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[News] FINAL FANTASY XI Update 08/03/09

Discussion in 'FINAL FANTASY XI General Discussion' started by YoungUn, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. YoungUn

    YoungUn Guest

    Update news posted on Final Fantasy XI.
    FINAL FANTASY XI Update (Aug. 3)
    A version update of FINAL FANTASY XI was performed at the following time.

    [Date & Time]
    Aug. 3, 2009 at 12:00 (PDT)

    [Affected Services]

    [Important Update Details]
    The following issues have been addressed:

    - During the quest "Succor to the Sidhe," rewards sometimes could not be obtained when attempting the quest as part of an alliance.

    - During the quest "Succor to the Sidhe," players could obtain rewards with augments that did not match the augments that were originally confirmed.

    - Within mazes created using the "Actualization Team" Maze Voucher, NPC "Chaperix" and monsters would not battle if a pet was summoned (Beastmaster's summoned pets, Dragoon's wyverns, Summoner's avatars and Automatons).

    The following change has been made to gardening:

    - The amount of items that can be gathered from each gardening attempt are limited to 1 for any characters that were created less than 90 days previous.

    * Please refer to "Related information" for more details regarding the gardening change.