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[News]Felucca Townships Worst Fears Come To Life!

Discussion in 'Imperium News Service' started by Merik, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. Merik

    Merik Guest

    Felucca Townships Worst Fears Come To Life!
    Saturday, April 16, 2011
    Felucca Townships


    A Culinary Catastrophe – Moria

    Mazrim – Aryslan

    Vampire – PaxLair

    Nether Dragon – Dragons Watch

    ??? – Templar Stronghold

    A Valiant Revenant – Citadel of the Fallen

    Citizens from townships across the land were summoned to Lord Balandar’s Estate on Saturday evening. Lord Balandar has been researching the obelisk type objects that recently have emerged from underground in the townships.

    “Regarding the mysterious obelisks that have appeared in all of the realms Townships, as we previously thought, this is the work of none other than Kendrick Morrow as we suspected he has twisted the power of the Nemesis stone. As a result those vile contraptions are present in all the townships.

    A few nights back they unleashed some horrendous torrent of monsters upon the realm. To the best of my research, and from everything I've read. Those very creatures harvested the fears of those that battled against them. Morrow, with the power of the Nemesis stone has managed to manifest the worst Nightmare of Each Township.


    I fear that tonight we shall see the first wave of those manifestations. By carefully analyzing the frequency of the pulsations within the obelisks I have been able to extrapolate, through no small feat of my of course, learned skill at extrapolations. That tonight the Nemesis stone's power will be focused upon a single facet

    It would appear that Morrow, in his efforts to defeat us all had to construct some sort of device to magnify the power of the Nemesis stone as it surged through the soil. Following that explosion my research also indicates that the very tools we need to defeat Morrow and destroy this contraption lie within the Nemesis Manifestations themselves! Be on the lookout for something...anything that could be used to destroy Morrow once and for all.”

    Imperium forces quickly made their way to Moria village in the late night hours to defend the township from *Looks at the painting* Well there's something you don’t see every day…unless your us! A massive…. Culinary Catastrophe is the only way to describe it.


    The creature spoke of Morias fears feeding it so it would appear someone attempted to think of the most harmless thing and ended up with a marshmallow Culinary Disaster. Upon defeating the creature in Moria with the help of fellow felucca township citizens and Cpt. Gwen Irina reports began coming in about Five strange glowing and powerful artifacts being recovered by Dread Lady CaT, Nightly Wolf and Demon Slayer.

    Lord Balandar inspected the objects informed everyone they are "Crystallized Liquid" which can be used to destroy the Nematic Phylactery Obelisks. Balandar used one of the objects on the obelisk located in Moria Village which brought the obelisk tumbling down upon itself and freeing Moria Village from the vile stronghold of Kenndrick Morrow.


    Forces were able to recover five of these objects all together. Currently two are being held in Moria Village under the protection of Lord Demon Slayer and Lady Sundina. Two other similar objects are located in The City of Kijustsu Anei Village, with one on its south side border under the protection of Animated Shadow Guards and the second in the Dread CaT Clock Tower near the Void Gateway under the protection of Britannia Mages. The last object is under the personal protection of Nightly Wolf at an undisclosed location.

    Sources tell us the Britannia Mage Tower has requested Tribal Councils permission to begin multiple extraction methods on the Crystallized Liquid. Their hope is to harness its powerful and unpredictable magical energy from its inner core for uses unknown. Should the Tribal Council grant the request at this coming Mondays meeting the extraction process would begin immediately......