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[News] Find Rouso!

Discussion in 'UO Baja' started by Brytt, May 18, 2010.

  1. Brytt

    Brytt Seasoned Veteran
    Stratics Veteran

    Mar 16, 2004
    Likes Received:

    Yesterday night, Beh-lem the Gargoyle appeared in the throne room of Castle Britain, imploring citizens to find four pieces of an ancient map which alone could avert devastation!

    Four men guard the pieces of the map. The first to find? A man named Rouso!

    Should you find Rouso, please report where you found him and any clues as to how to get him to confess the location of the next map piece! Report your findings on the Baja EM Website. Citizens have until Thursday to find Rouso and report their findings!

    Hear what Beh-Lem had to say:

    Robert the ranger: Hail! Good people of Britannia!
    Robert the ranger: I thank you for answering the call.
    Robert the ranger: Beh-lem has been conversing with the Queen and will join us shortly!
    Robert the ranger: *glances behind him expecting a tall gargoyle*

    Beh-lem: Hail, Citzens of the Realm.
    Beh-lem: I come here tonight to speak of matters of great importance to human and gargoyle alike...
    Beh-lem: but first I need to tell you why I am here.
    Beh-lem: *glances over the crowd*

    Beh-lem: There were tales from long ago of a band of thieves....
    Beh-lem: Thieves from all walks of life! It was said that there were four,
    Beh-lem: Four who each held a piece of map,

    Robert the ranger: *shuffles his feet*

    Beh-lem: Given to them many moons ago, when there was yet again
    Beh-lem: hatred and bloodshed against the Gargoyle race.
    Beh-lem: A wise elder Gargoyle entrusted them with the pieces
    Beh-lem: as he was dying from the battle that was being raged
    Beh-lem: all about him deep in the underworld.
    Beh-lem: The four pieces of map were to be hidden and kept
    Beh-lem: secret until the time when hatred reared
    Beh-lem: its ugly head once more against Gargoyles....
    Beh-lem: I was the one chosen
    Beh-lem: to be able to know of the importance of these happenings
    Beh-lem: from one who taught me:
    Beh-lem: born of a time many do not remember--nor care to!--
    Beh-lem: for great devastation and castastrophes
    Beh-lem: marked the realms.
    Beh-lem: I do not remember my parent, or how I came to be.
    Beh-lem: My first inkling of memory is that of a old human man,
    Beh-lem: taking me from the deep chasm that hid me deep in the Underworld.
    Beh-lem: Only tiny nubs for wings, not able to speak.
    Beh-lem: The man named me Beh-lem--*the Just One*,
    Beh-lem: As if he knew great things would be in store for me.
    Beh-lem: He taught me to read the way of human words.
    Beh-lem: He also taught me the symbols of the Gargoyle language.
    Beh-lem: How he knew these words was a mystery he never explained.
    Beh-lem: I just accepted that they needed to be learned.
    Beh-lem: Around the man's neck hung a ancient ankh pendant.
    Beh-lem: On certain nights of the waning moons,
    Beh-lem: the pendant would give off a faint glow.
    Beh-lem: On these nights, the old man would open a magical box,
    Beh-lem: and take from it a paper rolled and tied with golden thread.
    Beh-lem: He would spread the paper out on the rough wooden table,
    Beh-lem: and bid me to come near and to gaze upon what was written.
    Beh-lem: "These are the symbols of prophecy," he would explain,
    Beh-lem: and say that I must learn their meanings,
    Beh-lem: for in time they will be important to human and Gargoyle alike.
    Beh-lem: I did not understand why, nor did I ask,
    Beh-lem: as I would willing bend over my task, as he explained
    Beh-lem: each symbol and mark.
    Beh-lem: He told me there will be a time, when humans and others will not trust,
    Beh-lem: or like, those of my race.
    Beh-lem: There will again be a time when humans and others will try to close
    Beh-lem: the paths between human and Gargoyle.
    Beh-lem: There will be hatred and many deaths spread between the races.
    Beh-lem: He spoke saying he could do no more to bring the peace,
    Beh-lem: because his time grew ever near to leave the realms,
    Beh-lem: that it would be upon me to do this task.
    Beh-lem: Many years passed and I grew strong and taller,
    Beh-lem: the old man grew weaker and frailer
    Beh-lem: One dark eve, he called me to the bed where he lay,
    Beh-lem: telling me that his time had come,
    Beh-lem: and that I had learned what I must and my wisdom was great.
    Beh-lem: He knew not of the time in which I would be needed,
    Beh-lem: but that I would know of its comings when humans and others
    Beh-lem: incited hatred against the gargoyle race once more.
    Beh-lem: He reached with trembling hands and took the Pendant from around his neck
    Beh-lem: and placed it round mine own bidding me to wear it
    Beh-lem: as it will let me know many things, friends, enemies and when the time grows near.
    Beh-lem: The pendant gave a warm glow as it settled on my chest.
    Beh-lem: Before my eyes I saw him take his last breath, his body grew hazy
    Beh-lem: and a bright sparking light appeared where his body lay.
    Beh-lem: I covered my eyes against the blinding light,
    Beh-lem: when I looked down when it had faded, his body was gone.
    Beh-lem: I studied still as the years passed.
    Beh-lem: People would say I was old as the mountains and wise as the willow.
    Beh-lem: I never forgot the importance of the teachings of old man whom I considered my father.
    Beh-lem: On a dark eve, within these past few moons,
    Beh-lem: the pendant has glowed again, yet is cold.
    Beh-lem: Never before has it had this cold feel.
    Beh-lem: In my heart I know the time foretold by the old man is growing near.
    Beh-lem: Your Queen's men, found me on the roads,
    Beh-lem: and gave me the message that she needed to speak to me of a grave matter.
    Beh-lem: And hence I am here....
    Beh-lem: The pieces of map
    Beh-lem: must be found!
    Beh-lem: I have heard of this thief master of Britain
    Beh-lem: Perhaps he can aid us in this quest to find the four.

    Robert the ranger: *nods*


    Beh-lem: I have heard
    Beh-lem: a name:
    Beh-lem: Rouso
    Beh-lem: who may well know where a piece lies.

    Robert the ranger: This Rouso is one of the 4 thieves?

    Beh-lem: Yes,
    Beh-lem: he is one of the four.

    Robert the ranger: Very well, no one better than the thief master to locate a thief!

    Beh-lem: *nods*

    Robert the ranger: *looks at the crowd.. stepping down*

    Beh-lem: I urge you all
    Beh-lem: to speak to him
    Beh-lem: so we may avert
    Beh-lem: the devastation!

    Robert the ranger: The thief master can be found in the sewers of Britain.
    Robert the ranger: Talk to him about Rouso and seek his aid on the matter!

    Beh-lem: Go now my friends!

    Robert the ranger: Beh-Lem will be back here this coming Friday.


    Find the Thief Master in the sewers of Britain, citizens! Persuade him to give up the location of Rouso, and report your findings on the Baja EM Website Contact Page before it is too late!