Savage [T_T], Kenndric VII [P8V]
    Woodley [DWxC], Lord Fire Fly [DWxC], To Die For [DWxC], Cara [DWxC]
    Lady Kitsune [RBG], Angel [DWxC], Vran, Hudson [DWxC], Finrod [RBG]
    Lord Julius Michaels [P8V], Phoenix [DWxC], Lord Popeye [L&L], Sidra [COH]
    Bear [RBG], Lady Crystal [MotV], Daria Blackmoore [RBG], Andariel De Fran
    Finrod [RBG], Desire [RBG], Lord Buffas Vale [RBG], Lord Mori'naur, Mach [DWxC]

    On my way to the Sunday Night House of Commons. I ran into Niallis [*V*] and
    Niva The Savage [T_T]. When I came upon the building it was in ruins. It looked like
    someone tied tons of Greater Explosion kegs together and blew it to pieces.


    The scroll laying on the ground in front of the building had writing on it. I opened the
    scroll and it had written inside, "All Realm Gatherings At This Location Are Cancelled By
    Order Of Lord Casca, King Of Britannia."

    Niallis informed me that this happened last week. It seems our King Lord Casca had some
    reason behind the destruction of the Hall of Commons. Niallis also informed me of a scroll
    in New Haven. Saying an event was set for 10:45pm EST. Phoenix of Dragons Watch was
    reported to have been on her way to the Hall Of Commons to give us more information.

    Phoenix arrived and we wondered where the group might gather. Her idea was Buc's Den
    at the assassins hall. More ideas began to be talked about. As we stood by the destroyed
    hall of commons some anger came over the group. A new idea sprang up which was to
    protest in front of Blackthrones Castle.

    I asked Phoenix if Lord Casca resided at Blackthorns Castle and she replied,
    Aye, Casca resides at Blackthorns castle. Niallis left us in search of information.

    Nanoc brought the group back down by changing the subject back to the event going
    on somewhere at 10:45pm EST. The group again thought on where to meet or find a
    place that had the information.

    I suggested the EM Hall. Nanoc said he would go to Britain to see if he could find
    out any information. Niallis returned right as Nanoc finished speaking saying,
    "Nada at EM Office."

    Phoenix chimed in saying That perhaps EM Dudley and Vladimere are heeding the warning of
    Casca. I would say that is where Foxx would look for us. Assassin guild hall in Buc's Den.


    The group then saddled up and made their way to Buc's Den. I made my way to Luna hoping
    to see Em Vladimere pop up in the bank area as he normally does. I tried speaking to Ruben
    the event announcer in Luna. Saying Hall of Commons, Lord Casca, and Excavation. All
    Reuben had to say was a possible invasion in Luna.


    I then thought to seek Marcy by the EM hall and try to speak with her. I didn't have a
    runebook so I made my way to Angelica's Attic to obtain one. But alas she was out.
    I made my way to another great mall South of Luna called Loopy's At The Faire but, they
    were out as well. Then I noticed the public runebooks on the steps and recall to the city
    of Britain. Niva The Savage must have had the same idea as I saw her pass by in the streets.


    After speaking with her she only had information about the Duelists Edge, The Kings Own,
    Drake Foxx and Lord Casca. She could not provide me with the information I needed about
    tonights event or the reason for the Hall Of Commons Destruction. I then took a deep breath
    knowing Id have to ride all the way to the moongate once again. Then I remembered that the
    lovely 1/4 done Britain Bank had its own Moongate!


    Since the Moongate didn't go to Buc's Den except Fel I made my way back to Loopy's At
    The Faire and used the public runebooks once again and also a rune to the shop to get
    back. Once I arrived I quickly tightened my purse and double sealed my backpack.
    Buc's Den was no place to have unsecured things. I searched the city for the Assassins
    guild that Phoenix spoke of earlier. I would have found it faster if the residents didn't keep
    trying to send me down a dark path that lead into the woods.

    I slowly opened the door not knowing what thief or assassin I may find. As I crept in I saw
    Mayor Nanoc and Niva The Savage. I felt a bit more safe with Nanoc there. Niva I was
    unsure about.


    Nanoc said nothing anywhere but, would send a pigeon to let me know if he finds anything
    else. I bowed to the savage Lady and left the buildings as quickly as I could. Not to fast
    to alarm the Savage Lady.

    I made my way once again back to Luna and decided to stay put for an hour or so. After
    that I went to New Haven and ran into Cara, Lord Woodley, Nanoc, Mach of [DWxC] and
    also Crystal of [MotV]


    Nanoc announced they had to go to the Compassion shrine in Illish. The group saddled up
    once again but was a much larger group. After getting lost we ran into Tucker who wanted
    the company name which was vvcs.


    After walking to beech we ran into Andrea Kildare. Andrea got right down to business
    and addressed the crowd. "Well it seems as though a good deal of the excavation is
    complete. However, We'll need some supplies to complete the excavation however.
    We are going to require the following items."

    List Number One:
    A Pickaxe
    A Shovel
    A Crate
    A Surveyors Tool
    A Rope
    A Torch
    A Lantern
    A Bolt Of Cloth
    A Black Staff
    and some Kindling

    People began to write the items and go off and search for them. A large part of the group
    stayed at the site awaiting for them to return. Searching about the beach I found a Monolith
    and strange Pulsating Crystal.


    Once I returned, Andrea Kildare informed us that Casca and his goons may try to get the
    artifact first. Evil Mages popped out of no where attacking the group but they made short
    work of them. After the battle things seemed calm until Spiders, Scorpions and Earth
    elementals attacked the group. Paragons spawned as well.


    A short while after Lady Crystal of MotV showed up with a Rope, Cloth and Black Staff.
    Mach returned with a pickaxe. Nanoc brought the create, Daria Blackmoor brought a torch
    and surveyors tool.

    Andrea Kildare yelled a loud "Aha! It seems we have all the items required on this list!
    Next we will require.

    List Number Two:
    100 Boards
    100 Cuts of Ribs
    Barrel Tap
    Skinning Knife

    Lady Phoenix of Dragons Watch took charge telling who was getting what. MACH would get
    the 100 boards. Daria Blackmoore a Hammer and Nails. Nanoc Ribs. Crystal the bottle of
    Liquor, Staves and Barrel Tap. Kenndrix Skinning Knife and Cara a Basket.

    All the items were brought back Then Juka Mages, Warriors, and Executioners attacked. The
    Third attacked claimed the lives of Lord Bear, Daria Blackmoore and Myself.


    After the battle Andrea Kildare announced the next set of items we will require.

    List Number Three:
    Thigh Boots
    Empty Bottle
    Forged Metal
    Copper Wire
    Deed for a Forge

    People set out once again for the third time. Almost all the items were brought back
    except no one could find a deed for a forge. Another attack came down upon the group.
    Ancient Wyrms, Juka Mages, Chaos Warriors, Executioners and Blackthorn Juggernauts
    quickly surrounded the group. The battle lasted awhile with only a few deaths.
    Bear, Daria Blackmoore, Buffas Vale, Kenndrix VII, myself and, Niva The Savage
    fell to the final attack upon the group.


    After the major battle Andrea Kildare said we just needed that forge deed! People regrouped
    and Lady Kitsune set off to find the forge deed. Once she returned Andrea Kildare addressed
    the group.

    Yes Yes. These will come in handy indeed. We'll need to gain access to the lower holds.
    Seems to be sealed though....

    She attempted to pick the lock but, it would not budge.


    Daria Blackmoore suggested Blackrock.

    She quickly responded. Blackrock may destroy the lower holds and we'll never be able
    to recover the artifact. Balandar would have our heads for this!

    Hudson suggested Gold Fish.

    Goldfish? Hmm. Doesn't seem to be responding Andrea replied.

    Crystal said from the materials required, it would seem we have the tools necessary
    to build a winch. Or some other tool to pry the hatch open.

    Andrea responded. Exactly! A fine idea Lady Crystal! We'll have that built at once.
    We'll have to commission the engineers to construct one.

    Crystal asked if we could bring the engineers here. Or will this be a special commission for them.

    Twould be a special commission indeed she responded a few moments later. Minute or so
    later she said she will send word to the engineers at once and we'll have a device built to
    remove the hatch. Thursday Evening. We make our entry into the hatch! Nine Pm ET!
    Until then stand sharp! Casca's goons will no doubt try to acquire the artifact!!
    Good eve to you all!

  2. NANOC

    NANOC Lore Keeper
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    May 12, 2008
    Likes Received:
    After encountering several problems Andrea Kildare was unable to get to the coveted artifact deep in the bowels of the ship, Posiden's Fury. Tonight August 6th at 9pm. Eastern, we once again will meet with her on the shores in Ishenar where the ship lays burning and buried in sand to bring to the surface this artifact that Commander Foxx was ordered to bring back to Lord Casca. Now with the change of events being Lord Casca has declared Foxx a traitor and has placed a bounty on his head, who is most trusted with this item? Are the royal engineers who were commissioned to build a wench trustworthy or do their alliance lay with Lord Casca?

    With the appearance of Shadowlords and tormented Minotaurs fighting in Luna does this give indication of what might be waiting for us tonight? Was this artifact stolen from the Minotaurs long ago? We know that whatever it is controls the oceans and waters with capabilities of flooding all of Sosaria.

    All able bodies are encouraged to help us tonight. Passage to this distant shore is obtained through the speckled scorpian desert south of Compassion shrine there look for the Chartermaster (located on the west coast of the desert) and give him the password VVCS. We can only pray that the Shadowlords have not found the location of the Posiden's Fury.
  3. Demonous

    Demonous Rares Fest Host | Ches Jul 2010
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 13, 2006
    Likes Received:
    so where do we meet at 9 ?
  4. Demonous

    Demonous Rares Fest Host | Ches Jul 2010
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 13, 2006
    Likes Received:
    i can't find the beach anywhere near the compassion area in ilsh
  5. Phoenix_DWxC

    Phoenix_DWxC Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Sep 6, 2007
    Likes Received:
    If you are having trouble finding the beach, meet up in New Haven at 8:45 pm will have an escort party there to take you.
  6. Demonous

    Demonous Rares Fest Host | Ches Jul 2010
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Feb 13, 2006
    Likes Received:
    ok thanks
  7. Merik

    Merik Guest

    In case you get separated from the group here is a map for you.

  8. Phoenix_DWxC

    Phoenix_DWxC Adventurer
    Stratics Veteran Stratics Legend

    Sep 6, 2007
    Likes Received:
    The group gathered on the shores where the Posiden's Fury lays in wreckage and grew impatient waiting for Lady Andrea Kildare to arrive. Slowly she made her way through the awaiting crowd and with much hemming and hawing and a most embarassed look on her face she had bad news to tell us. It seems the Royal Engineers were unable (was it they were unwilling?) or unattainable at the moment to make the much needed winch. She went on to explain it may have something to do with the Luna invasions and all help is needed there. She promptly sent us over to the coconut grove where Balander has taken up residency in a tent.

    Balander informed the gathering of volunteers that this artifact was indeed spawned by the hand of the great god Posiden so that mortals would not be able to find it nor of the power to use it. What could this artifact be that controls the seas? The great mage wanted to know if we all remember the password that we had gotten from a simple riddle. Yes, Yes we yelled and then the word GOLDFISH could be heard. Balander needed to return to his home in Moonglow, that he so hastily left when first hearing of the finding of this artifact. Having been to his home months ago few could remember where it was located. Suddenly shouts from the group said it lays southeast of Moonglow..take the east gate out of town. With no encounters, quite surprising as Lord Casca still wishes to see this man Balander, we safely returned to his home. Balander pulled several books from the shelves, flipping pages and muttering but obviously we had been followed for out of no where executioners and evil mages appeared surrounding us. The battle raged on both inside and out. Our group fought hard, telling Balander to continue looking for this tome of knowledge, while we kept the forces back.

    I have found it ..he cried...most disturbing it is for it seems we need a magical energy crystal to recharge the battery. Lady Crystal offered him a power crystal asking if this would work.. he sadly shook his head. Another offered him a communication crystal...muttered Nay this is not the crystal. The crystal you seek is in a magical place, an ancient magical crystal of this type would not be found easily. Balander went on to say.. I will send word to Commander Foxx so that he might plan how we are to obtain such a crystal and where it perhaps is located. Commander Foxx will leave a scroll telling all when and where we are to gather. We are to check the Pirates Den located in Buc's Den (trammel) word will be left there for us.