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[News] Extra! Extra! UO Stratics Seeks News Reporters!

Discussion in 'UO Legends' started by imported_Ilysess, Jul 4, 2007.

  1. [​IMG]</p>

    <u>Application for UO Stratics Reporters</u>

    <u>Part 1:</u>
    Please provide the following basic information. All personal information is considered confidential for Stratics use only. Only reporter character names and public email addresses are released to the public.

    1. Real Name:
    (for Stratics internal records only)

    2. Public Stratics Forums Usernames:
    (Please list all your Stratics' user ID's)

    3. Any Bans/Warnings?:
    (on any and all usernames)

    4. Do you hold a staff position at any other website? If so, what is your position?:
    (Both UO and non UO related, currently or in the past)

    5. What will be your characters name in game?:
    (the character that you will be doing reporting with)

    6. Public Email Address:
    (used for display and to forward e-mail for news)

    7. Secondary/Private Email Address:
    (Stratics internal records only)

    8. AIM,ICQ,IRC,MSN contact info:
    (Stratics use only)

    9. Location (city, state, country):
    (Stratics internal records only)

    10. Date of Birth (you must be at least 18 yrs of age):
    (Stratics internal records only.)

    <u>Part 2:</u>
    Please write a sample article based on a current event, individual, or group on your shard. If you are hired, this will be your first published article.

    <u>Part 3:</u>
    Please answer the following questions

    1. How active are you in-game? Do you play alone? With an active guild?

    2. Do you participate in quests?

    3. Do you run or help with player-run quests or events?

    4. Do you own, operate, or are you associated with a player run establishment on your shard? If so, which establishment and what is your involvement?

    5. Are you knowledgable about various aspects of the game such as items, skills, development and player issues?

    6. What outside sources do you use other than Uo Stratics to obtain information about the game and the shard you play on?

    7. How willing are you to investigate establishments on your shard? (This could include player run towns, structures, taverns, new towns etc. regardless of what facet it is on.)

    8. How willing are you to attend events and report on them? Will you be available at the times they are normally held on your shard?

    9. How willing are you to contact/communicate with a presenter of an event prior to its occurrence and do background work for articles? How flexible will your time be for this activity?

    10.What are your views on PKs, NotoPK's, PvP and rogues?

    11.What type of character will be used as the reporter? What type of relationship does this character have with other characters on the shard? (eg. is your character well known and liked)

    12.How many hours a week can you dedicate to volunteering for UO Stratics?: (Please be very honest and realistic with yourself and us about this. We ask for about three hours a week, plus a minimum of at least one news post every two weeks. Most of our reporters usually do more. Although we understand temporary uprisings irl, we hate to lose good reporters due to overcommitment

    13.On a scale of 1-10 please rate your familiarity with HTML, 1 being 'not at all familiar' and 10 being 'totally proficient': (Please note: for technical reasons, articles must be posted to the forum in true html format (ie.not "handled" by a program like Frontpage). You will need to know HTML to submit your articles.)

    Please fill out and return this application to Ilysess via PM or email to: [email protected].

    Thanks for applying to volunteer with UO Stratics!

    -- Ilysess
    Staff Assistant for Personnel
    UO Stratics</p>
  2. WILLIE!!

    WILLIE!! Guest

    Hi...my name is willie.

    The other night we raided Gruuls lair and Serpenshrine cavern....we then proceeded go 8-2 in arenas getting our rating to 1900...

    wait...wrong game...nm.