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[NEWS] Farmer Sam Asks Royal Britannian Guard for Help to Find Missing Son

Discussion in 'UO Atlantic' started by Andrasta, Nov 14, 2009.

  1. Andrasta

    Andrasta Goodman's Rune Library
    Stratics Veteran Alumni Stratics Legend Blue Crane Society

    Mar 18, 2004
    Likes Received:
    Farmer Sam Asks Royal Britannian Guard
    for Help to Find Missing Son!


    “The harvest was meager this year; we barely had enough gold when we were done selling our crops and pay our rent and taxes. My son Jes, went to work for Owen and his wife Sara who keep a large flock of sheep so we could make ends meet. Jes never came home and I am worried about him.

    I went to town and asked about Jes and no one would tell me anything except for Nana and Brother Ray. I heard from Nana that Jes went by her shop to get some bread and that Owen’s sheep had gotten out into woods. Jes had Owen’s sword in case he ran into orcs and that’s the last anyone saw of him; there’s no telling what he ran into out in those woods.

    Now what you have to understand about Owen is that his father fought in the war against Keeonean Minax’s general. Owen tries to lord it over us that his father was a war hero and that he has a legendary sword called Tyranny made long ago by Father Alexander and the monks of Yew Abbey to protect the Town. I heard rumors from Vincent that the Orcs are getting out of hand and the Orc war parties are rampaging through the woods.

    Owen and Sheriff Brax are both rich and we can’t get a straight answer or justice from them; they ran me off and told me to stop asking questions. I am a poor man and I can’t pay you anything but I need your help to find Jes. That’s why I need the Royal Britannian Guards to help me, good Queen Dawn always stood for what is right.”

    Notes: Help Farmer Sam find Jes by interviewing the townsfolk of Yew and searching the woods for clues.

    Send in the results of your investigation and clues to EM Eris and EM Nestor by November 20th 2009.
  2. Mairut

    Mairut Guest

    :popcorn:<<Me, while doing this quest.

    I don't know what it is about this quest...

    And I didn't know I liked mysteries so much.
    Great job. I think I'm about halfway through now...

    After a hard interrogation, I finally managed to get Brax to confess....to something. At least I think I did.

    :stir: The plot thickens...(again:D)

    Good job EMs Eris and Nestor! Can't wait to see what happens on the 20th....
  3. Mr. Gnome

    Mr. Gnome Guest

    I found the orc leader at the fort but am unable to understand what he says. I'm stuck now.
  4. MariamATL

    MariamATL Guest

    EM Nestor's mailbox rejected my letter!!! =/ I hope EM Eris got it but I think maybe I have more work to do......*back to the investigation*
  5. MariamATL

    MariamATL Guest

    you are amazing if you got Sheriff Brax to confess...... =0)
  6. Mr. Gnome

    Mr. Gnome Guest

    Anyone able to find Owen?
  7. Mairut

    Mairut Guest

    Lol...I haven't figured out what happened to Jes exactly, but Brax did tell me something about him. I was a bit excited when I posted that though, it was the first real bit of info I'd gotten out of one of them.

    Every time I go back to talk to one of the NPCs I find out something new... it's quite exciting trying to come up with new words to say to them in hopes that they'll respond. I think the most responses I've gotten out of one of them is Sara at around 25 different phrases. :lol:rolleyes:

    No, I haven't been able to find Owen, Jes, Chieftan/War Boz...or Farmer Sam.

    I'm assuming that Farmer Sam is somewhere waiting with the other Brittanian Guard for news of his missing son (RP side of things).
  8. Mr. Gnome

    Mr. Gnome Guest

    I think the event is going to turn into a battle against an orc invasion. It seems to be headed that way.

    The orc shaman is in the orc fort south of the city. Go north from there, and you'll find the scene of the crime and Owen's wife.
  9. Mairut

    Mairut Guest

    An orc invasion would be awesome! It'd be like old times (for me at least)...

    I remember my first one....Orc invasion of Minoc around '00 or thereabouts. Bola balls, savage kin paint and orc bombers...! I eventually lost count of the number of times I died. Everyone running around trying to kill them...we'd beat them back for a time (kill enough off that we'd have to wait for a respawn). If I remember correctly, it lasted around a week or two. Funnest time I think I've ever had in this game...:thumbup1:
  10. MariamATL

    MariamATL Guest

    Ahhhh Mairut, I think I got him to confess as well then if it's not as specific as I thought you meant. I'm slightly lost on exactly what we are to "find" from this and where it ends. I presumed that we will not actually "find" anyone because it seems that the EMs will leave that part for an event for all. So I e-mailed in my clues and results of my investigation. The Orcish language part was a bit difficult. Had to do quite a bit of searching and research as I don't speak Orc myself. lol....... =)
  11. Lorelei Rage

    Lorelei Rage Guest

    If anyone finds Owen, Jes, Farmer Sam or the Chieftan please HELP! I ran into a dead end no one wants to answer any more of my questions. From this point on I can only assume what happened... no concrete answers.
  12. BloodPuke

    BloodPuke Guest

    I am definitely joining this event, and I remember the invasion with the bola balls, freaking awesome!
  13. BloodPuke

    BloodPuke Guest

    Ok so I went west to find Owen Uthers farm...but uh no potatoes. Anyone know where the farm is?
  14. Lorelei Rage

    Lorelei Rage Guest

    Well the Uthers house is not quite just West.... it is more South, West and then North, West.
  15. Mairut

    Mairut Guest

    Ack... Nestor's inbox rejected my letter, too. :confused: :(

    Here's hoping that Eris got ours....:pint: