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[News]Fall Festival Fishing Tournament Results

Discussion in 'UO Catskills' started by Catskills News, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. Catskills News

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    Jan 22, 2010
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    Early last Sunday morning eager fishermen gathered on the docks in Britain (Trammel) to take part in the second event of the Catskills Fall festival. New EM Barnaby, whom hosted the event, was there in a dapper fishing hat to sign people up for the event and explain the rules to the Festival Fishing Tournament. EM Kasaven also showed for a short time but had leave to take care of some business, but he did return again after the event was over.


    The rules were very simple. Everyone was to fish for an hour and then return to the docks. The fishermen who returned with the largest fish caught within that hour would be declared the winner.


    At the appointed start time all but one of the fishermen rushed to their ships and headed out for deep water in search of the one fish that would bend their poles in half and win them the competition. Though this being an EM sponsored event there were a few surprises, as all the fishermen soon learned. For rising from the depths to attack these fishermen every once in a while was a mighty kraken. No deaths were reported though luckily as the fishermen proved that they could defend their selves. Though the lone fishermen who lacked the skills to fish the deep waters, that had stayed behind to fish off the docks, had an unusual colored kraken that looked hungry attack him on the docks.

    When the fishing hour had ended the fishermen returned to see EM Barnaby. Most of them with empty hands but still enthusiastic to see who had caught the largest fish. The winner turned out to be David Ledatic, from the ORT Order of the Roundtable guild, who pulled in a respectable 123 stone fish. EM Barnaby took to winning fish and stated that he would have it mounted and put on display at the Rewards Hall.


    Afterwards while chatting to the gathered fishermen EM Barnaby also said he was hoping to hold more morning events in the future, mostly on the weekends though. So those of you who have a schedule that kept you from taking part in many of the EM events may have chance to do some now.